9-5 Escape Plan Review – Does It Really Work?

If you’re looking for the 9-5 Escape Plan review then you’re in the right place. This is the most detailed review you will find so read it carefully. I received quite a few emails about this program. Like many others it promised passive income without you doing any work. Sound promising, right? I decided to buy the program so you wouldn’t have to.


9-5 Escape Plan Review
Total paid for 9-5 Escape Plan – $3.95


9-5 Escape Plan Review

Whenever I come across programs that promise easy money, my red flags always go up. I’ve been doing online marketing for almost 10 years now and if I learned one thing it’s that there is no shortcut to riches. You can make a lot of money online, there are legitimate programs that will help you do that (some are even free to join). But you will have to put in the effort and the time in order to see good results.

Fred Balton & Pallab Ghosal claim to be the owners of 9-5EscapePlan.com. Like most shady digital products they simply fill up their sales page with promises and hyped claims and without ever telling you what the program is exactly about. They tell you they’ll show you how to sign up to JVZoo and Clickbank then they’ll show you how to pick good products. Finally they’ll reveal a “never seen before traffic method”. Personally I find this very annoying. Whenever I am being sold to I’d like to know what exactly I am buying. For the sake of this review I purchased a copy of 9-5 Escape Plan so I could be the one to tell you what’s actually inside and if it’s worth your time and money. We’ll get to these details later.


The Red Flags

I’ve seen thousands of “make money online” programs. Most of them throw the same red flags over and over again and with time you’ll easily spot the low quality products and scams.

Let’s start with the 5 minute discount from 9-5 Escape Plan:

9 5 escape plan price

Do you see the big red warning? Guess what, I purchased a copy of 9-5 Escape Plan on February 19th 2017. 3 days later they’re still selling it for the same discounted price of $3.95. If you first come to the sales page it’ll probably be $5.95 but if you refresh it’ll fall to $3.95. It never goes up to $42.78. This is called a false scarcity technique. This is considered an unethical marketing strategy that a self-respecting program will not use. They are trying to make you believe that you’re missing out on an amazing deal since $4 is such a low price. However this is not where they make their money. This price simply tests your ability to actually spend money. Once you’re in, you’ll be asked for more.

And of course at the very top of the page they’re claiming to have a case study showing how you can make $40-$50 per day without doing any “real work”:

9 5 escapeplan review

There isn’t a case study. Just a slide show with a voice over where a guy claims that he’s making a bunch of money with this method. I think I should start offering my consulting services to help these programs not seem like a scam 😛

And that’s actually it for their sales page. It’s very short and the video does all the selling. They don’t even provide you with a disclaimer page (which they should do). That in itself is a big red flag. It is actually illegal to make bold income promises. Anyway, let’s move on.


9-5 Escape Plan Upsells and Downsells

Once you complete your purchase you are taken to an upsell page. This page is another huge red flag because its title is:

9-5 Escape Plan Upsell

Yet another lie. Your order is complete. You actually have a confirmation email in your inbox. However since they know you’re willing to spend your hard earned money on such products they’re trying to squeeze more out of you. At this point they’re offering you the Rapid Traffic Hacks for only $17. If you’re very new to online marketing world you might give in and spend another $17.

At the bottom of this page you have a link that says: No Thanks, I don’t want to double my revenue by doubling my traffic. When you click on that you will be taken yet to another page that now offers the same product for $9. This is called a downsell.

Click no and you will taken to yet another page offering some email course for $27. Select no and you’ll see a downsell for the same course at $17. Click NO and you’ll be offered to join the “Inner Circle” for just $1 for the first seven day and then $47 monthly. Select NO and you will be taken to “FunnelHacker Cash Kit” that costs $97. Reject that and they’ll offer the same “kit” for $47.

If you would actually agree to purchase everything it would cost you $148 and another $47 that you’ll need to pay every month. This is why they’re offering their front end product for only $5.95. That’s not all though.


What’s Inside 9-5 Escape Plan?

Finally we’re getting inside the program. First thing you’ll see inside the course is a sign up for a webinar. This is where they will try to sell more training to you. After that they’ll tell you to claim your website. In this case they’re using their affiliate link so when you purchase your domain and hosting (it isn’t free) the 9-5 Escape Plan guys will earn a commission.

Finally after that, Pallab Ghosal will serve you a series of videos taking you through the course. Don’t expect high production quality, you did pay only $5.95 or $3.95 after all (if you managed to dodge all the up and downsells). Here is a screenshot from the video course:

9-5 Escape Plan Scam

In short the videos takes you through some very basic steps. They’ll explain (finally) that you will be doing affiliate marketing. You can check out this Affiliate Marketing explainer video on Youtube completely free.

They will tell you to sign up as an affiliate at JVzoo, Clickbank and Warrior Plus. You don’t really need any guidance on that as you can simply go to these sites, scroll down and click on the “Become Affiliate” link.

