Pure Profit Payday Review – No Payday After All

Recently the “Pure Profit Payday” came across my inbox a few times so I have decided to review this product.

I must admit that because I have been involved in online marketing for the past 9 years, I easily spot the red flags and indications of scam just by giving a quick look at a sales page. I did purchase the product for $4.67 and I’ll tell you about the whole experience and what I was able to find in just a few minutes. But first, let’s look at their sales page and see if we could spot some bad signs.

Pure Profit Payday – First Look


When we first visit the page we are welcomed by a sales video which is pretty normal for internet marketing products. However, the first thing that grabs my attention is the counter at the top of the page. OMG, I only have 8 minutes to act upon the offer otherwise I will miss out on the deal!

pure profit payday


I don’t like being forced into things so I take my time watching the video. After the video ends, there are still a few minutes left on the counter but I let it go down to zero. To my surprise the counter doesn’t reset but simply stays at zero.


Let’s get down the page since I already “missed this offer”.


Pure Profit Payday Review


I though the offer expired but hey, there is still 1 copy left. ONLY ONE COPY, this must be my lucky day. On top of it, they say that the regular price is $97 and when the clock hits zero it’ll go up to $297! Well the clock did hit zero but the price didn’t go up to 297 or even 97, it stayed at an amazing $4.67! I had to grab that last copy.

So I put in my payment details and secured the last copy of Pure Profit Payday:


Pure Profit Payday Proof


After making the purchase I went back to the main sales page and guess what? There were now ONLY 3 copies left. The counter was reset to 8 minutes.

Pure Profit Payday uses the infamous scarcity marketing technique. This could be a good technique when you are actually selling a limited number of a product or giving a real time-limited discount. However The Pure Profit Payday uses FALSE scarcity. They are lying to you about the time limit, about the price going up as well as about the limited number of product left. This is a big red flag, you haven’t even purchased the product yet and they’re already lying to you.

There are many other elements on the sales page that point to either a scam or a simply low quality product. However, you’re here because you want to know if Pure Profit Payday is a scam or an opportunity so keep reading.


Pure Profit Payday Review


After making the purchase I was taken to what I thought was a download page for the product but it wasn’t. This was the very first up-sell offer with a very deceiving message at the very top of the page:


pure profit payday review


This “Do NOT Close This Page! It Will Cause An ERROR In Your Order” message is yet another lie. After making the purchase I received 2 emails, one from Paypal confirming the payment and one from Pure Profit Payday with a link to the download page. The order already went through yet they are telling you to stay on this page… they do it because they want you to watch another sales pitch, trying to sell you the Pure Profit Payday Video Course for $27. I decline the offer so I could get to the actual product but wait: I am taken to another sales page.

This time it’s a “down-sell” where I am offered a $20 discount on the video course. Only now it’s called the Full Length Video Course and it costs $17 (this includes the $20 discount). Great offer but I refuse it.

I am now taken to the download page, right? Nope. Another sales video. This video claims that I was SECRETLY selected to take advantage of their emailing course for only $47! But I must hurry because this offer won’t be there for long. I declined this “amazing offer” as well.

As I move on to the next page, I am no longer surprised to be greeted by another down-sell. The same email course is now offered to me for only $17! Another $30 discount but I decline this as well… can I just please see the actual product I paid for?

I am now taken to the 5th sales page… this one is offering Pure Profit Payday “private coaching” for $197. I am not sure if I should start laughing or if I should start getting mad… Imagine you went to the service station to put some fuel in your car and the clerk would keep telling you: “before we activate the pump, would you also like to buy a gum? A bottle of warm water? A week old sandwich? A diluted coffee? A jug of milk? An air freshener?” I am sure you get my point.


Pure Profit Payday Upsell


I decline this up-sell and guess what happens? I am offered the same private coaching for an incredibly low $97… of course I decline


But Wait! There is more!


Now I am taken to a SPECIAL OFFER page… wow where does it end? This time they are offering me to join Digital Altitude. This program is not owned by Pure Profit Payday and I wont go into details about this program, I’ll just tell you that they sell memberships for prices of up to $28,000. Yes, almost 30 thousand bucks to be a member of a program. Anyway, I decline this 7th offer.

After 7 pages of up-sells and down-sells I start wondering if there actually is a product in the end… On the 8th page I am offered a “license” that would allow me to promote Pure Profit Payday as an affiliate and make commissions on sales. The cost? $197. This actually did make me laugh. Affiliate programs are FREE to join. Look at Amazon, Clickbank, eBay Partners, CJ and pretty much any respectable affiliate program out there – all free to join. Why in the world would I pay almost $200 in order to get a chance to promote these guys? Seriously… wow.

If I agreed to all of the up-sells in this sales funnel (I imagine I wouldn’t see any down-sells in this case) I would be out of $500 or so. That escalated quickly, didn’t it?



