Is Lotto Generator Pro A Scam Or A Legit Way To Win The Lottery?

If you came across the LottoGeneratorPro website you must be wondering if their system can really predict the winning lottery numbers. I get it, you’ve played the lotto before and didn’t win anything. At this point a prediction system sounds amazing, but is it as good as they promise? In this Lotto Generator Pro Review I’ll explain what exactly it is and how it works.

LottoGeneratorPro Review


Lotto Generator Pro Review

Lotto Generator Pro website was registered in December of 2016 although the website was actually set up in March of 2017. At this moment they are using the domain name although it will probably change in the future. is a private registration so unfortunately I can’t say for sure who owns it. However, I was able to dig deep enough to understand what they’re doing.

If you haven’t watched the full video presentation then I will save you 9 minutes (yes, I watched the whole thing).

You are greeted by a man who claims his name is Mike Towset. The truth is that Mike doesn’t exist. You can search for his name or his affiliation to Lotto Generator and you will not be able to find anything. It’s a made up name, paired to a stock image of a random man. This is a common practice when it comes to online scams.

Mike Towset Lottogen Pro

But let’s move on to the actual presentation.


What Is LottoGeneratorPro?

Mike claims that Lotto Generator Pro is a revolutionary new system that will increase your chances of winning the lottery by 78.8%. This is a very specific number. This number is used to create an illusion of a real system. You might think: “they must be onto something since they were able to calculate such a specific number”! Unfortunately this number is pulled from thin air.

You’re also told that there are only 200 spots available and soon enough they’ll charge new members at least $350 for the system. But just today, just for you, it’s completely free. Think about it for a second. A guy has a system that guarantees lottery winnings and he’s willing to give it away for free. Seriously? Also, you can refresh the page later today, or tomorrow, or in a week and the counter will always reset. The false scarcity is one of the shady marketing techniques they are using in order to get you in right away.

The Lotto Generator Pro presentation goes on. Mike explains that he worked as a financial adviser and he met this really rich client who wanted to invest his money. The client instantly agreed to tell Mike the secret to his riches – he wins jackpots by using that same system. At this point Mike says: “Of course I didn’t believe him at first!”. The only reason he says that in the video presentation is so you could relate to him. You were certainly thinking: “It can’t be that easy!”. Mike knows this and he wants you to feel like he understands you and you are both on the same page. It’s a very simple yet very effective psychological trick.


The Lotto Generator Pro Genius System

But as Mike asks more questions he finds out that the lottogeneratorpro system was discovered by Dr. Henry Melthon. Go ahead, Google search this doctor’s name, you won’t find any information. That’s simply because just like Mike, Dr Melthon is a made up person.

Dr Henry Melthon

But wait, there is more. 3 years ago Dr. Henry Melthon came across a 14 y.o. autistic genius named Peter Shulham. The kid solved a formula that predicts the chances of winning a lottery. Sounds legit, right? Mike knows that you’ve probably seen the Rain Man with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. In that film autistic Raymond was nothing short of a genius. If it happened in the movie, it must happen in real life, right? This is another detail added to the sales pitch so you could relate to it.

He goes on saying that it is simply impossible for regular people to figure out such system. Well that’s because such system simply cannot exist. A combination of lottery numbers is independent of all previous draws and there simply is NO way to calculate the probabilities of future draws. There is no formula, there is no trick. It’s gambling, a simple game of luck.

However, Mike also explains how they built these super powerful computers capable of mining huge amounts of data. Integrating that information from multiple sources helps predict winning lottery numbers. These are some sophisticated words so it must be true, right? You can mine all the data you want but this will not help you predict the winning lottery numbers.

More Fake Names And People

What about all those satisfied lotto generator pro customer reviews? You guessed it, they are fake. I looked at the very first testimonial from Louis Renald and did a quick google search for his photo. It turns out that many websites are sharing this stock photo. Just like Mike Towset, just like Dr. Henry Melthon, Louis Renald and other people on that website are all made up.

Fake LottoGenPro testimonials


How Does Lotto Generator Pro Work?

