How To Quit Your Job And Work For Yourself

How to quit jor job

Getting a job in our financially-challenged age might not be an easy task but believe it or not, some folks are actually quitting their jobs to pursue something better or simply because they are fed up of their no future, boring 9-to-5 jobs.

While I was doing some basic keyword research I started laughing when I saw these results:

How to quit your job and work for yourself

Every single month, 9,900 people go to Google and search the phrase “How To Quit Your Job”.  The same amount of people search the phrase “How To Find A Job”. When I saw these keyword phrases had the same amount of searches – a light bulb inside my head went on and I thought I had found my “Million Dollar Idea”… but then I realized I was just very tired and I couldn’t even remember why I found this “same number coincidence” amusing and I completely forgot what was my million dollar idea.


How To Quit Your Job And Work For Yourself

Leaving your 9-to-5 for something better is always a big step because that “something better” is often very distant, mysterious and unfamiliar. If you want to work for yourself but aren’t sure of what exactly you want to do, I recommend reading my blog post – 8 Ways to Make Extra Money from Home. However, if you already have a business on your mind I would suggest reading my recent Wealthy Affiliate Review. I often see people on WA posting about how they finally let go off their jobs in order to pursue a full time online marketing career. These discussions always make me happy because I am one of those people who exchanged an office job for a lot more rewarding Internet marketing career.

If you are truly serious about quitting your job and doing something more interesting with your life – I would suggest making sure you have some kind of backup plan. Having money saved up is always great. Having supporting parents who’d welcome you back int their house because you are trying to save up on rent is also great. However, I would suggest sticking to your job while you are figuring out the ins and outs of your new potential ventures.

Wealthy Affiliate members who quit their jobs and became full time online marketers did it only when their affiliate earnings have exceeded their day job salaries. In some cases these earnings were double or even triple of what these ex-employees were paid at their old job. Or you could be young and careless, grab all the savings you have (if any) and go travel through Europe or South America – these trips often change lives for the better.

And now the real reason why I wrote this blog post: I wanted to share a few awesome videos with you today.

Awesome Ways To Quit Your Job:


1. Joey Quits His Job:

If I had to quit my job I would definitely do it with a marching fanfare band.


2. Marina Quits (17,000,000+ views):

Don’t worry about Marina, she’s got job offer from Queen Latifah, a big marketing firm in Israel and many others. When you are good at something – people will want to work with you.


Have you quit your job so you could start your own business? Are you planning to do it eventually? Let me know by leaving a comment!

– Alex


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  1. Great post. I laughed so hard with Joey’s vid but I really loved Marina’s video the best. I wish I had thought about something like this when I quit my job almost 5 years ago.

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