What’s Inside The Pure Profit Payday?


After 8 pages of offers I am finally taken to the download page. The very first thing I see on the page is a video telling me to register to a “members only webinar”. The webinar will be held on October 30th, I bought the product on November 18th… seems like the webinar was 3 weeks ago. Anyway, I scroll down.


pure profit payday bonus


I am now asked to “activate” my bonuses. There are 5 of them. Bonus 1 and Bonus 2 are asking me to register for the Digital Altitude program, just like on the 7th up-sell page. When I click on Bonus #3 I am asked to buy a domain name and purchase a hosting plan… not really a bonus. Bonus #4 is asking me to sign up to some traffic generating software, at a cost of course. Bonus #5 is interesting, it says: “Answer 3 simple questions to win $500”! Awesome! There are more than 3 questions of course and at the end I do not win the 500 bucks but I am asked to join the Digital Altitude once again. So much for bonuses.

After scrolling down some more I am being asked to join their Facebook group but at last I see the DOWNLOAD button! Yesss!


pure profit payday scam review


It’s a miracle. I click on Download Now and I finally get to see the product. It’s an 86 page ebook.

The first 6 pages are an introduction and it’s still unclear what that magic system is and how you’ll be making $50 per day.

The next 10 pages explain that you need to sign up to an email marketing service such as MailChimp, set-up a domain name and a hosting and install WordPress. It also tells you to sign up as an affiliate on Clickbank and a few other sites that sell digital informational products such as ebooks, video courses and programs such as Pure Profit Payday. Very basic information, nothing that you don’t get in my free email course. But at last we know what this is all about – affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is something that I have been doing for the past 9 years so I am very familiar with the concept.

Next 13 or so pages explain what a landing page is and how to set one up within WordPress. This was the only part of the ebook that I think could be useful to a complete beginner. However, some of the examples and explanations are outdated which makes me thing this whole ebook was written in 2012 or so. Although the explanation is quite good it’s still very basic. They tell you to write persuasive copy and good headlines but they don’t explain what that really means.



Pure Profit Payday: Free Traffic


On page 32 we’re finally getting to the important part: the traffic.

You can set up any kind of website online, you can start any kind of business but if you aren’t getting any traffic to your page than you aren’t making any money. There are several ways of getting traffic to your offer, for free and for money. The free traffic takes a lot of time to build up and it’s rather hard to achieve good results. It is my favourite kind of traffic and everyone can do it, however you gotta get ready to put in the work and time.

Pure Profit Payday has a different opinion. In the next 6 pages they are telling you to use traffic exchange programs. This means that you submit your website to a program with thousands of other people just like you. At this point you need to sit in front of your computer and click on other people’s ads, this will earn you credits. Later you can exchange the credits so your ad shows up and people click on it. Now imagine hundreds of people sitting and clicking on each others’ ads. No one is actually interested in your offer. No one is going to buy whatever you’re trying to sell. These traffic exchanges used to be HUGE 10 years ago when a lot of beginner marketers didn’t understand that they actually need high quality targeted traffic in order to make money. Traffic exchanges are a complete waste of time. You can go sign up to one of them, spend 10 hours clicking on ads than come back here and tell me how your ad got 2,000 clicks and yet you didn’t make a single sale.

After talking about the traffic exchange you are told to get more traffic by sharing your sites on social media platforms. Answering questions on sites like Yahoo Answers and leaving your link there (this doesn’t work in 2016 and will get you banned from Yahoo answers). Answering questions on Quora with your link (this is also frowned upon in 2016 and will get you banned from Quora). Leaving your link in Forum signatures – this could possibly work if you are actually very active on the forum. However you gotta be careful with this as Google has been cracking down on forum signatures and penalizing sites for this strategy.

There are a few other things they are talking about but once again the information is very basic and nothing new. They tell you to do guest blogging and make sure you’re doing SEO (search engine optimization) but they don’t explain how to do any of it. All the juicy details are left behind.

The last 37 pages are filled with links to many different resources such as plugins for WordPress, some productivity apps, links to social media platforms and so on. Yes, 37 pages of links.



Is Pure Profit Payday A Scam?


I wouldn’t go as far as calling Pure Profit Payday a scam. However it is not a quality product and it’s a waste of time. Just going through the 8 pages of up-sells and down-sells was hell. The content of the actual product is VERY basic and outdated. Most of their “free traffic” strategies are useless and obsolete. If you are a complete beginner in the world of Internet Marketing you might learn a thing or 2 there but you can easily learn a lot more by watching a youtube video like this one or doing a simple Google search for “affiliate marketing”. There are free courses that will give you a lot more details than Pure Profit Payday and you will also save a lot of time by avoiding 8 pages of up-sells.



Got anything to add? Have a question? Use the comment form below!



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