Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Review

Fanpage Dollars 3.0 by Imran Naseem – Full Review and Bonus

As you may have already noticed, I very rarely review products on this blog and there is a main reason for this; I only review products that I personally use and that I actually like. As I already have established marketing strategies and plans, I rarely buy new products. There is nothing more annoying than marketers who “review” every single products that comes out without ever buying/testing/using the product, in other words they promote and endorse every single thing that can make them a few bucks.

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Fanpage Dollars 3.0 by Imran Naseem

Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Review

I got the early access to Fanpage Dollars 3.0 that launches on May 24th 2011 (pre-launch on May 17th) and had a chance to go through the whole training. I also own the previous copy of the product (Fanpage Dollars 2) and some other products from Imran, I can assure you that he always delivers amazing content and great unique strategies that could help you make a lot of money online. Of course, you have to take action and implement what you learn.

Imran Naseem is very known when it comes to Facebook Marketing and he has proved time and time again that anyone can create a very profitable Facebook fan page. The Facebook Fanpage 3.0 is probably the most complete guide to making money with fan pages, it comes with a detailed, step by step PDF guide as well as video training. Facebook has just made a few crucial changes about its Fan Pages and Imran made sure to explain how these changes work and how to use them to make even more profits from Facebook.

Inside the members’ area you will find the following;

  • 20 step by step “How to Make Money with Fanpages” videos
  • The main course (PDF) on creating and running very profitable Facebook pages
  • Many bonuses by Imran Nasees, of course all about making even more money with fanpages
  • Even some Case Studies of people making money from Facebook fanpages (Secrets Revealed!)

If a picture is worth 1,000 words then a video is worth 1,000 pictures. Video training is very popular right now and Imran is not an exception – he delivers great step by step videos that make everything easy to understand and to follow.

fanpage dollars 3.0

The main PDF course is 62 pages long however it’s 62 pages of pure content; no fluff, no blablah, no boring stuff. I read the whole guide, that’s why I can vouch for the amazing quality of information in it.  Of course the guide comes with screen shots that make it easy to understand what Imran is referring to and Imran is actually exposing some of his profitable niches so you see examples of REAL profitable fanpages and not some “imagine if” scenarios. The Fanpage Dollars 3.0 guide is composed of 5 main sections;

  • Module 1 – Creating your Facebook page
  • Module 2 – Monetising your Facebook page
  • Module 3 – Driving Traffic to your Facebook Page
  • Module 4 – Making money from your Fanpage
  • Module 5 – Outsourcing your Fanpages on Autopilot

Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Bonus

I have explained to you what Fanpage Dollars 3.0 is all about and it’s wonderful for making loads of money with Facebook fan pages. In fact, I have been using previous Imran’s guide to make money off of Facebook and this is why I am recommending it. However, I felt like there was something missing. With this bit of missing information you can take Fanpage Dollars 3.0 to the next level and build a money earning empire with just a little extra work. In fact this method goes hand in hand with Imran Naseem’s training (more precisely; Module 3). If you are interested in getting Fanpage Dollars than this will be a perfect add-on to boosting your profits. Yes, it’s that powerful! I have created this guide specifically for Imran’s product and you cannot get this bonus ANYWHERE else, only by purchasing Fanpage Dollars 3.0 through a link on this blog.

Fanpage Dollars 3 Bonus

Here is how You can get this bonus completely free;

  • Step 1. Click here to buy Fanpage Dollars 3.0
  • Step 2. Once you paid, e-mail me your *Order number* to
  • Step 3. I will verify that you purchased through the link in Step 1 and will send you the bonus!

*You will get the Order e-mail after making the payment. That e-mail will contain the Order Number. It should look something like this:

I hope you have enjoyed this review. I welcome any comments or questions right here on the blog or at


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