EPP 057: How Matt Paulson’s Financial Newsletter Earns Over $2.5 Million Per Year

Matthew Paulson interview

In this week’s episode of Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by Matt Paulson, an entrepreneur, an author, an angel investor and the founder of MarketBeat.com

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Matthew Paulson Interview Podcast

Matthew Paulson is an entrepreneur at heart. Several years ago he started a small personal finance blog. Blogging was getting popular and many people started their own blog in this very niche. Eventually Matt figured out that there was a big demand for selling links on his blogs and he started doing just that, selling links on his blog. This little venture was earning Matt $50-60k per year. However, as many readers of this blog know, eventually Google’s Panda update update hit and Matt had to change something.

Although penalized by Google, Matthew’s website was still getting a very interesting amount of traffic from another organic source and this traffic was leveraged and it was scaled a LOT. This still can be done today and Matt explains it all in detail within the episode, I don’t want to spoil it for you.

In the end of 2010 or beginning of 2011 Matt launched MarketBeat.com (which had a different name back than). MarketBeat was is not a personal finance blog but rather a trusted digital publishing company. Matt sends a daily financial newsletter to his 310,000 email subscribers (from what I hear it’s over 350,000 subscribers as I am releasing this episode). Talk about loyal fans 😉 MarketBeat also made $1.56 Million in 2014, $2.71 Million in 2015 and it’s seen a 900% growth in its first five years. Don’t forget that Matt started from a small personal blog at some point and achieved these results. If he could do it, so can anyone else.

That and a lot more is explained in today’s episode so scroll up and press that PLAY button!

Favorite quote from this episode: “Everybody gets their start somewhere.”

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why your email subscribers is the most important source of traffic
  • Why you should start building your own email list right now
  • How Extra Paycheck Blog grew its traffic by 400% in one year (and how you can do it too)
  • The only 2 ways of getting consistent, high quality content for your website
  • What you should do so your subscribers stay active ans asking for more!
  • Why you should pay for information that can be found free
  • … and a lot more!


Find out more about Matt:

Matt’s Twitter
Matt’s Website
Email Marketing Demystified (Matt’s book)
matt[AT]mattpaulson.com – Matt’s Email


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2 thoughts on “EPP 057: How Matt Paulson’s Financial Newsletter Earns Over $2.5 Million Per Year”

  1. One of the best episodes ever.
    Loved his nonchalant, no nonsense approach.

    Lots of great tips as well! So maybe the … “money is in the list” 😉

    Thanks Alex for the great interview. I’ll listen to it twice.

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