EPP 117: How To Create Viral Videos For Your Business

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast we’re talking about crating a viral video for your own business.

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Video killed the radio star in the 70’s. In our time and age video is killing written content and we as marketer have to adapt. Video is only getting bigger and more popular and if you’re running an online business you should be doing some kind of videos for your brand.

In this week’s episode I am doing a kind of a case study about one of my own videos.

Disclaimer: there is no way to predict if a video will go viral. However, there are certain strategies that could help you get more exposure.


Making A Viral Video

A few weeks ago I decided to make a video for my new niche website. The main goal of that video was to get more likes to the Facebook page. First thing first, we had to come up with the subject for the video. I am rather active in this new niche and I know what my targeted audience is talking about. I know what’s trending, what people like and dislike. Having this knowledge is crucial if you want to get good results. In my opinion you should be involved and very active in your niche if you want to succeed.

I noticed that there is a manufacturer that makes a very low quality products in this industry and most people simply hate it. The plan was obvious: purchase this product and destroy it on video. A trip to a thrift store provided that item for $5.

Then we simply filmed a very short video of me destroying that product with a big hammer. This can be done with your phone and it only takes a few minutes.


Promoting Your Viral Video

Making the video and uploading it to Youtube isn’t enough. Just like with any content, you need to promote it.

Since the main goal of this video was to get Facebook page likes I decided I need to upload it to Facebook directly. It’s not a secret that Facebook loves its native content and dislikes content from other sources. This means that if you share a link from Youtube, Facebook isn’t going to show it to many people. However if you upload a video directly to Facebook you’ll definitely get more exposure.

Once the video was uploaded I started sharing it through Facebook groups where I knew people would enjoy it. Within the next 48 hours or so we got amazing results.

stats from a viral video

That video got over 20,000 views and over 1,000 engagements (likes, comments, shares). We also went from 200 page likes to almost 400 likes. Facebook says that we reached over 50,000 people and it would cost us anywhere between $500 and $700 to reach the same amount of people through Facebook ads.

You may think that 20k views doesn’t qualify as viral. I think that for a small niche it’s a great number.

Besides Facebook the video was also uploaded to Youtube where it got over 2,000 views and generated some new subscribers to the channel.


There are many other details revealed in the episode so scroll up and press the PLAY button to hear the full episode.


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– Alex





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