Human Proof Designs Review – Worth it in 2020?

You are probably on this page because you want to find out more about done-for-you niche websites from Human Proof Designs. I am glad to see that you’re doing your research. Unfortunately the online space can be shady sometimes and you have the right to be skeptical. There have been numerous companies that scammed people just like you and I, by promising great results and never delivering them. The goal of this Human Proof Designs review is to help you make an informed decision.


HumanProofDesigns Review


Human Proof Designs Review

Several years ago I met Dom Wells, the owner of Human Proof Designs online. We had a few chats here and there because both Dom and I were building our own affiliate websites. There was a long pause where we didn’t talk for a long time, I guess we were too busy with our projects. In 2013 Dom noticed that a lot of very low quality niche websites were being sold on Flippa. This is when he realized the need for high quality websites that aren’t overpriced. Human Proof Designs was born. To date they have delivered over 600 high quality ready-made websites and almost 10,000 articles.

In 2016 I had the pleasure of meeting Dom in real life and we even recorded 2 podcast episodes: # 63 Selling Done-For-You Niche Websites and #64 Earning A Living From Niche Websites. I am very transparent with my readers and I feel like you need to be aware that I know Dom personally. If you make a purchase through the links on this site I will receive a commission (at no extra cost to you of course). However, this review will be unbiased just like all of my other reviews. I’ll tell you the good and the bad.

Dozens of people approached me asking what I think about Human Proof Designs (HPD) and I always replied that “I don’t really know”. In order to reply to these folks I spent a lot of time researching HPD websites, looking into what’s offered, collecting their customers feedback as well as asking Dom to answer a few questions along the way. My main goal here is to give you as much information as possible to help you make a decision.


What Do You Get With Human Proof Designs

The main goal of HPD is to give you a head-start with your new affiliate business. You’re probably already familiar with affiliate marketingย  since you’re looking into this online business model. If you aren’t, please do check out this affiliate marketing explanation.

The very foundation of your affiliate business is a website. There is no way to get around it. You have two (2) options here: create your own affiliate website or pay someone to do it for you. Dom Wells and his team provide exactly that: a well researched pre-made niche website. In the next section I’ll be talking about 2 main website services offered at Human Proof Designs.


1. Done-For-You Niche Websites

This is probably the most popular product on HPD. The team explores a niche and if deemed profitable they build a website. They make sure there is a demand for that niche and that competition is not crazy. The site is built on a premium theme and populated with high quality original content and premium images. Since all the niche research is already done, this is the best package for beginners. I’ve been in the affiliate marketing space for almost 10 years and I often see the same struggle from new marketers. They do not know how to come up with a profitable niche.

Ready-made websites from Human Proof Designs are unique and once a customer pays for it they’ll never sell another copy of the same website. The standard pricing for such a website is $998. You can opt for a premium site at $1298 which will give you more content. You can also pick the Basic package from Human Proof Designs for only $798.

Human Proof Designs Review


2. Custom Niche Websites

If you already have a niche in mind you can ask the Human Proof Designs team to research it for you and build a website for you. If the niche has no demand or it too competitive, they won’t build you a website. Pricing for custom niche websites is similar to the pricing of ready-made websites. $998 for the basic website and $1298 for Premium website.


As you can see with the basic pre-made website and/or custom niche website you will receive the following:

  • Fully built unique niche website
  • 2,500 words homepage
  • Original articles published on the site, total of 8,000 words
  • Premium Theme ($75 value)
  • Premium Plugins: EasyAzon Pro ($47), Thrive Content Builder ($67), Thrive Leads ($67), Gravity Forms ($37), BackupBuddy ($80), total value $298
  • Beautiful Premium Images ($10-$20)
  • Domain Name ($15)
  • On-SIte Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Research ($97)

If you’d go out and get all of this separately you’d pay over $500. And I am not even counting the content which could easily cost $500+ to create if you were to hire a writer. And that’s not all. Besides the actual website you’ll get access to support and training:

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Tech Support
  • Email Support
  • Ever-growing library of video training

This support is included in your website package at no extra charge.


Why You Need Human Proof Designs

As I mentioned earlier the main problem for beginner affiliate marketers is finding a profitable niche to work with. Dom Wells and his team take care of that for you. The second issue is actually building a website and setting everything up. In fact these two factors are the main reasons most beginners will quit before even starting. Although the process is rather straight forward if you know what you’re doing, it can feel very overwhelming if you’re totally new to this.

