Article Marketing Robot Review

Article Marketing Robot Review

A few months ago I went ahead and bought a copy of Article Marketing Robot (AMR)… As I have already mentioned on this blog, I don’t usually buy Internet Marketing products/software and I very rarely review/promote these products. After testing AMR for several months I simply do not have a choice as to let you know about it. I am even giving out an awesome bonus to anyone who gets AMR from my blog 😉 Many of my niche websites jumped from dark corners of Google to the top 5 results, simply because of Article Marketing Robot.

Article Marketing Robot Review

AMR was launched for one simple reason: to make article marketing easy and profitable and it’s exactly what it does.

When you open the software for the very first time it might seem overwhelming and complicated but once you go through the process of submitting an article, you’ll understand how simple it is.

Step 1: Create Author Account

In the first step you enter your information; author name, e-mail address, bio box… at the point of writing this review, there are over 9,000 article directories in the database of Article Marketing Robot, so the software will try to automatically create all 9,000 accounts for you. If you set everything correctly, AMR will not only sign up for the accounts, it will also login into your e-mail and confirm all the activation e-mails that you will get from article marketing directories. There is one issue though, some directories require you to enter the captcha code and it could take hours to do it manually. However, there is a solution to this. AMR is compatible with several decaptcha services (some charge as little as $2 for 1,000 verified captchas) so even that can be automated for a few bucks.

Article Marketing Robot

Step 2: Create Article

This Article Marketing Robot Review would not be complete without some crucial details which I am about to share with you.

AMR comes with an amazing article spinner built in. You can spin words, phrases, paragraphs – creating thousands of unique version of the article. Some people complain that “spun” content is often of low quality and in some cases not even readable. This is true when the author does not put any effort into writing/spinning properly. It usually takes me 10-15 minutes to write an article and I spend about 2 hours on spinning it. Yes, I know 2 hours is a long time, however my spun versions of the article come out amazingly well. To give you an example, all my spun articles get accepted by EzineArticles and other major article directories that are known for their quality control. I’ll say it once again; spend time and effort on properly spinning your article and you will be greatly rewarded. You have an option within the software to preview your spun articles; preview 10-15 spun articles – if you like the quality, go on to the next step.

Step 3: Submit Your Article

Last but not least, with a push of a button Article Marketing Robot will start submitting your article to all the directories to which you signed up. You can, of course chose only the directories you like, sort them by PR and some other data, I usually just submit to all of them. AMR will automatically spin the article before submitting it to each directory. You can also let the software submit to all directories at the same time, or you can schedule the submissions, let’s say 100 articles every 24 hours. Some people say that submitting all of them at once will trigger some Google red flags, since you will be getting a lot of backlinks at once, personally I do not really care for that. I know that some directories will accept the article right away, others will take weeks to approve it, we also all know that Google does not index things instantly, it will index some articles now, some tomorrow, some in a week and others in a month.

After the submission is over, you can get a list of LIVE articles form the software, I usually wait a few days because many directories don’t publish the article instantly.

There you go, 3 steps, thousands of unique article and thousands of backlinks.

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Article Marketing Robot Free Download

Article Marketing Robot Review and Summary

When I started using AMR, there were about 4,000 article directories in the database. Some would fail the account creation, some would reject the article, some don’t even exist anymore. So out of 4,000 directories I got over 1,000 articles live. Right now with over 9,000 directories in the database I would expect 2,000-3,000 live articles after every submission. The creators of the software constantly update this information, removing all “bad” directories and adding new ones.


– Account creation can be fully automated, saving you thousands of hours

– Article spinner within AMR creates unique content, this is great for search engine.

– Submission is a “set and forget”. Leave your computer on and let AMR create thousands of backlinks for you.

– Small one time fee, no monthly payments.

Free trial available.


– Doesn’t come with a decapthcer. I would recommend paying for an additional captcha solving service such decaptcha or deathbycaptcha (AMR compatible).

– Not all listed article directories will accept your article, some directories no longer exist.

– The software crashed on my computer a few times when I bought it, however it seems like the new updated version is working a lot better and faster.


Even though there are a few negative points, I would still highly recommend Article Marketing Software to every single online marketer, it saves lots of time and it’s a lot cheaper than outsourcing. I have been using it for about 3 months and this is by far the best software I have ever used when it comes to internet marketing. Some of my profitable niche websites got their place in Google’s top 5 after I used Article Marketing Robot.

For those who are undecided, you can TRY Article Marketing Robot completely FREE:

Article Marketing Robot Trial

Article Marketing Robot Bonus

Besides getting the chance to test drive Article Marketing Robot completely free for 5 days, I am also offering you a personalized bonus, completely free! Even if you try AMR and decide it’s not for you (which I highly doubt) you still get to keep my awesome bonus!

You see, sometimes it takes a little more than a software to get the top rankings in the Search Engines, and this is exactly what my bonus guide is about; How to Rank on Google’s First Page. I have used the same strategies as in the guide to rank my own sites and some of my clients’ sites. A mix of my strategies and Article Marketing Robot is EXPLOSIVE, so get it now and thank me later.

Article Marketing Robot Bonus

How to get the Article Marketing Robot bonus:

  • Step 1. Click here to get Article Marketing Robot (or get it through any link on this blog)
  • Step 2. Once you paid, e-mail me your *Order number* to
  • Step 3. I will verify that you purchased through the link in Step 1 and will send you the bonus!

*You will get the Order e-mail after making the payment. That e-mail will contain the Order Number. It should look something like this:


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  1. Hi Alex,

    Do you think this one is better then SubmitEaze which I currently use?
    Or what’s the difference between two of them?
    A feedback will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  2. Alex, дважды пытался подписаться на Бесплатый курс, но оба раза не приходило обещанное письмо с запросом подтверждения подписки.
    В спаме тоже не нашел.

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