In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am talking about the amount of time you need to be investing into your online business.

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Many readers and listeners of the Extra Paycheck ask me about the numbers of hours I spend on my online business. I know that some of these folks are hoping to hear me answer: “You just need a few hours per month” but unfortunately that would be wrong.

I am not here to sell a dream and make empty promises and if you are reading this I hope I will help you steer clear from those who make such ridiculous claims. Can you make some extra cash online? Sure. Can you make a good living online? Totally. Can you do it by next week and without  actually doing anything? No.

In this episode I am talking about how much time you need to be putting into your online venture and why it’s so important. Scroll up and press the PLAY button.

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– Alex

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