PlentyBread Review – Is A Scam?

PlentyBread Scam Review claims to be the number one social media platform in the world that allows you to earn a cool 500$ per day, every day. All you need to is sign up and share your referral link with friends. That’s pretty much it, or at least that’s what it says on Plenty Bread website. Sounds easy and very promising. 500 bucks per day means 15,000$ per month. Sounds too good to be true? It’s because it is. In this article I will explain why I PlentyBread is a scam.

In short, PlentyBread will not pay out any earnings shown in the dashboard. It is not a straight out scam but very deceitful. Make sure to not share your credit card or other personal information with this company.


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Here is my story.



PlentyBread Scam Review


PlentyBread Review


A few days ago one of my blog readers reached out to me and ask what I thought of PlentyBread. Is an actual opportunity to make a bunch of money or is it another scam. I gave it a quick look and within a few seconds I knew this was a scam. It’s not even some new creative scam. It’s just a copy of many existing scams such as BonusJunkis,co scam, ZoanCash scam, RewardDollars scam, EZ Bucks scam…

But I can’t just claim that PlentyBread is a scam and not show you any proof, right? In this detailed PlentyBread .com scam I’ll show you most of the easy-to-spot red flags.

If you are looking for an easy way to make some extra cash online, look into a trusted company, like Swagbucks. However, you must know that the payouts are very low and you won’t be able to make more than a few dollars per day. If you want to make a LOT of money, quickly and easily – I must disappoint you, that is simply impossible.



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Who Is ?


PlentyBread website claims that the company was launched in 2015 in Amsterdam. This is a false claim and there is no such company registered in Amsterdam, you can check the public records. Claiming that it all started in 2015 is also a lie. A quick WhoIs check shows us that this website was registered on April 14th 2020, less than 2 weeks ago:


Plenty Bread Scam Domain Name


It doesn’t end there though.

At the bottom of the site you may see the familiar logos of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. You can try clicking on them but they won’t take you far. Since PlentyBread is a fake company, they do not have active social media accounts. The scammers who run this site are also too lazy to create fake social media accounts.

The contact page of PlentyBread has a contact form and an email address: I tried sending them an email and using the form, but both emails bounced back. That email address was not set-up – it simply doesn’t exist.

plentybread email scam

Although the company says to be from Amsterdam, the address listed on the website says New York: PlentyBread Ltd. 20 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001. If you actually search for this address you’ll realize that it’s an apartment in Manhattan, not the office of


PlentyBread Scam Fake Address




I’ve Been Making A Full Time Income Online Since 2007.

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PlentyBread Scam Explained


I hope that the information so far is enough for you to STOP and NOT join the PlentyBread scam. However, it wouldn’t be a complete PlentyBread Review if I didn’t explain how this scam actually works.

The registration to this website is in fact free. Once you get your account set-up, you’re told that you already earned a 30$ bonus! Once inside, you are told that to copy your referral link and share it with all of your friends. Post it on your Instagram and Facebook – and every other place you possible can. If anyone clicks on your referral link, you’ll earn $2. If anyone registers to the site, you’ll earn $20 per sign up. Easy, right? If you manage to persuade your friends to sign up, you’ll start seeing your earnings grow rather fast. scam fake earnings Scam


Imagine you’ve earned a few hundred bucks at this point. Have you asked yourself where the money is coming from? How will that company pay you all of this easy cash? The answer is – there is no money. Good thing is that you have NOT lost any money yet. However, some of your friends may have.



PlentyBread Scam Continues


Once you’ve invited all of the friends you could think of, you made some “imaginary” money. I call them imaginary because these earnings are listed in your PlentyBread dashboard, however they were not actually paid out to you (and never will be).

At this point, you feel excited and you want to make even more money, right? Well, PlentyBread scam’s got you covered with their task wall:


plentybread scam tasks



PlentyBread Fake Video Testimonials


You might find some short videos on YouTube where people are bragging about how PlentyBread is awesome and how much money they’ve been making. These videos are from people who fell for this scam. You see, promises to pay you $50 for creating such fake video and posting it on YouTube. So people , hoping to get paid, create these fake testimonials and post them on YouTube. Unfortunately for them, they will never get paid for it.


PlentyBread Tasks


Plenty Bread fake tasks


Have you looked at these tasks?

Enter Your email and details and get a free Galaxy S20 as well as $50! Sign up to a free movie site and get $50 just for doing so! Enter your email, get $50 and a $150 Amazon gift card! Amazing, right?  Well let’s look at some of these “free” offers. This is where the actual PlentyBread scam begins.


ZoanCash credit card fraud


I clicked on the “Free Movies” offer but was taken to this “Free Video games” site. Whatever, that’s not important.

