I Am Back. Did You Miss Me?

Alex and Sunrise in Crimea

Hey folks! How have you been? First of all, a HUGE HUGE HUGE sorry to all of my blog followers because I haven’t posted any updates in a year and because the blog was down for almost as long… A lot has happened in 2010 and I will try to keep it short (although I doubt I will be able to do so).

Early June 2010 – I pack my bags and leave to Europe. The return ticket – December 2010… so a 7 months trip. I actually started a blog about the trip; AlexTraveling.com and I actually updated it for a week or so but then my 7 months old Netbook just died on me (I knew I should have bought a Laptop instead). I decided to get a new one but somehow managed to put that task away – I was too busy having fun in Europe and enjoying myself that I forgot to work on my Internet Marketing Business – and to be honest I do not regret it. At some point I actually decided that I will NOT work, since being an affiliate marketer is like making money on autopilot – even if you are not there. Deposits from Clickbank, MaxBounty, Amazon and WA kept coming in and paying for my trip – so I had no worries. By the way, I am NOT bragging here (okay, maybe just a little) I am actually trying to motivate you and make you realize that if I can do it – YOU certainly can. YOU can achieve your dreams!

So, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Ukraine… all amazing countries. I meet awesome people everywhere and catch up with some old friends who either live in Europe or are traveling as well…. somewhere in between all the fun my credit cards gets stolen (or I lost it?)  so I cancel it… I completely forget that my Aweber account is charging this card every month so I lose my list of over 6,000 people. I also lose a few domain names that were suppose to renew and I even lose some sites because my hosting has expired and also failed to charge the CANCELED card. Shit happens. Since I do not really go online, I miss all these important e-mails, I also do not suspect anything because my earnings keep coming in (thank you, Wealthy Affiliate for teaching how to be successful online).

In December I finally make it back home to Montreal and after spending 2 months of going out to see all my old friends I am slowly starting to get back into hardcore internet marketing. Unfortunately I could not get my old list back so I will be building a brand new list using iContact. I finally got this blog back online and I will be making the Extra-Paycheck course available once again! I got hundreds of e-mails from people complaining that they can’t sign up to my free course. It’s all coming back soon 😉

I am also seeing great results in getting higher rankings on Google and getting more traffic – I will be sharing my strategies on this and many other subjects with you right here @ Extra Paycheck Blog. Make sure to visit often…

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2 thoughts on “I Am Back. Did You Miss Me?”

  1. Hey, Charleen.
    They do have Internet cafes and all, but once my laptop died I decided to simply take a real vacation from all the work and just enjoy myself.

    And yes, backing up everything, from blogs to e-mail lists is the only way to go (too bad I was always the kind to think “This will never happen to me”)… Well, I learned 😉

  2. They don’t have Internet cafes in Europe?

    I grant you it’s easy to forget about automatic charges to your credit cards. This is a good reminder to everyone to BACK UP your email lists because a provider like ConstantContact will deny you access to your lists if you’re even one day late making a payment.

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