EPP 064: Earning A Living From Niche Websites With Dom Wells

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by Dom Wells, an entrepreneur and the founder of Human Proof Designs. In this episode we’re talking niche websites and affiliate marketing.

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Dom Wells Interview

Dom Wells is in the business of niche websites. The owner of HumanProofDesigns.com offers “done-for-you” niche websites, for a fee of course, but his relationship with niche websites goes much deeper. Dominic started his online venture by building his own niche websites and through the series of failures and successes he was able to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

At this point Dom runs his own niche websites and he helps others getting started in this business. If you haven’t listened to the previous episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast where Dom talks about Human Proof Designs than I urge you to check out the Episode 63.

This episode is dedicated to the business of niche websites as well as affiliate marketing as a monetization platform for such sites. If you ever struggled choosing a perfect niche, if the term “affiliate marketing” still confuses you and if you simply want to start your own online business with zero (or almost) investment than scroll up and click that PLAY button right now!

In this episode you will learn:

  • What are niche websites
  • Why affiliate marketing is an amazing way of monetizing a website
  • Why internet users would go to your websites rather than manufacturer’s website
  • 3 Ways of getting traffic to your niche websites
  • How to choose a niche with a lot of income potential
  • What makes a successful niche websites (or any other website)
  • How a few simple tweaks helped Dom go from $50/month to $300+ per month overnight!
  • What to do if your website isn’t earning much income
  • … and a lot more!


Find out more about Dom here:

Human Proof Designs – official website (aff link)

Niche Site Entrepreneurs – join this FB group today


In this episode we have also mentioned these resources:

Extra Paycheck Podcast Episode #63

Facebook Ads Case Study Part 1 and Part 2 – Where Dom spends money on Facebook advertising and shares his results

Amazon.com/bestsellers – A list of Amazon best selling products as ideas for niche websites


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– Alex


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