EPP 004: How To Build A $365,000 Business Within 12 Months With Kevin Pereira

Extra Paycheck Podcast Episode 4

In today’s episode of Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by Kevin Pereira, a successful and very inspiring entrepreneur and co-founder of WetShaveClub.com

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Extra Paycheck Podcast

Kevin and his partner Rohan spotted a website that was for sale on Reddit. They ended up buying the website for $3,000 and within one year they’ve completely turned it around! In today’s show Kevin shares lots of juicy details and amazing strategies on how WetShaveClub managed to generate $365,000 in sales within the past 12 months.


In this episode you will learn:

  • What is a subscription box company
  • How to BRAND a small website and turn it into a real business
  • Why having competitors is a good thing
  • Why you shouldn’t be the Jack-of-all-trades
  • How to use social media to launch your business
  • Kevin’s biggest advice to all beginner entrepreneurs
  • … You will also hear some rant about Angry Birds, Tesla and other “sexy businesses”.


You can check out Wet Shave Club here:

Wet Shave Club Website

Wet Shave Club Facebook

Wet Shave Club Instagram


We also talked about business communities and Kevin mentioned 2 great resources:

Groove Learning – a private Facebook group started by Kevin and Rohan just a few weeks ago. There are now over 1,000 members and you are very welcome to join! People in this group are extremely awesome and the advice is priceless. This is also where the guys are sharing their LIVE case study of a brand new business they just launched.

r/EntrepreneurRideAlong sub-reddit was also mentioned in today’s show.


Other services mentioned in the podcast:

  • Instagress – a web service that could help you grow your Instagram following.
  • 99Designs – great website where you could get all your design needs fulfilled by talented people (and without spending a fortune)

If you have any questions or comments – feel free to use the comment box below!


– Alex

9 thoughts on “EPP 004: How To Build A $365,000 Business Within 12 Months With Kevin Pereira”

  1. Hi there Alex,

    Great interview you have right there. I love listening to podcast especially while I am on the go. Makes me feel productive.

    Sorry to digress here – what software/tool do you use to create your podcast? I am trying to help out a friend.


    1. Thank You so much, Cathy!

      In short, I use Pamela for Skype to record interviews, then Audacity to edit the audio. You can check out my tools page where I list all the services and tools I use for my podcast. I did a lot of research before launching that podcast and I will be writing a very detailed blog post on the subject some time soon 😉

      – Alex

      1. Alex,

        Your resources are absolutely insane. Every website you link to is amazing. And your content is on point. In short, DAMMIT.

        Please keep being awesome. I’m in.

  2. Alex,
    This was a great episode. Thanks for sharing it. I really appreciate the “Take action now” message at the end, which is actually a summary of the podcast.
    ~ Scott

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