EPP 048: Building A Location Independent Business With Jason Moore

jason moore zero to travel podcast

In this episode of Extra Paycheck podcast I am joined by Jason Moore, travel podcast host, location independent publisher and digital nomad.

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Jason Moore Interview

Jason Moore has been traveling for the past 15 years. When Jason finished school he had a $20k debt. This is when he decided to look for a job that would allow him to travel the world. This was probably Jason’s first step to location independence.

After years of traveling and meeting loads of digital nomads from all over the world Jason decided to start zero to Travel in 2013. Zero to travel is a podcast, a website packed with amazing info as well as a travel publishing company that publishes ebooks and other resources to help you travel more.

This episode if packed with great advice and information. If you want to travel more or if you simply want to have more freedom in your life¬† it’s definitely possible. Scroll up and press the PLAY button to listen to this episode.


In this episode you will learn:

  • Why you should break the rules (from time to time)
  • Why you should figure out what people want even before starting your website
  • How to manage work while traveling
  • What does “Digital Nomad” mean?
  • Why you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself
  • How to find your passion
  • Why you need to write down tomorrow’s task tonight, before going to bed
  • … and a lot more!


Find out more about Jason:

Zero To Travel – Official Website

Zero to Travel Podcast on iTunes

Location Indie community



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– Alex

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