EPP 106: Entrepreneurship And Customer Personalization With Charles Brun

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by a marketing specialist, entrepreneur and sales leader at Dynamic Yield – Charles Brun.

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Charles Brun left France in order to study in Montreal, Canada. He decided to launch his first business offline, unlike many other guests of this podcast. He first venture was his own chocolate brand called Juliette et Chocolat. Soon after launching the restaurant it ended up being very popular with long lines of people waiting outside. Not an easy task to accomplish in a city that has world’s highest number of restaurants per capita (yes, Montreal beats New York City, San Francisco and many others). Today Juliette et Chocolat has 9 locations and its own production facility.

Charles caught the entrepreneurial bug and he felt the need to move on. This time he ventured into tech industry and founded NowInStore. This platforms allows online and offline retailers create stunning flyers to show off their products with just a few clicks.

He also founded 2 monthly events for entrepreneurs and brands; MTL+Ecommerce and NYC+Ecommerce. Although the NYC conference is more private and exclusive, MTL+Ecommerce events are open to public and have been attracting 150+ attendees every single month.

When Charles moved to New York he joined Dynamic Yield, a leading company in personalization space. Dynamic Yield uses all sorts of data in order to personalize the journey of customers across different touch-points. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say your online store sells shoes. When a visitor comes to your site, what is the first thing they see? Basketball shoes for men? Running shoes for women? As you probably already know you only have a few seconds to grab your visitor’s attention and if you fail to do that they will leave in a heartbeat. Dynamic Yield predicts who your customer is and helps you decide what exactly should be served on your website for every single visitor. Technology has come a long way.

Besides sharing his experiences as an entrepreneur Charles also shares some basic yet powerful strategies that you could implement on your sites without spending a fortune. We know that many of you are bootstrapping so this will be helpful. I won’t spoil the episode by revealing more information here so scroll up and press the PLAY button in order to hear the full episode. This show is also available on iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn and other popular podcasting platforms.


More About Charles:


Charles Brun on LinkedIn

Email: charles[AT]nycecommerce.com


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