EPP 101: Conversion Optimization Secrets With Raphael Paulin-Daigle

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by an entrepreneur and the founder of SplitBase, Raphael Paulin-Daigle.

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Raphael Paulin-Diagle Podcast

Raphael Paulin-Daigle has been an entrepreneur since he was a kid. At 11 years old he launched his first magician business and loved marketing it. While most teenagers spent all their free time playing video games Raphael was launching his first service to small businesses. His startup would review marketing materials and give small businesses advice on how to improve it.

Over the years Raphael launched several business and was involved with many different start-ups. Unfortunately many of them didn’t become successful but they all served as a learning curve. However his true passion has always been conversion optimization although it took him a long time to truly understand that.

Raphael describes himself as a “hardcore optimizer in real life”. Even when he’s crossing a street he thinks about optimizing his route. This desire for optimization translates into his main business, SplitBase.com. Raphael helps million dollar ecommerce companies get more sales from their existing website traffic through conversion optimization. We all know that getting traffic to our website is incredibly important. However if that traffic doesn’t convert then it’s useless. Many marketing experts claim that conversion optimization should be a priority for any online business. Would you rather bring 100 visitors that convert at 7% or 200 visitors that convert at 0.1%?

Many online marketers are familiar with the concept of conversion optimization however most do it poorly. We often run split tests on too small of an audience. Usually we don’t run our tests for long enough. Most importantly we don’t analyze the results properly which makes the whole testing rather useless. This is where Raphael and his team come in. Through a 6 months process of intensive quantitative and qualitative research they determine why people aren’t buying, what makes them tick and how to improve the conversions and sales for an ecommerce business.

It took Raphael 5 years to finally launch SplitBase. Like many entrepreneurs he enjoyed various aspects of marketing but this meant that he was splitting himself too thin. It’s only when Raphael concentrated on what he was best at, conversion optimization, things really started moving.

In this episode Raphael shares some of his biggest failures and successes. He explains how he got his first major clients and what helped him grow SplitBase to its current state. I am not going to spoil the episode by giving all the details in the show notes so scroll up and press the PLAY button.


More about Raphael:

SplitBase – official website

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Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

The Essential and Complete Guide to Drip Marketing 12,000 words – blog post that brought 2 major clients for Raphael

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss (affiliate)

SEMrush (affiliate) – keyword research tool I am currently testing

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