EPP 162: Building A Beverage Company Through Amazon And Retail With Alex French

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by an entrepreneur, CEO and founder of BizzyCoffe, Alex French.

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Alex French BizzyCoffee interview

“Bizzy Coffee for busy people”.

Alex French and his partner were working corporate jobs and were training for 24-hour endurance race (World’s Toughest Mudder) so they were busy. Very busy. They started looking for a more convenient and a faster way to make coffee and came across cold-brew concentrate. You simply take this concentrate and mix it with water.

The guys loved the idea and since it wasn’t always easy to find it they decided to make their own. As their co-workers and people around them started trying this cold-brew they wanted to buy some as well. This is when Alex got the idea of actually selling BizzyCoffee to other people.

Alex claims that launching a product on Amazon is a great idea and I have to agree with him. Amazon’s only purpose is to sell products and millions of potential customers are on this platform with intention to buy. Throughout this episode he gives out tips on how to get better rankings and more sales on Amazon. Don’t miss it.

Besides Amazon BizzyCoffee is also sold through retail. Company’s website was launched in March of 2016. In May of 2016 the drink was also launched on Amazon and 1 retail location. Less than 2 years later Alex is proud of the fact that BizzyCoffee is not only #1 in its category on Amazon but it’s also available at 1,000+ locations in the USA.

You might think: “Well that’s awesome for Alex French and BizzyCoffee but how I get into retail?” In this very episode Alex lays out a very detailed and actionable plan on how you can launch in 1 store and end up in big retail chains all around the country.

More about BizzyCoffee:

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