EPP 073: 4 Ways You Can Make Money With Amazon

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am talking about different ways you could use Amazon to earn money.

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use amazon for money

I often talk about being an Amazon associate (affiliate) and how profitable it could be. In fact many online marketers are earning very impressive numbers as Amazon associates (think 6 figures per month).

However, being an affiliate isn’t the only way to earn an extra paycheck or even a full time income with Amazon. This company has seen incredible growth over the past years and they aren’t slowing down. Amazon keeps adding new services, new platforms and more importantly new ways to generate income for all of us.

In this episode I will be talking about 4 very specific ways how you can generate income through Amazon. For all the juicy details scroll up and press that Play button to listen to the episode.

In this episode you will earn:

  • How to become an Amazon seller
  • 2 ways of selling on Amazon
  • How to create an Amazon t-shirt business (and why)
  • How to publish your books and earn money with it
  • How to partner up with Amazon
  • … and a lot more!


In this show I have mentioned 3 great episodes, all related to earning with Amazon. Check them out here:

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– Alex


4 thoughts on “EPP 073: 4 Ways You Can Make Money With Amazon”

  1. Too bad they discontinued Amazon Local 🙂 Was a great way to promote and make money for local businesses.. and a great alternative to Groupon !

    Amazon Merch takes 3-6 months to join, and you can only sell T-shirts… Would recommend to use Zazzle instead ( it also gives you an option to make extra money if you can find affiliates to help you promote your business )

    1. I didn’t know Amazon local was shut down already.

      Anyway, I’ve decided to use Amazon Merch because the business is a lot more “passive”. Amazon is a platform where millions of shoppers go with intention to buy so I do not need spend a lot of time (or any time) promoting the t-shirts.

      Zazzle and others would require you to push these shirts elsewhere.

  2. Hi Alex
    Read your blog about how you earned exta cash with Amazon with no website over at W.A. and it seemed a great way to make money so I can afford to go Premium there. My main concern or question is don’t I have to have a website up and running before I can join Amazon as an Affiliate ?
    Maybe you have or know of a step by step guide of “joining” Amazon as I for some reason have not found their affiliate programme to be user friendly.
    By the way thanks for the great website.

    1. Ron, I signed up to Amazon.com a very long time ago and I had a free blog with 2 posts on it when I applied, I got approved. Now when I join other Amazon marketplaces (like .ca or .co.uk) I just tell them I already have a .com associate account and they approve me automatically.

      If I didn’t have an account, I’d spend a day creating a website with 5-10 posts, I’d make sure the site looks clean and active and I’d use that to sign up to amazon associates. It really isn’t that complicated 😉

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