EPP 009: Alex Sol Is Answering Your Business Questions

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In today’s episode of Extra Paycheck Podcast I am answering online business questions from my blog readers and my podcast listeners.


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In today’s episode of Extra Paycheck Podcast I’ve decided to take on a different format for the show. I am getting more and more questions from my blog readers, podcast listeners and other awesome folks that I interact with online and many of these questions are very similar. I decided to dedicate this specific episode to answering 3 different questions:

  1. How long does it take until you start making money online?
  2. How can you make a bunch of money by the end of the month?
  3. What was my personal biggest failure online?

I’d love to hear your questions as well! You can send them in by email to alex@extrapaycheckblog.com or you can simply use the comment form below 😉

I’ve got a really cool guest coming on the show next Monday so stay tuned!


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– Alex

2 thoughts on “EPP 009: Alex Sol Is Answering Your Business Questions”

  1. I am interested in your course online extra paycheck.Of 5 days of the course, how many hours a day must be used according to your experience.I am a beginner and want to help my family.Is iTunes the course?.
    I’m new in Wealthy Affiliate, you can tell me something about my website of a beginner, still in construction.

    1. Hi Aldo, iTunes is not a part of the course but it’s a free online radio show where I usually interview successful entrepreneurs who share their secrets;)
      In all honesty, I suggest dedicating as much time as possible. There is no shortcut to success and a business takes time to grow.

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