I’ve met people who spent several months trying to come up with a good niche. Then they would spend another 6 months trying to build a “perfect” website. Personally I don’t think that perfection has a place in an online business. If you want to succeed, most of all you need to start taking action as soon as possible. This is why Human Proof Designs is a great option. It offers a head-start for those who want to start taking action immediately.

In my opinion the price is more than fair as well. A ready-made website with content, images and premium features for under $1,000? That’s a great deal by the industry’s standards.

Why You Don’t Need Human Proof Designs

Although $998 is a great price for a website, let’s admit that not everyone can afford that. And the truth is, you can create your own website which will potentially cost less. You will need to spend quite a bit of time learning how to do niche research. Then you’ll actually have to do the said niche research. Look at your competition, find profitable keywords, figure out if you have a chance of ranking for these keywords. All of that can be done for free or almost (I do recommend using a proper keyword research tool).

The next step is content. Learning how to produce great content that will entice your readers to make a purchase is also no easy task. However the more you write the better you become.

Personally I wouldn’t buy any niche sites for a few reasons. First of all, I already run quite a few websites that take up my time and make me money. Second of all I can produce good content rather quickly since I’ve been doing it for almost a decade. And the third reason, I already pay hundreds of dollars for premium themes, plugins, keyword research tools and images so I can use them on all of my existing sites.


Niche Websites Disclaimer

Having a website is only part of the equation. Dom makes it very clear that simply paying him for a niche website does not guarantee success. In fact, simply purchasing a website and letting it sit there will not bring you any results. You will need to create more content and promote it in order to start seeing sales. This applies to every online business, website, blog and everything else. Human Proof Designs is not a shortcut to success and shouldn’t be treated as such. It will give you a head-start, it will save you from a lot of headaches, it will speed up the whole process but you’ll need to put in more effort in order to succeed. A website is never really done and it requires constant upkeep.

The good news is that Human Proof Designs websites also give you access to top-notch video training, support and a community of like-minded people. This will certainly help you move forward with your own affiliate marketing business.


Niche Sites Success Stories

I am sure you have wondered how much money people are making with niche websites. There isn’t a definitive answer to that question as results vary quite a bit. I have been making a living off of niche websites since early 2008. Yes, I mean that my main source of income has been niche websites for almost 10 years now. Some people make 6 figures per month while others are earning a few hundred dollars per month. It’s directly related to how much work you put in, how patient you are and many other factors.

When it comes to Human Proof Designs, you can easily find several success stories from their customers. Here is just one example:

Human Proof Designs Results

Check Out Available Ready-Made Websites


More Human Proof Designs Services

Besides offering ready-made and custom niche websites HPD team also offers a few other services that are worth mentioning.


Human Proof Designs Aged Sites

When you launch a new website and start adding content to it, it usually takes at least 3 moths to start seeing rankings and traffic. Google and other search engines have always given priority to older sites. As you know, the search engines’ main goal is to serve the visitors with quality information and good websites. A brand new website can’t be considered “serious” right away because Google spends a few months looking at the website’s progress. If they see that you’re consistently adding new content, they start ranking you.

Aged Websites from Human Proof Designs are at least 6 months old, sometimes older. The HDP team registers a domain, builds a website and starts adding content to it for several months. Once the website is well indexed and ranked they sell it to you. Many of these sites have over 100 different keywords already ranked in the search engines. Here are a few examples:

Human Proof Designs Aged Niche Websites
Click on this image to see available aged sites from Human Proof Designs.


In my opinion this is the fastest option to start seeing income from your niche websites. However such sites comes with a much higher price tag at $1,497. They are aged, ranked and already getting traffic. However, I should remind you that no website is ever completely done. You’ll still need to create more content and grow these sites if you want to see a good income.


Article Writing Service

Writing content isn’t easy. If you are just starting with your affiliate business then I highly suggest writing a lot and often in order to get good at it. However, some of us hate writing while others don’t have the time for it. Human Proof Designs team offers to write high quality articles for you for $20 or less per article. Each article is 1,000 words long, SEO and user friendly and is written by native English speakers. A minimum order is 10 articles. If you order more – the price goes down.

