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Today I got 15 e-mails from Paypal and apparently today I lost almost $150 – renewing domain names I didn’t even want! So I started digging deeper into my Internet Marketing expenses and I found a bunch which I could eliminate, here is the list of top 5!

1. Renewing Domain Names

About 1 year ago I registered a lot of $1.99 .INFO domain names – because I had many different ideas and wanted to use those cheap domain names for testing… unfortunately I did not know that most domain name resellers renew your d0main names automatically. When these .info domain names are renewed – you actually pay almost 10$ per name instead of $1.99. So I went into my account and set almost all of my domain to MANUAL renewal. I made sure they my ESTABLISHED website domains are set on AUTO-RENEW.

2. Hosting

When I first started my Internet Marketing venture I purchased a web hosting plan. $120/year seemed reasonable, but I could only host one website, so when I needed to start a new website I purchased another hosting plan and so on… Eventually I ended up with 5 hosting plans costing me $600 and not only that! I also had to log in into each hosting account separately when I wanted to edit my website. Eventually I stumbled across Host Gator, where at 8$ per month I can host UNLIMITED number of domain names, unlimited disc space and unlimited bandwidth! They also offer great support and I haven’t seen one single downtime so far. Now I have 10 websites – which could have cost me over $1,200 per year in hosting alone, it now costs me under $100/year and all the websites are in ONE account – which saves a lot of time.

3. Monthly Memberships

1 year ago when I didn’t know anything about making money online I signed up to many paid membership sites and forums, I didn’t log-in to most of them since. Some were simply useless and others just weren’t my cup of tea. Sure, most cost me $20-$40/month… Let’s do the average at $30/month at 10 websites = $300/month waste! In one single year it adds up to $3,600. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate Community for over a year now, and this membership program offers me more than all those other paid memberships together – and it only costs me $1/day, why would I keep the others?

4. Stop Buying Junk

I often find myself an amazing sales letter about getting lots of free traffic to your website and sure enough I purchase that amazing $47 e-book just to find out there is nothing new. Great sales page doesn’t mean a great product, besides you most likely know all those “tips and tricks” on getting more free traffic, don’t spend money on it! If you want tips on getting free traffic, you can read some of the posts from this very blog: Free TV Traffic, Dominate Google’s First Page, How to Get Backlinks… Submit articles to EzineArticles.com, make HubPages, Squidoo Lenses, use Twitter, Youtube… Free Traffic right there and I am not even charging you for it.

5. Invest in Good Education

I just told you about not spending any more money on e-books, programs and the rest… However, there are a few things you should consider purchasing. If you are new to PPC (Paid Advertising) – You should definitely learn as much as you can about it, otherwise you are likely to lose a good chunk of money. There is a video course to PPC I could recommend; James Shramko’s Double Digit CTR. An amazing video guide to successful PPC marketing at a measly $39! I have purchased about 15 PPC guides so far, some at over $100 but this video course beats them all.

With these simple tricks I was able to save over $5,000 this year alone – I hope it helps you to save some money as well,


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Start Your Own Business in 5 Days Flat! No Money Required!

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