EPP 143: How To Earn More Money With Your Blog in 2018

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast we’re talking about actionable steps that will help you earn more income in 2018.

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make more money with your blog

2018 is approaching fast and that’s the time when many of us will start making the new year resolutions. Being entrepreneurs, we’ll most likely concentrate on our income. What can we possible do to increase our earning in 2018 and beyond.

First, a disclaimer. You do NOT need to wait for January 1st to start. Do it today. The new year is not any more magical than this year and it won’t get easier, so start now. In this episode I’ll share actionable strategies that you can and should apply to your blog, website and online business in general.

 Deep content analysis

The very first thing you need to do to your website is a deep content analysis. Use Google Analytics (Behavior – Site Content – All Pages) to figure out your most popular posts and update them. Make sure all the links are working, if possible add new links. If the information is getting outdated then you need to update these posts with fresh and relevant information. You can also create new posts that could add value to these popular posts.

Use a free plugin like HeatMap to understand where your visitors are clicking and where they aren’t clicking. I once had an image getting 50% of all clicks yet that image didn’t link anywhere. I am sure I lost quite a few sales because of that. Don’t guess what your visitors are doing, use data to understand their behavior.

Also do the same content audit with your email campaigns. Update emails that are no longer relevant, add new links, add new emails into your sequence.

Get People Talking About You

One of the best ways to grow a brand (in my opinion) is having people talk about you. Find guest blogging opportunities, find podcasts that are looking for guest experts just like you and pitch your story. Networking is huge and it’s a missed opportunity if you don’t do it. The more people learn about your brand the more money you earn.


Make Videos

Youtube is now the 2nd largest search engine in the world (right after Google). Whenever someone needs a question answered they are going straight to Youtube to find that answer. How to make a blog? How to make money online? How to train a dog? How to fly a drone? It’s all on Youtube and your business should be on there as well.

Just look at the biggest influencers in your niche. Chances are they’ve been putting a lot of effort into creating videos and doing live video streams in 2017. Consumers read less and less and they consume video content more and more. Don’t miss out on this one.


Raise Your Prices

If you’re selling your own physical or digital products consider raising your prices. Of course you can’t simply make them more expensive without making them better but it’s all worth it. Add more value and your customers will be happy to pay a higher price.

There is a lot more info in this episode but you’ll have to listen to it 😉

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– Alex

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