HPD Premium Article Writing


Keyword Packs

Human Proof Designs team also offers keyword packs. They research a niche and come up with a list of useful keywords in that niche. The list comes with the number of monthly searches. The pack also contains the top 100 selling products in Amazon for this niche as well as a competition keyword report for 3 sites in the niche. This kind of keyword research will require a lot of time and access to a paid keyword tool. (I use SEMrush at $99 per month). You can grab their keyword packs at only $49. Each pack is sold to only 10 customers.

View Available Keyword Packs


Human Proof Designs Questions And Answers

Q: Can I see a profitable website built by Human Proof Designs?

Sure! Here is a website from HPD that makes money:


Q: How much money can I make with a niche website?

There are millions of different niches, some more profitable than others. There are also different factors that will influence your level of income. How much content you produce, how consistent you are with your website, how well you promote it, etc. I have been making a living off of my niche websites since early 2008 so it is possible to make great money.


Q: Is hosting included with Human Proof Designs sites?

No, the hosting is not included. You will need to sign up for a hosting package outside of HPD. This normally costs $50-$100 per year. My personal recommendation for hosting is here.


Q: How long does it take to start making money with a niche website

This time line varies a lot. As a general rule, niche websites start producing income after 3-6 months. Provided of course that you’re working on that site and don’t just let it sit there. Some of my niche websites made their first sales within a few weeks while others didn’t make any money for almost a year. Looking back at those experiences I realize that the success or failure of these affiliate websites was directly related to the amount of effort that I put into those sites.


Check Out


Human Proof Designs Final Verdict

If you are looking to purchase ready-made niche websites than I do recommend trying out Human Proof Designs. With a proven track record and hundreds of returning customers you know they’re a legit business. Their websites look great, have great content and most importantly they are fairly priced.

Going for a done-for-you niche website will certainly save you a lot of time. If I was a complete newbie I’d probably purchase a site (or a few) from Dom Wells and his team.


Do you have any other questions? Use the comment box below!



34 thoughts on “Human Proof Designs Review – Worth it in 2020?”

  1. Hi, I just checked the prices of human proof designs. The prices are different than you listed. It is around $1000 for a starter site. It is just so much and I also checked that after buying a site we need lots of content which cost $20 per article.
    Considering that I maybe need at least extra 60 article per year it is an extra $1200 per year.

    Also, I need hosting and the domain name it is an additional $130. The training includes only shopping sites and not advertisements, woocomerce or building your own product etc. Do you have any other recommendation for internet marketing?

    1. Hi Alice. I double-checked the prices in the review and they seem proper. As mentioned in the review, buying a pre-made niche website is definitely not a cheap option.
      The same goes for purchasing content.

      You can create your own site and write your own content – that will be free (or almost) but it will require a big time investment especially at the beginning. You can check out my free course here.


    1. Hi Delando.

      Any website requires attention for as long as you want it to grow and to make money. You can either invest time, money or both. You do need keep creating new content for it and you can do it yourself or you can pay someone to do it for you. You can rely on search engine traffic or you could jump into PPC – that’s your decision.

      My main point is that there aren’t magic shortcuts to passive income. A website is just like any business and needs constant upkeep.


  2. Yunier Gonzalez

    Awesome review alex. I’ve known for a while and what he’s turned Human Proof Design into is awesome. I’ve ordered a custom made niche site , his article service , and even a couple of keyword packs and honestly his team takes a lot of pride in the work they good. The quality is definitely there but apart from that, the customer service they provide is what’s really amazing . I’ve had so many questions and they’ve answered every one of them.

    1. That’s great to hear Yunier.

      I’ve met Dom “offline” and he made it clear that he wants HPD to become a leader in its market. So far it seems like he’s taking it in the right direction ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Hi Alex,

    You covered a lot of ground when it comes to ready-made websites. I see that you also have a very through review of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s like you read my mind because I was thinking of WA as I read your human proof designs review.

    In particular, i was thinking about the community forum at WA. While the ready-made websites may have the equivalent of Site help, how do you think the video help would compare to that of the community at WA? For myself, I think it would be hard to find something as responsive as the WA community.

