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Over the years I have realized one very important thing. Absolutely every single person can earn an extra income online, replace their income and even earn enough money to lead their dream lifestyle.

The best part of making money online? You don’t need any marketing or technical experience. You don’t need to invest any capital either. Don’t get me wrong, it takes work and dedication and there is no magic shortcut to riches. However the fact remains: You can achieve great things, as long as you find proper guidance.

The main goal of this blog is to help you achieve success online. Unlike most other blog in the same space that concentrate on some theories, I actually based my advice on personal experience. Some things worked for me, others didn’t. I share my successes and failures.You’ll be able to see real results from real efforts and this will help you make the right decision.

I also interview amazing entrepreneurs who achieved incredible success and 6-7 and even 8 figure paychecks. These guests also share their stories, their strategies and very valuable advice that will help you reach success. Don’t forget that most (if not all) successful people started from the very same place as you. It might feel overwhelming at first but it will get easier 😉


Are you ready for success?

Alex I can’t thank you enough for your free course! I have made my first dollars within a week and although it’s nothing to write home about, it is a great start for me!


Meet Alex

Hello internet!

My name is Alex, I am 32 years old and I am an Online Entrepreneur from Montreal.

I am not a millionaire, I am not some “internet marketing guru”. I am a simple guy who discovered the possibility of building an online business and went along with it.

Alox Sol from Extra Paycheck Blog

Overlooking the beautiful city of Dubrovnik aka King’s Landing during a 5 months vacation.


How Did I Get Here?

In 2007 I had a full time office job, the typical 9 to 5 with useless office meetings, 2 hours spent on daily commute and no sign of a bright future.

Without going into all of the details I had quit that job in the summer of 2007 and started looking for other opportunities online. This is how I came across the notion of making money online. I understood that many people were making a good living while working on the Internet and I thought: “Why not me?” I started learning and researching and the rest is history.

The Extra Paycheck Blog

In 2008 more and more people were asking me to explain what online marketing is and how exactly I do it. This is when I started this very blog. Just like my online business, Extra Paycheck Blog had its ups and downs over the years. I almost lost the domain name once, the site had been hacked and I gave up on it more then once. However, in 2013 I’ve resurrected the blog for good.

Over the years I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible. I’ve created (and lost) successful online businesses, I’ve done online marketing for local businesses and I think I should share stories, experiences and strategies with my audience. If this blog will help a single person to become successful – I’d be very happy.

I need to write a few final words here. I have found out the secret to online riches! The secret is that you need to put in a lot of work into ANY business. Success doesn’t happen overnight and there is no magic button to success. If you are willing to learn and invest your time then stick around and I’m sure you’ll learn quite a bit from my posts. If you’re looking for a “get-rich-quick-scheme” then this is the wrong place.


Success to you,

Alex Sol

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Start Your Own Business in 5 Days Flat! No Money Required!

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