Instant Income Generator Review – Will It Actually Generate Income?

Instant Income Generator Review

You have stumbled upon the Instant Income Generator page are are wondering if it is a scam or a legitimate make money online opportunity?
I am here to help! I have been making a living on the internet for the past 10 years, and I can tell the difference between a real opportunity or a scam, very fast. The reason is that I have myself fallen for such scams when I first started.

Spoiler: Do not waste your time and money on Instant income generator. 

It is not a legitimate program, and I will explain all the reasons why.


Fast and easy ways to make money online

You can see that only in 7 minutes, they will share the secret of making money online. Then, in the video they say their system is the “fastest and easiest way you’ll ever make money”.

instant income generator scam


It is very alluring, and seems too good to be true. And that’s because it is.

I’m very sorry to disappoint everyone that wanted to get rich overnight, but the reality is that an online business takes hard work and a lot of time. If it didn’t, we’d all be rich right now.


Instant Income Generator red flags

Here, you can see 2 typical scammer red flags: False Scarcity and False Credibility.

instant income generator review

The false scarcity technique is when the scammers say there are limited spots in the program. That positions are filling up quick. A good example is the counter for 14 minutes you see on their page. It’s simply a psychological trick, and they want you to rush – so you don’t have time to think or research. But the truth is there are no limits on the spots. And that counter is not even real. It resets every time you visit the page. And when it runs out, nothing even happens.

The False credibility is when they use the logos of know companies like Fox News or CNN, implying their program has been featured there. Another common scammer technique. But if you read the text, it only says that ” Work from home opportunity has received a lot of national media attention”. That’s not a lie. Many work from home opportunities have been featured in the news, and legitimate work from home opportunities do exist. But Instant Income Generator has never been featured on the news. They are just trying to give it fake credibility by linking it to popular brands.


What is instant income generator?

A sure way to spot scammers, is that they never actually explain what the program is about. They simply talk about a vague secret “system” that they will reveal to you once you buy the product.

What they are trying to sell you, is a training program for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you receive a commission on a sale made through your link. And they say it’s as easy as posting links for 10 minutes a day, and then get 10-15$ per link you post. To me, that sounds a lot like spam. As someone that has done affiliate marketing for years, I can tell you it is not as easy as they make it out to be. You can make a lot of money, but it all takes a lot of work. I’ll save you the money and the trouble. Here is how affiliate marketing works.

Here are quotes from their disclaimer:

No express or implied guarantees of success are made by our company.

As a matter of fact ZERO GUARANTEES are made that you’ll attain ANY RESULTS.

As you can see, they cannot guarantee you will make ANY money using their program.


Making Money Online

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make money then you’re on the wrong website. Unfortunately there is no such thing as magic system or overnight riches. You can earn a lot of money on the internet. However you need to know that this will require a lot of work and probably years of growing your online business. When I first discovered the notion of making money online I fell for quite a few scams losing close to a thousand dollars.

Eventually I came across this platform and I promised myself it would be the last thing I try. What intrigued me the most was the fact that they simply didn’t throw empty promises of easy riches at me. 10 years later I am still an active member of this training community. They have been training people since 2005 and recently they opened up a FREE basic membership. You don’t even need to enter your payment details. Just put in your email and password and you are in.

Create Your Own $0 Starter Account Here


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p.s. It seems like the instant income generator shut down today (May 12th 2017). It may or may not be coming back.


4 thoughts on “Instant Income Generator Review – Will It Actually Generate Income?”

  1. Alex, Strong post on this company. I love it when you see the network banner as if CNN or Fox would do a piece about your system. If people bother to read it, it says making money at home was discussed and I’m sure it was on the networks – and maybe not in a flattering way. Plus the promise of making $1000 after watching a seven minute video.. yeah, right. Thanks for the warning, Alex.

  2. I run across claims like this all the time. Oh you better hurry and sign up now before spots are filled lol. Like you said, they never explain the secret until you purchase their product. Affiliate marketing is not easy and when I see a site claiming all you have to do is post and receive money it makes me laugh. There is no shortcut and it takes time and hard work to build up a site to make money. Thank you for this amazing review.

  3. Hi, greetings.

    I love your content, indeed there is no short cut way of making money ONLINE.

    I well remember when I started looking for ways to earn some income ONLINE, there was this ONLINE work who like Instant Income Generator promised to make me rich and they asked me just to send referral Links to their site only to find out that it was a scam.

    Indeed anyone who wants to succeed in making some money on the internet needs to be prepared to work hard. It really requires time and hard work for one to succeed with any ONLINE Business.

    Thanks for this review, I think anyone who reads this post will really benefit.

    1. True words Stephen. Any promise of quick riches should always be seen as a scam because it most likely is.

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