    1. Hi Thabo.

      I don’t compare WA and Human Proof Designs because these 2 companies are offering completely different solutions. While WA is about different shapes and forms of online marketing and affiliate marketing, HPD is all about niche websites. The training is also quite different on these 2 platforms so it can’t really be compared.


  4. Hey Alex,

    Thanks for sharing with me about this Human Prove Design Website. Surely this is a great deal especially for anyone new to internet marketing and not knowing his way out on how to begin building a profitable website.

    But the truth is that this Human Prove Design Website looking at the Price for the starter alone is $499 and the Premium which is $799 is quite expensive from my point of view.

    However if anyone has the money and wants to go for it I think is a good idea since it already set up and will generate quite good traffic for income earnings.

    So I will recommend it to anyone who who wants to start his or her ONLINE business but just don’t know how to begin. Or have no idea on building a website. This HPD website will be good for such ones.

    1. Hey Stephen. As I mentioned, Human Proof Designs certainly isn’t for everyone. However if you want ANY kind of website made for you, an agency will usually charge you $1,000 at the very least for a website. And that’s without creating content or doing any kind of research. So HPD is actually offering a pretty sweet deal.


  5. Hi Alex. Read your article with interest. I must admit I do like the idea of a done for you Niche website but I do think that you need to have a good grounding in how to build and monetize a website. I could see myself maybe using a service like this in the future, as a way of running multiple niche websites at one time.

    Can you buy the services separately from Human Proof Designs? Just the content writing, or keyword service design as an example?



    1. Hey Robert.

      You can definitely buy the services separately. You do not need to purchase a website from Human Proof in order to be able to purchase the articles.


  6. Thanks for the thorough review. I’d read that “pre-built” websites were available but it’s nice to know much more detail about the possibilities through human proof designs. I agree that this is a good way for someone to get started and “hit the ground running”, with a researched foundation. However, I also agree with the assessment that it can be quite pricey, and it would save money (if not time) to do all the work yourself. I would be interested in reading about a comparison between one of these pre-packaged niches and one someone built from scratch.

    1. Most people ask if it’s worth paying for a ready-made niche website. The short answer is yes, it is worth it if you can afford it simply because it will save you a lot of time.

      However in both cases (ready-made or your own) you’ll need to work on these sites. A head-start is great but it’s not a shortcut to success ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. This was great information! I am not new to affiliate marketing and am currently making money from my site, but I have so many ideas for other websites and knowing this company exists is great! I am going to bookmark your site because this is a service I may consider using in the future, at the very bare minimum to at least get some help writing some articles. $20 per article is a good price.

    1. Glad you liked this post Liz.

      I’ve looked into their article writing service and the price is great for that kind of quality. Definitely something to consider if you need content creators.

  8. Hi Alex, I’m not very comfortable asking this question lol but can one only hire the writing services from Human Proof Designs? Or that comes only with the websites you buy from them? I would like to outsource some of my writing.

    Dom is a great guy and I believe he is the right person to turn to regarding this also because he is a Wealthy Affiliate member.

    Looking forward to your response

  9. Hi Alex,
    Haven’t heard of HPD before, but the example website looks clean and user friendly. It would be a good start for someone with money to spend.
    I’m someone who is strapped for money, so could not take advantage of this offer. I am learning through Wealthy Affiliate, and can only afford their monthly cost.
    But a good alternative to them, depending on your needs and time frame.

    1. Greg, thanks for checking out this review. Nothing wrong with bootstrapping your online business, that’s how I did it. Doing everything yourself certainly helps you understand the whole business. Paying someone to do the work will speed things up. Difinitely a good alternative to those who can afford it.

  10. This was an excellent business idea for Dom to do. I know Dom from Wealthy Affiliate, and I watched his progress as he grew as a professional affiliate marketer. It is great to learn he built a business like human proof designs. When you buy an affiliate marketing website from Dom, you must know that you are getting quality.