LottoGeneratorPro is in fact free. All you have to do is enter your name, email address and a telephone number and you’ll get access to their “amazing” lotto generator system. They do show you a “lottery number generator” which creates random number combinations for you. Here is the thing, those numbers are random – there is no system behind it. You can find hundreds of random number generators online, all for free. You can even ask your dog to pick the numbers for your next lotto tickets and the results will be the same.

So if there is no real system and you are not charged by the – where is the catch? Lottery Generator Pro is a scam of a different kind. After they generate your random numbers they take you to the next website called LottoSend. Lotto Send is a re-seller of lottery tickets online. I cannot guarantee that they are legit but I cannot claim that LottoSend is a scam either. I haven’t done the research about them simply because it isn’t the point of this review.

However, a few major lotteries such as Mega Millions or Power Ball allow the re-sale of their lottery tickets. LottoSend seems to be doing just that – buying lottery tickets on your behalf. For example a PowerBall ticket costs $2 in the US but the LottoSend charges you $3, hence making a $1 profit per ticket. There is also a minimum of 5 tickets that you can buy at a time, raising the commission to $5 per sale. But this is LottoSend, where does Lotto Generator Pro comes in?


Lotto Generator Pro Scam

As I mentioned previously LottoGeneratorPro doesn’t actually have any kind of a prediction system. They make you believe that they do and then they entice you to buy your lottery tickets through LottoSend. What they aren’t telling you is that LottoSend pays them a 15%+ commission on every sale. So if you purchase 10 lottery tickets, LottoSend makes $10 profit. Then they give a 15% referral fee ($1.50) to Lotto Generator Pro. That is it. That’s the whole system.

Lotto Generator Pro gives you a fake system with the only goal of you buying lottery tickets through LottoSend. If you sign up to LottoSend through LottoGen.Pro then they will earn that commission on every single ticket you ever purchase. Referral commissions are not a bad thing and they exist everywhere. However the problem here is that Lotto Generator Pro is lying to you by promising that they came up with this amazing prediction system. There is no such system and there never will be. If you like playing lottery simply go to your local convenience store and let the cash register pick your random numbers. You’ll have just as many chances of winning as with LottoGeneratorPro numbers. And you will save a $1 on the price of the ticket!



Unfortunately a lottery system isn’t a real way of making any extra money. I get it, you want to stay home and earn an income. It is very possible and thousands if not millions of people are doing it but there isn’t a secret system to it.

You will not make millions overnight and you will not make money if you aren’t willing to learn and take action. If it was that easy we’d all be rich by now. I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years and I can guarantee there are not shortcuts to success. If you’re interested in starting your own profitable online business you should check out my #1 recommended training. Basic membership is free.

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Let me know if you have any questions!



5 thoughts on “Is Lotto Generator Pro A Scam Or A Legit Way To Win The Lottery?”

  1. Alex, this is good to hear, sometimes you will fall to this trap and before you realize your saving is gone for good.

    i was once been a victim and i have used it as a very practical experience. even wealthy affiliate it toke me 2 year before i became premium member because of what i saw.

    This people makes online business not safe and it scar other newbies. thanks for such good article.

    1. Thanks for reading Collins.

      Unfortunately people are very tempted by “quick and easy money” promises. People forget that if it’s too good to be true it probably is.


  2. Hi Alex, I believe you have done a thorough research into this so called new system that can predict the lottery, and people reading your article would be saved from falling into this scam. The owner of this system is such a rotten egg as a lot of people would simply take it at face value and would not research further on the “experts” or even the system itself, so it’s good work you are doing here!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your review of Lotto Generator. Your critique is very well written with truth and sarcasm. I loved it. Actually, your common sense argument about being able to predict lotto numbers and giving it away for free is so humorous it’s absurd. This article has actually given me tools to be more aware in other aspects of navigating the web. I will definitely pass this site on to others who I know that are so willing to believe. Well done.

    1. Happy to hear you like the humor added in this review Patrick.
      It’s hard to read a serious post when I am sitting here cracking up at their sales page. It’s so ridiculous 🙂


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