Guaranteed Money System Review – Guaranteed Scam

If you’ve come across the Guaranteed Money System you’ve certainly asked yourself if it’s a scam. In this Guaranteed Money System review I’ll explain what the system is, that it is a scam and why you should stay away from it.

Making money from home is a real thing and I’ve been doing that for 9+ years however I can assure you there is no shortcut to riches.

Guaranteed Money System Review

Guaranteed Money System Scam

Most online scams are very obvious. Guaranteed Money Scam is no different. In fact it almost feels like they are purposely making themselves look like a scam. First of all let’s look at the typical red flags (and there are plenty).

Front and center, we see a promise that we’ll generate over $1.3 Million within 30 days. These guys aren’t even trying to seem somewhat legitimate or believable. We all know that it’s impossible to generate this amount of money from thin air, let alone within 30 days.

Then we see that there are only 7 spots available. This is a shady false scarcity technique often used by scammers and unethical programs. They are trying to rush you so they claim there is a limited number of spots left. The truth is they’d never put a limit on the number of people they want to scam. If you close the page and come back to it a month later it’ll still say that only 7 spots are left.

The testimonials at the bottom of the page are fabricated and recorded by paid actors who charge only $5 for such videos. The folks in the video actually have no idea what Guaranteed Money System is. You can find these fine folks on sites like Fiverr and you can hire them reading your script for just $5.


Guaranteed Money System Fake Guarantee

Angela Stevens, the owner of Guaranteed Money System welcomes you to the website in a revealing bikini. Let’s get a few things straight. Angela is a paid actress as well, she does not own this program. In fact the name “Angela Stevens” is made up, this person simply does not exist. But for the sake of this review let’s keep calling her Angela.

Angela claims that you are guaranteed to earn $5,000 in the next 24 hours and at least $1.3 Million in the next 30 days. If you fail to earn that Angela says that she will personally send you a $500,000. She even shows this “legally binding guarantee” from her so-called lawyers:

Guaranteed Money System scam
Guaranteed Money System folks think people are stupid and will fall for this fake guarantee


Goldberg Cohen & Associates, the supposed law firm representing this scam also doesn’t exist. Just like Angela, positive testimonials or the money that you’re promised. Yet another lie.

Later on Angela says that she’s a “stupid bimbo who doesn’t know what she’s talking about” while the camera zooms on her lady parts. To be honest I was laughing throughout the whole video. It so so incredibly horrible and comic at the same time, I have a hard time understanding who they’re trying to target with it.


What Is Guaranteed Money System?

This Angela person keeps talking about how you should be joining this scam and how you’ll make millions. However she doesn’t really explain what she’s trying to sell you. She also keeps mentioning that it won’t cost you a “single red penny”. From the very first seconds I already knew what this is all about, have you figured it out yet?

Guaranteed Money System is yet another gateway to a binary options software. Once you actually suffer through the video presentation you’ll be invited to the “money system”. Angela will tell you to sign up to a broker called Lionexo and send them $250 of your hard earned money. She’ll proceed by telling you that $250 is the smallest deposit required and that you should “invest” a much larger sum if you are actually serious about it.

Guaranteed Money System binary options

Lionexo is an UNLICENSED broker allegedly based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Here is where the truth comes out. The owners of Guaranteed Money System don’t make a single penny from this system or binary options. They make a large commission every single time they refer a new paying client to the broker. These unlicensed brokers are illegal in many countries simply because they can take your money and run away with it.

I’ve reviewed several similar scams on this site in the past such as Quantum Code and Greenwood Formula. All of these binary scams function in the same exact way. They lure you in on a promise of free system, they get you to deposit $250 (or more) to an unlicensed broker and they make commissions on that.

If you for whatever reason end up sending $250 to these unlicensed broker then you should simply count your losses. The money is gone and there is no way you’ll be getting it back. Be ready though as those brokers will be calling you and trying to persuade you that you lost your initial money due to a bad trade but you’ll become rich if you only invest another $1,000. Or $5,000 or even $10,000. They’ll try to get as much as they possible can from you.

Many binary option outlets have been exposed as scams. The U.S.FBI is investigating binary option scams throughout the world (source). More and more countries are now banning binary options trading altogether as it’s often associated with fraud. More and more victim of such frauds are being reported all around the world. It would be safe to assume that we should all stay away from binary options.

You Can Make Money Online

Tons of people are making money from home in our time and age. I have been making a living online since 2007. However you need to know that there simply isn’t a magic system that will make you rich. If you are willing to put in the effort and the time – you can certainly achieve an impressive level of income online. There are even free training programs that will teach you how to do it.

Create Your Own $0 Starter Account Here


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6 thoughts on “Guaranteed Money System Review – Guaranteed Scam”

  1. OH my goodness, this is peak insanity. I’m scared but also a little fascinated to click the video, because this seems like one complete bonkers scam. What is WRONG with people? And how could scamming this chaotic be at all successful? You’re right, it sounds like the other binary options scams I’ve read about, and all these scams just promise the world and back to anyone reading on the hopes that they get their silly commission on the $250. Thanks for putting this information out there, I hope anyone considering this scam will think twice after reading.

    1. Penelope, this is by far the most ridiculous video I have ever seen. I have a theory that the low cost production of such cheesy videos is done on purpose. These scammers do make money so these awful videos must be attracting certain people.


  2. Oh my God, how can they do that?? Their nice is desperate people that need money and are looking for the opportunity. A few years back someone sent me an email telling me that I had won 100,000 and they send a letter from HSBC bank from some place in Europe signed and all that, you know? They asked for 200 dlls haha they were so ridiculous! But maybe someone with needs can easily be a victim of them.
    Thank for the info

  3. Hi Alex,
    Thanks for letting people know about these scammers! It’s unbelievable how they can go about like this and how can anyone even believe they could make millions in 30 days by some system. That seems crazy to me, but I guess if you’re desperate enough and in need of money maybe you’ll try anything.

    Again thanks for protecting us from these awful scammers!
    Best wishes,

    1. Stina that’s exactly the issue here.
      People are desperate to make extra money and sometimes that desperation blinds them to such point that they end up joining scams like Guaranteed Money System.

      It’s really sad

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