    1. Jonathan, I think the fact that Dom has been (and still is) a successful affiliate marketer helps a lot! He knows how to pick a niche, how to research it and how to set up a good base for that business ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hello Alex
    Thanks for your review on HPD by Dom Wells.I first learned about human proof designs when I was struggling to write content for my website, somehow, I did not order from Dom.
    But months later, I had Dom build me a site, he did a brilliant job and although the site did not make me any money, I know quality when I see it so 3 months ago, I ordered a 2nd site from Dom, again very well done.
    Now one thing I have never understood is why Human Proof designs will age sites then sell them off because I think if a site is already ranking high, why would they just sell it off.
    This was the reason I did not buy the aged sites plus at $1,500, the sites are not cheap.Having said that, if anyone has money, I think the amount Dom is charging is well worth it,one does not only get a site but with it come training on how to speed things up.
    Very informative and all points covered.

    1. Thank You for sharing your experience Roamy.

      I am curious why you didn’t pursue the first website that you got from Dom?

      Now about the aged sites. I have personally built a few niche websites that were making money. Yet I ended up selling them for one single reason – I was not interested in working on them anymore. Since I produce most of the content for my own sites I prefer writing about subjects that I am passionate about.

      Human Proof Designs specializes in creating niche specific sites and then selling them. That’s the business model and that’s exactly what they do with aged sites.


  12. 99 per month? don’t you think it’s too much? I know it’s really important to use good keyword tool, but it’s not sensible to pay more for the same functions. I use SERPstat for 19 per month. Do you know about this tool? If it has any differences from your tool? I just want to figure it out

    1. Hi Mark.

      A few weeks ago I got a lifetime subscription to SERPstat for $40 (that was an amazing deal in my opinion), unfortunately I haven’t had the time to test it properly and see the differences. I also have access to AHREFS for the next few months. I might do a comparison post on here at some point.

  13. This is my first time engineering such services. Human Proof Designs offers lots of services which, frankly speaking only applicable to those with money to spend. It’s by no means cheap but still much cheaper than other brick and mortar business options.

    Just one question though, why would Dom Wells sell aged sites to customers? I figured since it already had many keywords ranked, he would want to monetize it himself. Or perhaps he think the potential profit from the sites are not worth the effort?

    1. You’re raising some good points Isaac.

      As mentioned in the review, it takes time to build up income form a website. This isn’t Dom business model. Also selling aged sites offers a good cash flow for Human Proof Designs.

      If you look at Keyword and competition research tools. Sure, they could use those profitable keywords to build awesome websites but it simply isn’t their business model. They are not interested in monetizing sites.

      For example, a few years ago I had a website earning $300 per month for me on autopilot (I haven’t updated that site for 2 years or so and it was still consistently earning that). However I ended up selling it (don’t remember how much it was sold for, $4k or $5k) simply because I was not interested in that site and I needed money for another online project. That sale offered me the needed cash for a new project. So for me it makes a lot of sense.


    2. Hey Isaac.

      Great question, I get that a few times per month.

      The answer is simple. I can only run a few sites myself. I have about 5 sites I maintain, and 2-3 sites I’m growing. However, if I have the ability with my extra time to run a business offering this service to others, and there is a good demand for it (there is), then it also makes sense I should help other people get a good start, so that’s what I do.

      We’re here to offer a starter site that will actually make money, as opposed to all the junk/scam sellers you find elsewhere.

      1. Thanks for chiming in and explaining that Dom ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I have so many sites ideas but there are only 24 hours in day so I prefer to concentrate on a few major projects as well.


  14. Hello

    I have never heard of this website design company before today, do you really feel this companies services is worth all that money?

    isn’t being smarter designing your own website, it will take much longer but you will be learning so much. I do not think I would ever pay so much money for their services, I enjoy desinging my own websites and save so much money/

    1. Jeffrey, as I mentioned in the review – it certainly isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. For example I can spend hours and hours doing keyword research manually or I can use a paid tool that does the work for me in seconds.

      The same goes to these read-made websites. If you have the time and feel confident about the niche you chose then by all means, do it yourself. The big issue here that most beginner marketers will spend months thinking about a good niche. In the end they will get overwhelmed, frustrated and they will abandon the idea of building a website without even trying. Human Proof Designs does the research for you and give you a head-start.

      So in the end it really depends on who you are and what you’re looking for. Also in my opinion the prices are actually rather low. Call up your local web designers and most will charge you $1,000-$2,000 for a basic 5 page website.


    2. It’s actually important to learn how to succeed with the website, whether you build one yourself or hire us to do it. We give you a Ferrari but make sure we teach you how to drive it as well.

      The training that comes with our sites is worth 10x what the site is worth.

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