EPP 047: Turning Passion Into Income With Jessica Burgess

In this episode of Extra Paycheck podcast I am joined by Jessica Burgess, the founder of Fantabulosity.


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Jessica Burgess Interview

Jessica Burgess was a stay at home mom. This is when she decided she needed to do something else besides just being a mom. After hearing about blogging (and realizing that many people actually make money from their blogs) Jessica decided to give it a try as well.

Jessica has tried a few different things and got burnt out at first (here is your lesson number 1). However, a little roadblock wasn’t going to stop this girl. Jessica launched Fantabulosity – a lifestyle blog that she really loves. I personally like Fantabulosity because it’s not a niche website but a collection of niches built into one awesome lifestyle blog. Jessica’s also gaining over 1,000 new passionate Pinterest followers every single month, how awesome is that?

In this episode Jessica talks about her personal experience of building a profitable blog. If you’re ready to start your own online business than this episode is definitely for you. Scroll up and press that PLAY button.

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • How to turn a blog into an actual business
  • Why you need to follow your passion
  • Why niching down is always the best idea
  • How to find your first fans and followers
  • Why it’s all about networking, even online.
  • How to find the proper social media platform for your business (that’s super important)
  • … and a lot more!


Find out more about Jessica:

Fantabulosity – Jessica’s blog

How To Get 2,344 Pinterest Followers in 90 Days – Jessica’s FREE ebook. Grab it today!



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– Alex

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