Automated Daily Income – Scam Or Income Possibility?

If you’ve come across the Automated Daily Income offer you certainly wondered if it was a scam or a real opportunity. This review will give you the answers.

Automated Daily Income review

As an entrepreneur that has been earning money online for the past 10 years, I can spot a scam a mile away. I can do that because I have fallen for such scams in the past too. But I have now learned my lesson and I am here to help you avoid losing your hard earned money.

I am here to tell you that Automated Daily Income is a waste of time. More than that, I can tell you that they do not even have a product. They are simply a front for MOBE – one of the biggest internet marketing false opportunity out there. I have made a full review on them in the past already here.


Automated Daily Income is just a web page

Someone has told you about an amazing business opportunity and you land on Automated Daily Income’s web page. From there, they say that for only 49$ you will be able to earn an income online without any effort. They even try to increase their credibility by having logos of reputable companies such as CNN and Fox News at the top of their page.


automated daily income scam

It only says that “Work From Home Opportunities have been featured” on these news outlets. Because it’s true – there are many work at home opportunities that are legit. I have been working from home for 10 years myself! But I can guarantee you that none of these channels have ever said a word about Automated Daily Income. If you can find me a single positive mention of them on these channels, I’ll personally send you 100$. They simply put these logos there to establish fake credibility. It’s a common tactic used by scammers and unethical marketers.

But the truth is there is no such thing as the ADI System. Automated Daily Income do not even have a product to themselves. All they do is re-direct to the famous MOBE program. MOBE simply creates multiple fronts (or landing pages, as we call them) under different names, so that you don’t realize it’s the same old scheme right away. I have known people that have been fooled twice because they simply bought the same program under a different name twice!

I have previously written about WiFi Millionaire and My Millionaire mentor which also serve as a gateway to get you into MOBE. Over the years I’ve come across at least a dozen “different” opportunities, all leading to MOBE in the end.


Automated Daily Income Review

Or what do you get for the 49$ Automated Daily Income program?

In short – nothing valuable. Or a 21-step-program that is in fact a pitch to become a re-seller of the MOBE program. They promise you this amazing training, but the 49$ only gets you in the door (or the top of their funnel). Once you get into the program, all they try to do is sell you more “products”, each one promising to make you rich. Until you run out of money or give up. Their highest tier ends at 26 000$ per month!

One of the Extra Paycheck’s readers shared his Mobe experience in a comment:

automated daily income testimonail


Here is a quote from their own disclaimer:

The average affiliate, which includes both active and inactive, generates less than $250 per year.

What they mean by “average affiliate” is 95% of the people that sign up to this program. That’s not average, but a majority. They also fail to mention that you cannot become an affiliate with that 49$ investment you’re about to make. It’s another 19$/month minimum. So your total costs for a year of being a member will amount you 290$. And according to them, you will likely generate less than 250$. And what are you selling with MOBE? Simple, the access to the MOBE program.

They will tell you, that you have to work hard, and become part of the 5% that earns more than 250$ per year.  What if I told you that if you are willing to work hard – then you can make a lot more money than selling MOBE’s products?


Real Affiliate Marketing

A legitimate affiliate company will NOT make you pay a fee to become an affiliate. Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and basically all big companies that have an affiliate program that is completely free to use. And you don’t have to sell people a money-making program that doesn’t even work – you can sell whatever you want for a commission. Kayaks, Ebooks, Vintage furniture, TV sets, baby clothes… That’s what real affiliate marketing is about. I know this because affiliate marketing has been my main source of income since late 2007.

When I first started learning about making money online I did fall for quite a few scams. Look, I get it. Promises of overnight riches sound awesome, especially when you’re a beginner to this industry. Unfortunately the overnight riches simply do not exist. While looking for online business opportunities I stumbled upon this platform and I took yet another risk. 10 years later I am still an active member there. Although when I joined they only had a paid membership they now have opened a FREE membership for beginners. Put your credit card away and check it out, no payment information is required to try them out.

Create Your Own $0 Starter Account Here


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3 thoughts on “Automated Daily Income – Scam Or Income Possibility?”

  1. Hi Alex! Really interesting opinion about daily income! I have actually seen this lurking somewhere before and I immediately doubt it as it was too good to be true! After reading this article, I feel really lucky I did not waste my money on it!
    Really great article and looking forward to your next!

  2. On this site, you have a good overview of the Automated Daily Income, which makes analysis of their work. Actually reveal, that are nothing more than a plain fraud that only false supported by big names like USA Today, CNN and others. To this, you add just one comment from a person who was a victim of that site. My opinion is that it would be better if you’d had a few such testimonies. Then you give guidance and suggestions of how to join the right program for which it does not have to pay at all, which is OK.

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