1 Click Trading System Review – Crypto Scam or MLM Pyramid

1 Click Trading System positions itself as a software company. They claim to be the easiest crypto trading system ever created. Sounds promising and we all like making money. But what is this really about? In this post I’ll try to give you a very detailed 1 Click Trading System review.


1 click trading system scam



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What is 1 Click Trading System ?


1 Click Trading System claims to be an artificial Intelligence software that has been developed to make cryptocurrency trading “1 Click” easy. “Artificial intelligence”, “Cryptocurrency”, “1 click-easy” – these guys must have a killer marketing team to come up with such buzz words.

The system promises that it uses Unique Custom Designed Trading Signals, notifying you when you should buy and sell. But let’s not lie to ourselves, this is not really about cryptocurrency trading. 1 Click Trading System doesn’t provide any specific information about how it works on the website simply because the”software” is a simple front for something else.

You see, they do not sell the software, or signals or anything of that sort. They are selling a monthly affiliate membership at 99$ USD per month. And what do these affiliates get to sell? You guessed it, more affiliate subscriptions.

This becomes apparent from the moment you try to sign up to their service:

1 click trading system

You can’t even sign up unless you have been referred to the scheme by your “up-line”. We will get back to all of this later.


Who Is Behind 1 Click Trading System ?

The system seems to be owned by two men, Doyle Shuler and Richard Hornshaw. Who exactly are these guys?


Doyle Shuler

Doyle Shuler 1 click trading


It appears that Doyle Shuler promoted Preservation of Wealth back in 2010. A precious metal pyramid scheme. This scheme shut down since. For several years Shuler kept on promoting other MLM companies that usually concentrated on the idea of gold and other precious metals.  He even self-published (not very successful) books on Amazon as you can see in this screenshot:

doyle shuler amazon


You and I might not that ANYONE can publish a book on Amazon, completely free. You can even spend an extra few minutes and become a “Best selling author” like this guy did. But that’s another story. However for some people this might sound like a big deal. And I suspect this is exactly the reason this “book” exists, to create false authority in the market. But let;s move on to more recent years.

Some time in 2018 Doyle Shuler was out og gold/silver game and joined the ranks of MLMs and pyramid schemes promoting cryptocurrency.


Doyle Shuler Cryptocurrency scam


In this tweet you can see Doyle promoting Sports Trading BTC. In late November of the same year this pyramid scheme collapsed. Doyle also promoted Kangot and other companies in the cryptocurrency industry. All of these companies have a pyramid-style payout structure. Most of them are potentially schemes.


Richard Hornshaw

Hornshaw is less active online and seems to mostly post gifs and motivational quotes on his social media accounts. I was however able to find that Hornshaw was involved with HGFX Online in 2019, a forex trading scheme that eventually collapsed. He also promoted GoFounders, another pyramid scheme. However he had to leave after the owner of GoFounders stopped paying its members, turning it from a pyramid scheme into a ponzi scheme – or a pure scam.


Richard Hornshaw of 1 click trading system


Richard also promoted RB Global Crypto bank, a now defunct MLM ponzi scheme. By the way, RB Global Crypto scam was ran by Lorenzo Suarez who he did a total of 10 years in prison for several different fraud offenses (and reoffences) in Australia.

At this point, aren’t you excited to work with these 2 gentlemen and the new venture, the one click trading system?



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Does 1 Click Trading System Work ?


You are promised access to a software that produces crypto trading signals by using proven back-tested algorithms. There is no information about where these signals come from, who produces them and how. The company is owned by two guys who have been recruiting folks into different schemes and scams for years.

What makes you think that all of a sudden they were able to come up with an amazing software that can predict prices of cryptocurrency?

Once again, the “signals” software acts as a front, to make this whole operation seem legit. In reality it’s all about recruitment. This statement is all over their website.

The Terms of Use on their website also hold this very true claim:

Cryptocurrency trading is risky. The markets can be volatile. You could lose all of your money trading cryptocurrency. You should only trade with funds you can afford to lose.

Do you have any questions about this 1 Click Trading System Review? Please post them in the comment form below!

1 Click Trading System Results

You can already find a lot of 1 click trading Affiliates trying to recruit new paying members. There are hours of promotional videos online, all with referral codes of course.

However NONE of these videos ever show you any results from actual trading. They tell you how easy it is (1 click!) and they tell you that you’ll be making loads of money on every trade. None of them show you how much money they made using this system. You know why? Because they do no trade crypto, these folks do not want to risk their money with an unknown system. In reality, they aren’t actually traders at all.

1 click trading system scam

Their main goal is to get YOU to sign up to 1 Click Trading so THEY can make their $7 commission.

Some of their affiliate are already selling their own system that are all about recruiting more people into the system.



1 Click Trading System’s Compensation Plan


In order to gain access to one click trading system you must become their affiliate. In order to become their affiliate you’ll need to send them $99 worth of Bitcoin:



And this is when the fun really begins.

Once inside the system, you’ll learn how to REALLY make money – and it’s by recruiting more affiliates, just like you into the system. Once you bring a new victim who pays monthly $99 USD, you’ll earn a $7 commission.

