EPP 107: Extra Paycheck Podcast 2nd Year Anniversary Special

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am celebrating the 2 year anniversary of this very podcast.

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In early April of 2015 I took on a new big project: the Extra Paycheck Podcast. To be honest it was a scary undertaking since I didn’t know anything about podcasting. I love listening to podcasts since I find a lot of value and motivation in them. That was the main reason why I decided to launch my own show.

After several months of research, planning and procrastination I finally launched it. Since then I have released 107 episodes including this one. Every single Monday I had to come up with a new episode for my growing listener-base.

A lot has changed since then. I have replaced my first podcasting set-up with a more sophisticated set-up since I needed more reliability and better sound quality. I have interviewed 70 inspiring entrepreneurs who shared their success stories, their dark moments, their strategies and tips. Connecting with such awesome people is one of the main reasons I keep this show going. An increasing number of listeners shows that there is interest and I plan on many more episodes.

However, this journey hasn’t always been as fun and as easy as it might sound.

Finding guests for this show is a constant challenge. Whenever I come across an interesting story from an entrepreneur I have to make sure that person is actually achieving success. In the online world anyone can come up with a story and pretend that they’re an entrepreneur. Once I made sure the story is real I need to figure out how to get in touch with that person – which often isn’t obvious or even possible. However once I do get the contact info, I need to fight the fear of rejection and actually contact that person. One thing that helps me with this is understanding that the worst that could happen is a simple “no”.

If you want to reach out to other entrepreneurs I have a few tips for you. Read blogs, go on reddit, listen to podcast and attend local marketing events. These are the places where I normally find my guests.

Another challenge that I have faced with the podcast is traveling. I love traveling and in 2016 alone I spent 4 months in Asia, a week in the US and a week in Ukraine. In 2017 I’ve already been to Las Vegas for a private marketing conference and I spent a week in Cuba. When you travel you never really know if you’ll have the time to create your content. You don’t know if you’ll have access to a good internet connection. For example in Cuba internet is almost non-existant and definitely not fast enough to upload podcast episodes or videos.

Whenever I am planning on traveling somewhere I plan ahead. I record my episodes in advance and I schedule the release dates. My podcast hosting has this function, and so does my blog. Besides scheduling I try to take advantage of automation whenever I can. For example my podcast host now automatically converts my episodes into video format and uploads them to YouTube. How awesome is that? This doesn’t only save me time but it saves me a from a lot of headaches.

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Do you have any questions? Would you like me to record an episode about a specific subject? Anything to add? Use the comment form below 😉



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