EPP 002: Using Facebook To Get High Quality Traffic With Widmaer Telisma

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In today’s episode of Extra Paycheck Podcast I’ll be talking with my buddy Wid who uses Facebook PPC platform as his source of traffic. What’s really interesting is the price that he pays for clicks (less than a penny for some campaigns!!!). Biggest part of Widmaer’s income is coming from the results generated by Facebook ads and he’s got some great tips to share with all of us.

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Check out this screenshot, it’ll blow your mind!

Facebook Penny Clicks
Thousands of clicks generated through Facebook Ads



In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to get started with Facebook ads
  • What kind of content works best for Facebook ads
  • How to get cheaper clicks on Facebook
  • Why Facebook Ads might be a much better choice than Google Adwords
  • How to not get banned from Facebook ads


Widmaer is in the process of creating a really cool resource to show you how to replicate his success. Check out the Traffic Blast!

If you do have any questions for Widmaer or for me, please use the comment form below.

Thanks for listening!

– Alex


4 thoughts on “EPP 002: Using Facebook To Get High Quality Traffic With Widmaer Telisma”

  1. Widmaer, great stuff 🙂 I heard penny-clicks are a hard thing to get!

    Can you walk me through your sales funnel? I’m not sure I understand what happens after people visit your articles.

    What percentage of the facebook traffic would you estimate convert to sales?

    Thanks, inspiring 🙂

    1. Hey Liza! glad you liked it 🙂 You will not get penny clicks for every niche! But it is very doable.. However most of the niches I operate will be under 10c

      As for the funnel, as soon as they land on my article I have a very clear CTA often in a banner form at the bottom of the article and with few links in between the articles as well.

      Because I don’t do direct sales, I don’t aim to convert into a sales right from the get go.. but once they’ve known me (landed on my article a first time), I have the opportunity to market to them again with Facebook..

      Usually as much as 40% of that traffic will opt in on my lead form and out of that 40% I often get / see a 10% conversion.

      But I’m working on something that I believe hopefully should double that 🙂

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