EPP 039: How To Get Loads Of Free Targeted Traffic To Your Website

In this episode of Extra Paycheck podcast we will be talking about some of the best strategies of generating more traffic to your website.

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Get More Visitors to your website


We can all agree that traffic is the holy grail of every singly online business, blog and website. Traffic alone isn’t enough though, it has to be high quality targeted traffic that has a potential of converting into new email subscribers, new sales or simply new loyal fans.

Over the years I have seen hundreds of “gurus” showing us how they launch new products and make 6 figures in sales within a few days. I am not calling those guys liars or scammers because many of them did indeed achieve such amazing numbers. Most of these gurus also reveal their strategies, explaining their sales funnels, explaining how they created the content or product. However, most (if not all) always forgot to mention a crucial detail: traffic.

The folks described above either had huge email lists (100,000+ subscribers). Some of that promoted their launches by partnering up with other marketers with huge lists. Some spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on paid traffic. The point is they never really told us how they got that many visitors coming to their website and buying their products. You can create the world’s most amazing product at the lowest price possible yet you wouldn’t make a single penny if you don’t have targeted audience coming to your offer. If you own a website you already know this, if you are just starting to build your first website you must know this. Targeted traffic is the most important aspect of making money online.


So how do you get traffic to your website?

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There are basically two kinds of traffic: Free and Paid.

This podcast episode concentrates on different strategies of driving high quality traffic to your website completely free. No PPC, no banners, no solo ads. Here are some of the strategies explained in this week’s podcast episode.

  • Creating strong content. Quality content should be the most important aspect of your traffic building strategy.
  • Should you forget the SEO or should you concentrate on it?
  • Content re-purposing. Don’t let your blog post die a slow and painful death. Turn into a video, ebook, audio, slideshow, etc.
  • Create a proper Social Media campaign to distribute your content.
  • Reach out to the influencers in your niche and the leaders of your industry. There is a chance you can get them sharing your content with their audience.
  • Updating your content and keeping it relevant can help you a ton!
  • … and a lot more 😉



As promised, here are some of the great resources that would help you understand how to get more traffic to your website, blog or business.

Backlinko – Brian Dean’s website with really amazing content

Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn wrote this really awesome post on getting more traffic

Moz.com – Moz Blog is an amazing resource for everything-SEO
SEO For Local Business – A very detailed post I wrote that is targeted specifically to SEO for offline businesses

5 Bulletproof SEO Techniques – An extra paycheck blog post that shares a few important SEO strategies that will help you rank better and get more visitors.



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– Alex

7 thoughts on “EPP 039: How To Get Loads Of Free Targeted Traffic To Your Website”

  1. Cool content that you’re putting out Alex, I’m learning a lot 🙂 just listened to this episode and episode 23(shocking to learn that a 1% conversion rate is considered good by the way)

    Was hoping that you’d do an episode on pricing your product soon

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Hey Jesper!
      Thanks for listening 😉

      I’ve seen conversion rates as high as 20% in a few rare cases but yeah, a conversion rate of over 1% is considered pretty good online. But we also need to pay attention what exactly we’re talking about.
      A 1% conversion to a sale is okay, however 1% conversion to an email subscriber is rather low.


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