9-5 Escape Plan will then tell you to pick products that perform well and promote these products. This is also information that is available for free pretty much everywhere.

There is more basic info on how online marketing works but nothing that you can’t find for free and more in-depth very easily.

Now the SECRET TRAFFIC system. I thought they would deliver the value here but I was wrong. The secret is setting up an Adwords account and promoting your videos on Youtube. This is harder than it seems because there is so much to learn here. Also this is a paid traffic strategy since you will be paying for every single view or every single click on your video. I’ve been doing paid traffic on Youtube and the 9-5 Escape Plan didn’t provide any new information. Setting up a Youtube account and setting up Youtube ads is rather simple. However, actually profiting from it is more complicated and chances are a beginner will just lose money.


Final 9-5 Escape Plan Verdict

I wouldn’t go as far as calling the 9-5 Escape Plan a scam. However the information they provide could be easily found for free elsewhere. You can set-up your own website (hosting included) within 30 seconds and completely free of charge. Their never-ending sales funnel also shows that they really don’t care about your success, all they want is to sell you more stuff. If you do purchase any of their upsells you’ll see that those products have their own upsells and it never ends.

If you want to start an online business, pick a reputable free training.

My # 1 Recommendation

This platform has been around since 2005. It is completely free to start. You’ll get free live support, step-by-step clear training, high quality and high value video training, 2 free websites (hosting included), an amazing community of thousands of members and a lot more. I’ve been a member since October 2007 and I’ve been making a full time income online since January 2008, thanks to these guys.


Do you have any questions? Comments? Use the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.




8 thoughts on “9-5 Escape Plan Review – Does It Really Work?”

  1. Hi Alex,

    Great review on the 9-5 escape plan. Nowadays, there are so many online scams tricking people into purchasing their products just to know that there are even more products to be purchased after the first one.

    Even by spending $5.95 or $3.95, there isn’t quality information in them. Worse of all, the escape plan blueprint screenshot looks like a 5-year-old kid scribbling on it. Lol.

    Thanks for sharing this information. Looking forward to your next post.


    Kevin Lim

    1. Hey Kevin,

      Quality is not something they put any effort into, that’s for sure. Their main goal is to get you on the numerous upsells, downsells and affiliate commissions through hosting and email marketing providers that they’re pushing.

  2. I think it is very nice of you to have spent a little money on this program to prevent others from doing so and even nicer to say it isn’t necessarily a scam, haha, because to me it kind of seems like a scam. They are asking for a lot of money but realistically if any programs like this actually worked everyone would get in on it and then that would defeat their purpose. I.am impressed at your results that you started earning I’m three months. Would you be willing to take a look at my site? Thanks

    1. Thanks for checking it out 😉

      Btw, I earned my first $33 commission within the first 10 days of starting my first blog 😉 Unfortunately many other blogs that I made later on failed to make money. Live and learn 🙂

      And sure, send me your URL I’ll check it out.


  3. Thank you for the quality information here! I do appreciate reviews of insider’s – meaning those who have joined the programs to report from the inside! These are the most valuable reviews in my opinion.
    I do like you showing the red flags – this information can be helpful in identifying any scam online.
    I am in shock of all the up-sells within one program – it does look like they are squeezing people as much as possible 🙂
    I think the cheap buy-in will play significant role for many people as they will just pay those $ 3.95 thinking it is no big deal. And at the end scammers will make good money 🙁

  4. Wow! 9-5 Escape Plan sounds awful, what a process you’ve been through before you could even start.

    Upsells galore is the route all these scammy programs take members through and as you say if you opt not to pay they send you to a downsell page offering discount which simply means if you had been sucked into purchasing in the first place they would have stolen the discount from you. Great company support.

    I noticed your Wealthy Affiliate recommendation mentioned. They are what I call legit. It’s completely free so anyone can check out their legitimacy and if you join premium it’s an all inclusive membership without any upsells plus you can cancel at any time. That’s what I call legit. To be honest I wouldn’t join an online company if it wasn’t free to start because you have no idea in the beginning what you are getting into.

    9-5 Escape Plan is not for me, thanks for bringing it to my attention,

    1. Thanks for reading Simon 😉

      And I think it was a great idea for WA to start offering free access to new members. Let’s admit it, making money online is not the right choice for everyone. So it only makes sense to offer free access just so people could figure out if it’s something they want to do without actually risking their money 😉

  5. Thanks Alex. 9-to-5 Escape Plan sounds more like a “Get Your Money Every Which Way” Plan to me. I’ve been looking into work from home online opportunities for a good while now, and I had immediately dismissed this one when I first saw it. There’s nothing really actionable that you can get out of this without paying a fortune, which only makes it seem more scammy from my perspective. I hope others will heed this warning.

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