EPP 092: Launching And Growing An Eyewear Brand With Jack Kaladjian

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by an entrepreneur, CEO and co-founder of Park and Finch Eyewear – Jack Kaladjian.

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Jack Kaladjian Podcast

Eyewear global market is worth $90 billion, and will reach $140 billion by 2020. Naturally it’s very competitive but from time to time we see new players in that market who come up with a great product.

Jack Kaladjian is a Montreal entrepreneur who co-founded Park and Finch Eyewear, a brand that offers high quality glasses under 100$. I met Jack at MTL+eCommerce, a local monthly marketing event and I was instantly intrigued by the story of his brand. I also knew I have a new podcast guest because you, the listener would want to hear this.

Just a little over 2 years ago Jack co-founded Park & Finch with 2 other co-founders. They didn’t know anything about eyewear but their combined experiences in accounting finance, tech and graphic design helped them dive right into it.

At this point the brand is picking up popularity and clients online and offline. Without any more spoilers, scroll up and press the PLAY button to hear the full episode!

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to learn about a new (to you) industry
  • Why building connections is incredibly important
  • How to find a manufacturer for your product
  • How to properly use social media to grow your brand
  • Why Instagram could be the best social media platform for you
  • … and a lot more!


Find out more about Jack:

Park and Finch Eyewear – official website

Park and Finch Eyewear on Instagram

Park and Finch Eyewear on Facebook

Jack Kaladjian on LinkedIn


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– Alex


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