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Social Media

Internet Marketing is an ever-changing gaming and it changes at the speed of the light… or faster. It;s not a secret that Social Media is huge now and it’s only going to grow! You have probably noticed, sometimes when you do a search on Google, the last few results are no longer simple google results but rather the content from your Social Circle. So let’s say you are typing: “Cheap tickets to Paris”. Google will display 9 “normal” results and the 10th one will say “Angela (your friend) posted on Facebook: Just got an awesome deal from XYZ on tickets to Paris! Yey!” – it is huge. Even Google checks your social media updates and gives them to you. Once again, Social Media is huge and if you are not using it for your business, you are missing out, get in there ASAP.

Getting Traffic

It’s also not a secret that you might run the most awesome website in the world or offer that sweetest deals online but if you do not get traffic you might as well shut down. Traffic is the blood-life of your online real estate and you need to get it as targeted as you can, as much of it as you can, and as cheaply as you can (preferably free). Sure, you can pay for traffic (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads) but this brings two issues; it might cost a lot of money and if you are not targeting properly – you are simply losing money. This post is on getting loads of targeted visitors, completely free.

I was reading Glen’s Viper Chill blog (one of my favorite blogs about viral marketing) and stumbled across an awesome idea and an a cool service that Glen put up.  The idea is simple; you give something out to people who tweet about you or talk about you on facebook. And I am still shocked Glen is sharing it without charging a penny!

Going Viral

So here is how it works. You offer a freebie to your targeted audience but you only give it to them if they talk about on either Facebook or Twitter. You can create a free report/e-book/video in pretty much any niche, you can offer a free mp3 download if you’re an artist/producer, your company can offer a huge discount on a product or a service. Once you have your offer, you write about it on your blog, website, your facebook, twitter, digg and everywhere else you can. You entice your audience to get that awesome offer of yours. When they make it to your site, they will have to click on a SHARE button and share this offer either on Twitter or Facebook in order to get access to your offer. Now, the more people share it, the more people read about it and want to get it as well, so they have to share it and more people see it – well, it goes viral (assuming you offer something good) and now you are getting flooded with traffic completely free.

Now, I am sure the idea has been around for a while but a lot of people never went along with it because it seems impossible to track everyone who shared (or didn’t share) your offer. This is where Glen’s amazing service comes in; Cloud:flood by ViperChill. This website allows you to automate the whole process and simply enjoy all the free traffic. Enter the name of your offer, the access link, message that will be tweeted or posted on Facebook and then it will create a button that says “Share to Get”. When you use that button, as soon as someone shares your offer they get instant access to it – and you get traffic, traffic, traffic! Simple. Effective.

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1 thought on “Flood Your Website with Free Targeted Traffic”

  1. Cool stuff in your article!

    I like SocLock (http://www.soclock.com/) better than CloudFlood and Paywithatweet, because it works with all three major networks (FB, G+, Twitter) and gives you statistics by channel (how many Likes, how many +1s, etc…).

    It is also completely free and super quick to configure.


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