EPP 052: Taking Your Social Media Marketing To The Next Level With Laura Roeder

In this episode of Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by Laura Roeder, a long time entrepreneur, an absolute Social Media Marketing expert and the founder of a social media scheduling automation tool called Edgar.

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Laura Roeder Podcast

Laura Roeder describes herself as unemployable. After graduating from University Laura got her first “real” job as a designer. After a little while she realized that she was an entrepreneur at heart and she had to quit that job in order to start working for herself. This was Laura’s first and last 9-to-5.

As many online entrepreneurs Laura started with one of the most popular services she could offer to businesses – website development. However, besides just creating a website like most designers do she was also doing online marketing for these companies without charging them any extra because she though a good website should automatically come with a good online marketing strategy.

In 2008 when Social Media Marketing (SMM) became very hot and popular Laura started offering Social Media Marketing advice to businesses. She would teach them how to promote content the right way and how to plan all of their social media posts in advance. With time Laura realized that this process takes too much time and a big part of it should be automated. This is when MeetEdgar.com was born. A social media scheduling automation tool that was created for her own company is now used by some of the most influential entrepreneurs all over the globe.

Scroll up and click the PLAY button to hear the rest of Laura’s story and some great advice on social media marketing.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why Freelancing is one of the easiest paths to entrepreneurship
  • How to starts SaaS (Software as a service) company if you are not a programmer
  • Why you should mainly focus on sales and marketing skills
  • Why it’s okay to be be “lost” when starting (and growing) a business
  • Why you should be using a software like Edgar for your SMM
  • How to get loads of traffic by recycling your older amazing content
  • … and a lot more!


Find out more about Laura (and Edgar):

Meet Edgar – official website

Laura Roeder on Twitter

Edgar on Twitter



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