Nothing is wrong with earning a commission when you sell someone else’s product. Amazon has been running an affiliate program since the late 1990’s. However, the huge difference is that you’re selling real products and services as an affiliate for a legit company like Amazon, Walmart, KLM Airlines and so on. In this case you aren’t promoting a service or a product, you are selling a recruitment opportunity to others. After all, these members are selling… nothing.

However, if you bring 5 new paying members, your commission goes to $14 per sign up. They call it the “super affiliate”. As long as you have 5 people directly under you, paying the monthly fee and rectuiting others, you remain a super affiliate. But it doesn’t stop there. If you recruit a new member, you then will earn $7 on each person that he or she recruits. And another 7$ on who they recruit and so on, nine (9) levels deep.

Does it remind you of this?

1 click trading system pyramid

Is 1 Click Trading System a Scam or Legit?


Certain countries don’t have any regulations when it comes to trading or have very vague and relaxed regulations, let it be forex, crypto, stocks or anything else really. However USA is very strict on these subjects.

If you want to run a trading company you’re normally required to have a license. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also requires you to be transparent and have documentation to prove that proven your “back-tested algorithms” actually work.

If we look at Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – they are very clear that if the main goal of your business is recruiting – then you’re running an illegal pyramid scheme. FTC has also made it very clear that even if your affiliates do not recruit new affiliates – they still do not count as customers. And every single member of 1 Click Trading system is an affiliate:

You can’t even create an account without becoming an affiliate.

Having said all of this, I am not surprised that 1 Click Trading System is not registered in the United States.

In a recent Youtube video 1 Click Trading System founders went on trying to explain that they do NOT have to obey by the US regulations because the customer trades the crypto and not the actual system. They also kept saying how US regulations are NOT the reason they decided to NOT register the company in the US.

While writing this 1 Click Trading System Review, members of this “system” claimed that the actual trading is only launching on April 23-24th, while recruiting has been going on for weeks (if not month). This means that 1 Click Trading memberships have been sold for a while. Paid memberships to a “system” that had NO working product or service. Once again, recruit for the sake of recruiting. Do you think 1 Click Trading System is A Scam?

In my opinion this “opportunity” will not last long and will leave a lot of people with empty pockets.



I’ve Been Making A Full Time Income Online Since 2007.
Here is My Story



1 Click Trading System Updates

One of the 1 Click Trading System members sent me the following screenshots:

1 click trading system review

1 click trading system review

From this information it becomes apparent that an affiliate can join the 1 click trading system recruiting scheme for a yearly payment of $120 instead of the $99/month. This means that an affiliate does NOT get access to the so-called “product”. This means that an affiliate pays a yearly fee for the “opportunity” to promote the system to others.

There are 2 things that need to be said about this.

1. Any reputable affiliate program is completely free to join.

2. If you’re paying a fee in order to be able to recruit more paying members – you’re contributing to an illegal pyramid scheme.


1 Click Trading System Review

Is 1 Click Trading System a scam or legit opportunity?

Product Brand: 1 Click Trading System

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 99

Product In-Stock: https://schema.org/OutOfStock

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5 thoughts on “1 Click Trading System Review – Crypto Scam or MLM Pyramid”

  1. Scam and Pyramid and con-man. Doyle is almost 67 years old. The photo is probably 45 years old. I am surprised he is not in prison yet. He should be and will be. Doyle is not his real name. You can start there. Trust me, he is so patient and kind on the phone. He is a liar and will even take your crypto without you knowing it. The $99 per person sign up pays his mortgage. Do not know Richard, but they are not fond of each other.
    Ken Doyle Shuler a true scam artist and makes pyramids with himself at the top. Sometimes they fall apart, other times you get screwed and then you can pay for gas to put in his illegally acquired car. 1 CLICK IS A COMPLETE SCAM.

  2. I notice that you have not published my positive review on 1 Click. Is there a reason? Do you not like your readers being given more accurate, more current information that points out where your review is flawed and/or out of date? I was hoping this was an independent review. Now I’m not so sure.

    1. Hi Andy.
      I use Akismet plugin to filter through comments, this plugin must have flagged your comment as spam (this often happens if links are included in the comments).
      You can try to repost it again.


  3. I actually signed up for this and I am not a network marketer. I think your review is totally inaccurate. Richard shows all his members the trading results. You have full control of your crypto at all times as it is on your exchange. You get a ping to your phone with a trade signal, you can either take these trades manually or setup as copy trade. You can see once the trade is taken the funds are allocated in the appropriate crypto coin on the exchange. There is no leverage and very little draw-down. There are 5 coins he uses to minimise risk. He takes no cut of the trading profits. In fact nobody gets a cut of the trading profits they remain 100% yours. He makes his money from subscriptions of which a high percentage is paid down to affiliates. So obviously he is going to market this as this is where he shall make his money and fair play to him I hope he does. He also gives you a 2 week free trial. If you don’t like it you don’t have to sign up. I have made good money off this unlike the numerous scammy systems I have been involved in previously.

  4. hey man, thanks for the details.
    I had to look this up because I was approached by someone promoting this as a make money opportunity. i’m still not sure if 1 click trading is a scam tho

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