EZ Money Team Review – An Easy Way To Get Scammed

You have stumbled upon EZ Money Team website that promised you’ll make $1 Million in12 month.  Then you decided to do some more research to see if EZ MoneyTeam is a scam or a real opportunity. Am I right? You made a great decision. In this EZ Money Team review I’ll explain what it is and why you should stay away from it.

EZ MoneyTeam Scam


EZ Money Team introduction video claims that many people are making money online. This is a true statement and I have been making a living online since 2007. However, it wasn’t through programs like this one. You can work from home and make a good income, however it won’t happen overnight and it you will need to put effort into it. Remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.


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EZ Money Team Review

When the introduction video starts playing you’ll be told that the program is owned by Jeffrey Hart. Jeffrey claims that he has been featured in the world’s top business programs and magazines. I invite you to do a simple Google search for his name and I guarantee you won’t find a single business program that featured him. Jeffrey Hart is a made up name and a made up person. Oscar T. Ortiz is the real owner of this program but it’s irrelevant. However, let’s just keep calling him Jeffrey for the same of this review.

Jeff goes on to promise you $650 for simply watching his presentation video in full:

EZ MONEY team scam

Guess what, I did watch the full video until the end. He made the $650 claim a few more times, however I never got paid. Not that I expected to see any money. The fact of promising you something and then not delivering anything simply points to a scam. Or an unethical, deceiving and shady practice at the very least. After you watch the video you’re simply told to click a button and join the EZ Money Team.

Red Flag: Notice how during the whole presentation you are never told what this fake opportunity is really about. Every online scam operates in the same way. They hype up their system, promise to make you rich but they never tell you what exactly you’ll be doing.

Jeffrey proceeds trying to convince you to join by claiming that this program will shut down in 24 hours:

EZ Money Scam

If you come back to EZ Money Team website tomorrow it will still be there. And after tomorrow as well. The next week it won’t be gone either. This is called “false scarcity” technique and it’s used by unethical marketers and scammers. They are putting pressure on you so you stop thinking and click on BUY button. They pretend that something is limited when in reality it isn’t. This offer will run as long as the website doesn’t shut down or gets shut down by the authorities. The same applies to their “only 50 spots available” claim. There aren’t just 50 spots. There are as money spots as people who are willing to waste their money.


EZ Money Team Testimonials

Now you might be thinking: “but what about those ez money team reviews and testimonials from real people?” I have news for you, they are all fake as well. Just look at the picture of this lady with a huge $10,000 check on ez moneyteam website:

ez money team testimonial

A simple Google images short reveals that this is NOT Jane Smith who made $10k with EZ MoneyTeam. This is a “stock image” used by several different websites:

ez money team reviews

You’ll also see Jeff talking about Sarah, a single mother of 3 kids who makes a living with this system. Once again, a simple image search shows that Sarah doesn’t exist. They are using a stock photo. Even the video testimonials are completely made up. You can go to a site like Fiverr and hire a bunch of people who will make you a quick testimonial about ANYTHING for just $5. Of course these folks have no idea what they’re talking about and they have never used EZ Money Team system. Their own “easy money” system is by selling their videos for $5 a pop.


More False Claims by EZ Money Team

Jeff will also promise that you will make $1 Million in the next 12 month. It is actually illegal to make such income claims but the folks behind the EZ Money Team don’t really care about it. They know that authorities often take several years to investigate such scams. These websites don’t exist too long though. After they rip off enough people they simply shutdown. In fact, EZ Money Team is not new. They used to sell their scam on a different domain name however because of loads of negative reviews and scam reports they moved to a new address. The address might be new but the scam is the same old.


Unfortunately you will not make a million dollars in the next 12 month with EZ Scam Team, I mean EZ Money Team.

Throughout the endless promo videos you’re being told that the program is completely free to join. However when you’re actually ready to get inside they will ask you to pay $47. It won’t end there though because they’ll try to persuade you that you need to become a platinum member for a one time fee of $97. Then if you are really serious, you’ll need to join the Premium membership for only $197. And if you are really very super serious, you’ll become a gold member for $30 per month. That’s over $340 fee plus $30 every single month. Let me remind you, you still don’t know what the program is.


What’s inside EZ Money Team?

If you do go through all of that and purchase their system you will be disappointed. EZ Money Team will give you a basic explanation of what Affiliate Marketing is and how you will promote scam programs, such as EZ MoneyTeam and try to make money out of it. Their training is very basic and outdated.

In fact you can join this program completely free and get more training and support without even taking out your credit card. An honest program should let you try it out without charging you a single penny. What if you don’t like it? What if you realize it’s simply not something you want to do? Keep your money to yourself in a situation when you don’t even have a clue of what exactly is offered to you.

I’d like to remind you that it is possible to make a legitimate income online. However, you won’t make millions overnight and you won’t make money if you aren’t willing to learn and take action. If it was that easy we’d all be rich by now. I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years and I can guarantee there are not shortcuts to success.

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Let me know if you have any questions!


2 thoughts on “EZ Money Team Review – An Easy Way To Get Scammed”

  1. I don’t even have the money to be spending on this crap but I have hope and unfortunately I just got scammed and this sucks . I literally should have known better .

  2. Lets go after our Money! I wasted an hr or so of my time that I wont get back watching those videos and only to be lied to! I am going to screen record the whole thing and send it to my attorney!

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