It says $0.00 – No Charge, but they are asking for my Credit Card details. I wonder why? Right after the credit card form there is a big blue button that says GET MY FREE ACCESS. But before sharing our private details let’s pay attention to that tiny text on the right side of the offer:

You’re joining Gamezone-Members for a 2 Day Free Trial – $0.00 If you remain a member beyond the current membership period, your membership will renew at $39.95/month, until cancelled.

Interesting! At a quick glance it seems like a free offer but in reality I will get charged $40 in 2 days, and then another $40 per month, every single month until I cancel. But that’s not all. There is a checkbox that’s already conveniently checked. It will sign you up for a special premium offer:

-Hotfelspire .com – 7 Days Free Trial, membership renews same calendar day at a fixed $39.94/monthly.
-ExtremeGamePortal .com – 10 Days Free Trial, membership renews same calendar day at a fixed $49.95/monthly, after the trial period ends unless cancelled.

Subscription to the Service may be terminated the Subscriber upon notification of the other by electronic or conventional mail, or by telephone, or fax.

That’s another $90 per month that you’re signing up for, without realizing. At this point, if you weren’t very careful and read all of the terms and conditions, you signed up for $130 of monthly fees. And that’s just by signing up to 1 offer that supposedly will give you $50.

You can Google search the names of the companies I mentioned above. There have been lawsuits, scandals, complaints but somehow they still seem to operate.




I’ve Been Making A Full Time Income Online Since 2007.

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Here is the thing. PlentyBread does not actually run the Gamezone or Hotfelspire or Extremegameportal or any other of those offers. They are using the CPA (Cost-per-action) monetization model. This means that when you, a client, complete an action (such as signing up for a games website, giving away your credit card details, etc), Plenty Bread gets paid. It could be $3 per action, it could be $20 per action. It depends on the company and the action.

So you get stuck with a big bill of recurring payments while PlentyBread makes money off of you, without you knowing.


Is PlentyBread Legit?


No, they are not legit. You will see your earning rise in your dashboard but that money will never be paid out to you. At first the website will even give you a cash out date. In a few weeks that date will be moved. After a month or so, on your cash out day nothing will happen. They simply won’t give you a penny. You can try to ask them questions or complain but it will be useless since there is no way to contact them as I explained earlier in this PlentyBread review.

Their social media accounts do not exist. Their e-mail does not work. Their physical address is fake. The whole “company” is fake and does not legally exist.

Last but not least, some of their text mention a completely different company, CloutBux:


PlentyBread CloutBux scam was an older website that looked exactly like

CloutBux was registered in January 2020, they scammed people for a few months and recently simply shut down the website.You can look up feedback and reviews online. People saw their “earnings” grow within Cloutbux dashboard but that money was never paid out to anyone.

The owners then simply copy/pasted all of the content into the new scam, called PlentyBread. Unfortunately this scam is very easy to run and soon enough they’ll shut down the and replace it by a new scam with another stupid name.


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Making Money Online


Earning an income online is possible and there are several ways of doing it. Online earnings have been my main source of income since 2007. I’ve sold my own products through Amazon FBA, I sold product on Urban Outfitters and Etsy. I’ve started on-demand t-shirt printing business and many other things online. My main source of income has always been Affiliate Marketing. This is when you promote other people’s products and services and get paid a commission per sale. You can work with Amazon, insurance companies, airlines, software… pretty much any big company you can think of has a free affiliate program.

However, I must warn you that making legitimate money online is NOT easy and you won’t be rich overnight. Just like building any business, it takes time and effort. I do prefer the online model because often you do not need a start-up capital. You can start with a free blog or even a Youtube channel. You will need to create quality content – and that’s what takes time and effort. If you’re willing to learn and to work, feel free to check out my free course. If you want easy and quick money then this is NOT for you.


4 thoughts on “PlentyBread Review – Is A Scam?”

  1. Shakkura Douglas

    Yes this account is a complete scam. I did everything they told me to do. And they accused me of fraud and they are “terminating” my account in 7days… I tried contacting them thru the front page it failed to do so. I tried messaging “Jane the account manager” on skype no name exists. I waited for a whole month just to say my account will be deleted. Disappointed website a BIG SCAM waste of time. I read this article a month ago after I made my account. 😭

    Also I was suppose to get “paid” yesterday. Now they saying I’m a fraud LOL BULLCRAP DO NOT SIGN UP!

    1. It’s unfortunate to hear, Shakkura.

      Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it since PlentyBread is a scam in its pure form, like explained in this review.
      Best of success to you and keep watching out for red flags, there are a lot of similar scams out there.

  2. thank you for posting this alex. my friend shared this bread thingy on her IG and i thought it was sketch. thanks for confirming my suspicion. sending this to my friend rn, hope she didn’t get scammed yet

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