EPP 159: Rise Of The Youpreneur With Chris Ducker

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by an author, podcaster and a great entrepreneur Chris Ducker.

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Chris Ducker moved to Philippines from London, U.K. in 2000 and worked as a consultant for a bank. Eventually he set up his own company that now has almost 450 employees. This businesses now functions without his involvement. How awesome is that?

However, not many people know this part of Chris’ career. He doesn’t talk about this businesses much simply because it’s completely unrelated to his Chris Ducker brand. For the past few years he’s been really focusing on helping entrepreneurs build their brands and businesses online.

Chris recently published his new book, “Rise of the Youpreneur”. By the way, it’s an awesome read and I highly recommend it.

Rise Of The Youpreneur is “The definitive guide to becoming the go-to leader in your industry and building a future-proof business”. Focus of the Youpreneur movement is to ultimately get people who are really really good at one thing to pivot for the very last time in their career. In other words, people will pay to learn your experiences and your goal is to find these people and understand how to share your expertise with them.

Many entrepreneurs should take their business online but they aren’t doing that. What’s stopping people from growing their business in 2018?
Chris claims that it’s never been easier to take your business online but people are scared of the tech and often they simply don’t get it. Second reason, people are scared that they will fail online after being successful offline. It’s understandable but it shouldn’t be like that.

Throughout the show we’re talking about delegation, building a brand, influencers and many other topics but I don’t want to spoil all the juicy details in the show notes. Listen to the full episode 😉

The Extra Paycheck Podcast was launched in early April of 2015. As I am releasing this episode I realize I’ve published an episode every single Monday for the past 3 years. During this show Chris mentions that consistency is the most important part of entrepreneurship (especially at the beginning of the journey). It feels amazing to realize how consistent I’ve been with this show. However at the same time I understand that I should be more consistent with many other things.

You can find Chris at:

ChrisDucker.com – official website

Rise of the Youpreneur – book

Rise of the Youpreneur on Amazon (affiliate)

Legitimate online work in 2020.

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