EPP 007: Make Money Freelancing with Adam Byrnes

In episode #7 of Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by Adam Byrnes, the international director of Freelancer.com

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Extra Paycheck Podcast with Adam Byrnes

Adam Byrnes is the international director of Freelancer.com. He’s directly responsible for expanding Freelancer across the world and launching it in over 30 different languages. In this episodes Adam explains how to make a living as a freelancer as well as how to properly hire a freelancer for your project. You can hire a freelancer to repair your oil rig or a helicopter, to design an awesome kettle or to help you with physics. So don’t limit yourself to outsourcing content and website design. We’re talking about all of this and much more in the 7th episode of EPP!

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • How to become a successful freelancer on freelancer.com
  • How to build a great freelancer portfolio
  • How to compete with other freelancers
  • How to properly hire a freelancer
  • Why Freelancer purchased world’s biggest Internet Marketing forum
  • … and much more!


You can check out Freenacer at:

Freelancer website

Freelancer on Facebook

Freelancer on Twitter

Freelancer on G+

We also talked about the Warrior Forum and more specifically Warrior Forum AMA. Adam also mentioned a great resource, Copy Hackers.

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– Alex

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