How I made $1,300 in 2 hours and How You can do it too!

Hello, folks!

I am about to tell you a story of how I made a little over $1,100 in less than 2 hours and how YOU can do the same even if you are a newbie. It does take very little technical knowledge and if I say something technical that you do not know how to do – just Google it, that’s what I did.

Make Money with Blogging

This idea has been posted MANY times on this forum and many other Internet Marketing forums, it’s about taking your online business offline.

I was driving home from (I really don’t remember where) about two weeks ago and I noticed this small office with a huge window, they had many led signs displayed and projecting whole bunch of different lights. I figured those were for sale, so I stopped and walked in.

The owner welcomed me and ask if he could help me with anything.

– How is business? – I asked.
– Not too well, replied the owner of the store.

He then proceeded telling me a little more about the business. They sold L.E.D. displays to businesses, schools, hospitals and so on. I asked if they had a website and as were in 2008, they did have a website just like many other businesses. The owner told me their website does not bring new customers but serves a purpose of showcasing the products to existing clients and to those who walked in at some point of time and took a business card with the website mentioned on it.

I told the guy that I could possibly help him get customers from the Internet, I proceeded by explaining the benefits of being in the top results of search engines, then I asked him how exactly those products are called and asked him to use his computer.

So I typed: WHATEVER THE PRODUCT Montreal. Then I tried Montreal WHATEVER THE PRODUCT – sure enough his website was nowhere to be found in the first 5 pages of Goolge, I didn’t check any further. In fact most results were somewhat irrelevant and those that were relevant seemed to be there by pure luck.

I made an offer the owner could not refuse.

I offered him to build a brand new site that would rank at least in the top 5 results for any keyword phrase he wants. I would charge him $1,000 ONLY if this happens and he agreed. I also asked him to purchase a domain name (that I already had in mind) and a cheap hosting plan – this cost him under $10. (Since he picked a monthly payment plan for the hosting, possibility to cancel any time and the first month was only $0.01). I also asked him to write the name of the top 5 products he sold, detailed description of each product and take a photo of each product. We drafted a quick contract, signed it and I went home. All this took about 30-40 minutes.

In 2 days I received an e-mail with all the information I requested. I logged into his hosting cPanel, uploaded WordPress, uploaded a few free WP themes that I though would match the business, I also uploaded ALL-IN-ONE-SEO-PACK plug-in for WP and the sitemap plug-in. I created 5 pages, each with the name of the product I made sure to fill out all of the All-In-One-Seo fields with relevant information – so title of the page, description and keywords/tags. In about 30 minutes the site was complete.

I left it alone for a week, hoping to have the time to work on some backlinks, but as I was trying to see if Google indexed it – it appeared on the first page of the results for all 5 keyword phrases. That’s not all. Each keyword phrase was ranked as a result #1 and #2! Now, this might be surprising for some of you, but the truth is, when you are doing this for a local business you put the name of the city in the search – which makes ranking on top MUCH easier for MOST businesses.

Anyways, I went to see that guy the very next day, showed him the results which made him speechless and $1,000 poorer. Yes, folks that was it.

Now, you say – it’s only $1,000 – but the title says $1,300!
Pretty simple. The hosting he purchased – it was through my affiliate link which gave me a $100 commission (Hostgator on CJ). Before leaving the office I offered him a consultation for…. $200. In 15 minutes I told him about keeping his site on #1 spot by building backlinks. I explained the theory of article marketing – this took about 20-30 minutes.

A week later I received a call from this guy, thanking me once again. In one week this brand new simple WP website (… blog, really) brought him 2 new customers and a profit of $3,000.

… Should I have charged him more for such service? Probably… but it was the first time I tried anything like this and it was so spontaneous – I though even $1,000 was too much to ask. I’ll know better next time. However, It was a great experience and he already referred me to a friend of his who owns several used cars dealerships…

So, it is that simple. As you can see nothing technical in it. Or at least nothing that you can’t find a video tutorial for on Youtube. I am not a good face-to-face salesman, my offer was just too good to turn down. I promised results or it was free. The only expense I asked for was under $10 for the domain name + 1 month hosting. I am sure some businesses will turn me down – and this was my fear that always kept me away from trying such thing, but for some reason I had a good feeling about these guys, so I walked in with a smile and well… made $1,300 in under 2 hours.

You can do it as well, I am sure of it.


p.s. COMMENTS Greatly appreciated!

8 thoughts on “How I made $1,300 in 2 hours and How You can do it too!”

  1. Oh my God. Why didn’t I see this post earlier. could be cashing in so much money than I am doing now. But any way, this is a great blog post that you could hold a seminar on and get lots and lots of people attending.

    The information you shared here is great and I will surely make good use of it.

  2. Alex, I think you’ve got an awesome blog.

    I’d like you to contact me, I’ve got some questions about how you helped that guy out with the sign business and would you be willing to do more of those?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


  3. Thats pretty cool, Ive been using WP websites and they have alot of great plugins. I was thinking about helping this lady who owns a homeseeker website and this lady is “rich” and I explained to her how I could increase her PR which would increase her traffic and whatever keywords she wanted to target.

    So you created a new site for this guy, with a unique domain name and probably 3-4 pages. Your keywords he wanted were mainly used in the titles which of course would be implemented in the page then of course into the sub domain name. You probably got more traffic to his sub domain names opposed to the main page.

  4. Nice! Sounds like you read the Shoemoney newsletter ! If you do not then you just put into action something he just told everyone how he really makes his money

  5. This is a great idea! It’s got to be balanced with: a)a confirmation that there is decent search volume for the larger product category to begin with -sometimes there is 0, strange but true & b)it’s nice if there are some geographic specific searches going on for it too…

    When you get too specific, there is no one to target & if you try to go too wide, there is always competition.

    A subset of a confirmed search volume category is sweet spot.

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