Hello, Warriors!

One of my Youtube videos got over 5,000 views in the past 3 months or so.
I know it isn’t much but that’s not much but the thread is not about getting views, the thread is about learning more about your targeted audience. The better you know them, the easier you can connect with them.

So, this video is within the “Make Money From Home” industry (yes, “industry” and not “niche”).

When you are logged in there is a button next to the video, it says “INSIGHTS”. I never really noticed it until today, so I clicked to see what it was for and I am so glad I did! Here is the image I saw about my video:

Now, knowing that 75% of my video viewers are man and only 25% are women, also knowing that about 25% of my viewers are in the 35-44 age group and 35% of them are in the 45-54 age group… How much easier do you think marketing just got for me? (at least for marketing on the sunject of that video)…

Knowing that about 60% of my viewers are guys who are between 35-55 years old – it will certainly help me market to them.

There are a few more very interesting stats in the “INSIGHT” section, such as which parts of your video are most and least watched, where the traffic come from (embedded videos, related videos…etc), really worth a look!

… It just surprised me how such great free resources are disregarded and appreciated! Well, now I know and I hope this will help some of you as well 🙂

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