Auto Mobile Code Review – Another Scam?

auto mobile code review

Auto Mobile Code affiliates have been bombarding me with messages and comments about this new “life changing” secret code that could make you rich, on autopilot, super fast and without you doing any work. I had to dig deeper since it sounded like another scam. What is Auto Mobile Code and can you really make money with it?

Giovani Leoni the guy in the sales video who claims he created this secret code is offering a chance to make six-figures per day with his new program. You will only pay $49 in order to become a millionaire. The whole video is very hyped up and shows these folks who Giovani helped make lots and lots of cash.

auto mobile cash scam


Auto Mobile Code is pretty simple. You take a few minutes to set it up, then yo go have lunch for 1hour and 55 minutes, then you return to your computer and see that you made $490 dollars. Without doing any work! Does it sound unbelievable to you? Does it sound crazy impossible? Well, because it is impossible.

First of all, they never really tell you what this program is and what it does. They are very vague about it although they do mention it’s some kind of mobile phone marketing. They go on to tell you there are over 5 billion phones and tablets in the world and that’s how many potential customers you have. And these potential customers will all be happy to give you lots of money and make you rich! Seriously… not.

These guys in the video stand next to a huge beautiful house, they drive supercars (it’s actually pretty cheap to rent a Ferrari for a day) and then they explain how easy it is to make millions overnight, without doing any work. Unfortunately these empty promises are very appealing to most folks who don’t know what Internet marketing is. Or how to build a business or how to really make money on your own. These hyped up promises of instant riches worked in 2000, 2005 and still work now in 2014.


auto mobile cash scam review

Unsuspecting folks are falling for these promises because they are desperate to make money. And when someone promises they will make you rich overnight – you go for it, at least a few times. I went for it many times in 2007. After wasting some serious cash I understood there is not such thing as overnight riches and instant millions… especially when there is no work involved.


Auto Mobile Code Hype

Screenshots of large amounts of money “earned by Auto Mobile Code” is something I really need to address in this review. Throughout the video we keep seeing huge earning from Clicksure, Clickbank and even Paypal. Now, I’ve been “online” since 2007 and I have seen a lot of scammers using fake screenshots to sell false promises to people. I’ll show you a simple example.


Here is the screenshot of Paypal account from Auto Mobile Code sales video:

fake paypal screenshot


Now check this out, this is a screenshot from my Paypal account:

fake paypal money


Nope, I don’t have $20 Million dollars in my Paypal account but it took me less then a minute to make this screenshot. No photoshop involved. There are actually browser plugins that allow you to manipulate your “earnings tables” within ClickSure and a simple Google search will show these plugins to you. All this to say that you shouldn’t believe every image you see in 2014.


What is Auto Mobile Code

  1. Although the video doesn’t reveal what this super secret code is, I will explain to you what it is and how it works. All of this goes back to simple Internet Marketing , although with a new twist.
  2. You create a “squeeze” page. This webpage offers something to the reader, usually a free gift (such as e-book, free video, etc).
  3. That visitor will have to give you his/her e-mail address in order to get access to the gift. In the case of auto mobile review, the person will have to give out their phone number instead of their email address.
  4. Once you have their number, you can send them a bunch of spammy SMS messages, hoping the person will buy some useless stuff.
  5. If there is a sale, you get paid a commission.


There are a few issues with this strategies though. First of all, people are very careful when giving out their email addresses. People are fed up of spam filling up their inboxes. Do you think it would be any easier to get a phone number from a stranger? You are right, it would be nearly impossible. Would you share your personal mobile phone number on some random website you came across? I wouldn’t either.

Now, in order to build a good squeeze page you’ll have to have a great offer for your targeted audience. What will you be giving to them? It’s not as simple as that. There is a whole science around getting opt-ins and people subscribing to you, by e-mail, phone or any other way.

And now comes the hardest part of all. Traffic. This part is the most hated thing by most online marketers. It is hard to get targeted traffic coming to your pages. Traffic is usually very expensive or takes a lot of time to build up, or both, If one could simply publish a website and tons of people would immediately start visiting it – we’d all be billionaires. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. Once again, it takes time, effort and in some cases money to get proper traffic to your website. If you have an amazing offer and great sales page, 1-2 people out of 100 visitors might actually give you their e-mail address. I am sure it’s a lot less for a phone number.


auto mobile code scam review


Another issue is the actual spam. So imagine that you got that person to give you their phone number. Now you’ll be sending them whole bunch of spammy messages with link to more shady products, hoping the person will buy. Personally I get angry when I receive SMS offers. I DO NOT want you to harass my phone, it’s way too personal. I am busy and I waste enough time deleting spam from my inbox, I wouldn’t want to also receive spam by SMS. I am sure many folks share my feeling on this subject.

A few more things are wrong with this secret code thing. Besides lying about how easy it is to make money? The actor who plays the character of “Giovani” (oh yes, they are all actors in the sales video, you didn’t think they were real people, did you?) offers you this FREE gift of Auto Mobile Code. Well, it isn’t free. It’s $49. These guy were in such hurry to publish this scam out in the open that they didn’t even bother double-checking their site. Their “disclaimer” page leads to another site of theirs, SecretMoneySystem.

Verdict: Auto Mobile Code is a Scam. In fact, I’d suggest you to stay away from EVERY single product that promises to make you rich fast, without doing any work. There is no such thing as shortcut to riches. We’d all be super rich if it was as easy at clicking your computer mouse a few times.

So What Can You Do?

You can start by building a proper online business. A real, long term business. I have to be honest with you – in order to be successful you will need to invest your time and efforts. My main income is earned through internet marketing. I have been learning the ropes since 2007. When I started I came across WA. This is not some magic system, this is not a guaranteed way to millions. This is one of the oldest and most respected Internet Marketing learning communities with 100,000 of users. They don’t hype things up, they teach you how to build a business online. The best part? It’s totally free for the basic membership. Yes, $0 to become a member. You can check out my full Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Best of Success!

– Alex

3 thoughts on “Auto Mobile Code Review – Another Scam?”

  1. Thank you so much, I spent over an hour searching for confirmation that this was a fraud. So many places were saying that ” not found ” . so I was starting to doubt my gut feelings. I am disabled, I can no longer work to help support my family, so the pressure has been on my wife. Well, we are separated now and he is pushing for a divorce all because he is stressed out big time. Now I will be on my own, well the doctors say that I can’t, so they are advising a group home for me. I am only 43 . I will not do that , I am looking for help from everywhere.
    So thank you for helping me not to pulled into their scam, to try and improve my life and my families.Please see hare [link removed] my success

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