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Wealthy Affiliate is offering a $1 full month trial for 4 days this year; November 25th to November 28th. This is by far the best Black Friday discount you could find when it comes to internet marketing and starting/running a business. Make sure you do not miss this!

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— Following is Original Post from September 13 2011 —

Hello, folks! I wish you’re all doing well! I am in a great mood today and very excited about writing this post!

As you might already know, I’m a proud member of the Wealthy Affiliate University (WA), since October 2007 – in about a month I will be celebrating my 4th year at WA as well as 4th year as an Internet Marketer and a business owner (I had no clue what Internet Marketing was before I joined WA). This means I have paid about $1,500 in membership fees for the 4 years – and I consider I got an amazing bargain! Here are just a few things I was able to do because of WA:

– A trip to Europe for my and my (ex)girlfriend in 2008
– A $30,000 car which I changed to a $40,000 car in 2010
– A 7 (Seven!!!) months trip around Europe, and the coolest thing is I actually shipped my car from Canada to Europe for that trip!
– Several smaller trips to Vegas, Amsterdam, Berlin and other places, whenever I feel like it
– I work whenever I feel like it, I go out/travel whenever I feel like it
– I don’t have to worry about my rent, bills, etc – I know the money’s coming in constantly

Now I will be honest with you; simple fact of getting a membership at Wealthy Affiliate will not be enough to live a lifestyle you WANT to live. You will have to put in your time and efforts, you will have to take action and especially a lot of action at the beginning. The good thing is, with time you learn how to work SMART instead of HARD so you end up working less hours, spending less time and effort on boring tasks and actually making more money. If that’s what you’re after, keep reading.

wealthy affiliate coupon

Wealthy Affiliate Discount a.k.a Throw Back to 2005 Offer

Wealthy Affiliate is celebrating its 6th year anniversary until September 19th 2011 and they’re running a promotion baptized “Throwback”. WA membership for a $359.88/year instead of the regular $1,164.00/year! In fact if you try to sign up through their home page, you will be asked to pay the regular price of over a thousand dollars! So you must use This Wealthy Affiliate Discount link to get in for $359.88 which comes out to about $0.99 per day!  Folks, a cup of coffee a day costs more than that (although it doesn’t teach you much). The discount price is the same as it was in 2005, when Wealthy Affiliate was brand new and was only offering keyword lists!!! I think this price actually stayed the same until the end of 2007 but then started going up, so this is your chance to grab a Wealthy Affiliate Discount membership at the 2005 price!

The days of “Keyword List Website” are over and WA offers a lot more in 2011, and constantly adding more value to it! Before I forget to mention, if you sign up at the discount price now, the price will be locked for you forever! Price increases will not apply to you and you will be able to always renew your yearly membership for a measly $0.99/day!

  • One-on-one personal coaching
  • Beginner Training
  • Intermediate Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Instruction on getting started
  • Website building tools
  • Web Hosting
  • Community Support Forum
  • Keyword Tools
  • Niche Finding Tools
  • Competition Spy Tools
  • Blogging Tools
  • Ability to work with the Owners
  • Provides a Real Education
  • Daily Success Stories
  • Daily Training Updates
  • Video Training
  • Job Marketplace
  • … a Lot More

… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Wealthy Affiliate is ranked at the top of Internet Marketing training programs online with thousands of happy members and loads of amazing education and tool to help a brand new marketer as well as an advanced marketer to succeed online. As I already mentioned earlier, there is a reason why I’ve been paying my membership at WA for the past (almost) 4 years –  it’s simply worth it.

This offer is also valid to existing members who pay $97 per month ($1,164/year). Renew your Wealthy Affiliate subscription now and lock it at $359.88, that’s less than $30/month, an amazing 70% Discount! Don’t delay because this offer is only valid for the next week or so and WA is known for keeping their deadlines.

There are a lot more detailed benefits and features inside the WA University, you can check ’em all out on Wealthy Affiliate website.

Wealthy Affiliate Bonus

As if the amazing 2005 offer (about 70% OFF the current price) wasn’t great enough in itself, I am going to offer some really cool bonuses for everyone who signs up to Wealthy Affiliate using the links on this blog. Yes, I will get a commission for every sale that comes from my blog, I am not hiding this fact. We are all here to make money and I am sure my bonuses will encourage you to take advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate Throw Back Offer even more!

1. Local Business Gold

I will give you a copy of Local Business Gold (LBG). LBG is a video training course that I have created and it’s sold for $97 a piece. This guide helped hundreds of people to make at least $1,000 in a few days! It’s truly powerful and you will get your copy for free!

So what is this bonus exactly?

You see, I have discovered rather simple way to make money by simply helping small local businesses in my town. The first deal brought in $1,300 for me after only 2 hours of work, the following contracts I charged more. I turned this system into an easy to follow step by step video course and it has sold many copies since I first put it for sale!


2. Secret Website Ranker

How to rank your website in Google's top for free

How to Rank on Google’s First Page – this guide talks about a mix of strategies and tools I constantly use to get my most profitable websites to rank on the top of  Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This guide alone could make you very profitable!


3. The Cpa Secrets

This guide has been published a few years ago but I am constantly updating it to make sure it includes all the new information. CPA is huge these days and some folks are making $millions$ every single month with CPA… I am not anywhere close but a $100 days are pretty common, using basic strategies and very little amount of time. I have some CPA sites that are very profitable and some others that make a lot less money. Recently I built a site promoting a CPA offer and the site was making about $4 per day. Not much, but it was on complete auto pilot. Imagine that, you do nothing at all and make over $100/month! I quickly sold it for $1,200… that’s another thing you can do with CPA sites; build it, make sure it’s earning something, sell it!

The CPA Secrets guide will show you exactly what I do with CPA offers.


How to get these bonuses?

It’s actually pretty simple 🙂

1. Get a Wealthy Affiliate Discount Membership here  or any through any other link to WA within this blog post

2. After you join WA You will get an e-mail with your WA Order ID (Subscription Number).

3. E-mail me this WA Order ID to:

4. After I verify your order I will grant You instant access to all 3 bonuses!

5. That’s it! Enjoy it :)


Reminder: The Wealthy Affiliate Throw Back Offer is only available until September 19th, so hurry!

Success to all,






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