Rapid Content Wizard Reviewed and Exposed

Rapid Content Wizard Scam

Rapid Content Wizard is advertized as a “magic” software that will create great content for you. What exactly is RCW and what kind of content would be created? I will spill out all the details in this Rapid Content Wizard review.

Rapid Content Wizard scam


The sales page of this product talks the truth: If you want to get better search engine rankings hence free organic traffic, you need to constantly create and publish good quality original content to your site. Please note the keyword ORIGINAL. Creating good content is not the easiest task. Some of my best performing articles or blog posts took hours to create. Sometimes I would spend up to 6-7 hours on a single post but I know it would be a good one and people would like it.

Rapid Content Wizard is targeting beginner marketers who already know they need a lot of content but who don’t want to spend time creating original content and who can’t afford outsourcing content creation. Sean Donahoe promises that his software (launched in 2013) is the magic answer to content creation. Within minutes it would create content, monetize it and publish it for you. All that is only a click of a button away… and after the $97 fee of course.


Why Rapid Content Wizard Doesn’t Work

– Rapid Content Wizard Text

In the demonstration video you can see how RCW works. You simply type in your keyword phrase and the software will present you with full paragraphs of text that you could use for your article. That’s actually the first issue with the software. It scrapes the internet for existing content. It basically copies someone else’s content and presents it to you, software doesn’t actually create anything. I have mentioned it time and time again on this blog: Duplicate content will get you in trouble.

Google hates duplicate content. If you are lucky – the search engines will simply ignore your content and not rank it well. If you are not lucky, your site will get blacklisted and will never rank anywhere again. Stealing other people’s content and presenting it as original is a bad idea.

Since the  software grabs different paragraphs from different sources – the final product is already pretty bad. The paragraphs don’t fit together and the whole content simply doesn’t flow. Sean does mention that this software is compatible with content spinners such as Word Ai, so besides stealing the content you can also spin it and make it completely unreadable.


– Rapid Content Wizard Images

Let’s move on to the other side of this “original” content created by RCW. It can automatically find and add relative images to your content. Now we’re talking about copyrights issues. The software grabs images from Flickr and other sites and adds them to your content. Did you know that you aren’t allowed to use most of the images posted on Flickr without getting proper approval from the artist and/or without crediting these photos? Another issue is that ANYONE can upload images to Flickr and there is no way of knowing if these images are copyright protected or in fact are free to use as you please.

Make Your Own Images

People have been sued for thousands of dollars for using “copyrights free” images on their sites. Your best bet would be buying images or creating your own images, which is simpler than you think. For instance most of the images on this blog were made by me. The point is, the software cannot give you real free images at a click of a button. You might also be getting sued sometime soon if you use such images.


– Rapid Content Wizard Monetization

RCW also offers to automatically monetize all of the created/stolen content. How exactly do you “monetize” content online? First of all you need to get your targeted audience (traffic) coming to your site and consuming that content. RCW will not help you with getting any traffic because your content won’t rank anywhere since it’s duplicate. So let’s say you worked hard and got people coming to your website, now what? You need to provide good, relevant and interesting offers to these people. It can be an ad on the sidebar or a link to a product within your content. Rapid Content Writer inserts links to affiliate networks such as Amazon, Clickbank or CJ… because you can’t create a link on your own? Don’t be fooled, RCW does not monetize anything for you. They simply insert links which you can do in seconds without any software.

one hunder dollars

The rest of the software is pretty useless as well. Auto posting to facebook? Seriously? There are free plugins that would help you post your content to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and wherever else you desire. Also, doing this by hand takes a few seconds but also gives you a chance to preview how your content will look on the respective platform. I wouldn’t call Rapid Content Wizard a SCAM but the software doesn’t really offer any value.


What Others Are Saying About Rapid Content Wizard?

Since the software launched about a year ago, lots of people have tried it and the feedback is not all that great. Surprised?

I am really at a lost for words, this was a huge launch and I really can’t understand why any marketer would jeopardize their reputation on such a failed software.

I tried the software and got terrible results, it was absolute garbage.

Most users claim the content is unreadable and simply doesn’t flow. Often times the software will put paragraphs in double within content. Yes, it actually posts the same paragraph two times within same article. Sometimes the content “stolen” by RCW is completely irrelevant to the subject article. In one case a user was trying to create an article about “Private Label Rights” and he was presented with paragraphs talking about the radical liberal party and about some new NATO rifles. Good thing he caught this mistake and didn’t have the software automatically posting to his sites.

What I like about RCW is the fact that they don’t lie about their pricing like many others. They offer the software at $97 one time fee and it is actually a one time fee and they don’t try to sell you whole bunch of other stuff once you get in. If you try to close the order page, you’d be presented with a “Lite” version of the software for $47. Many of their customers asked for a refund after realizing this software will not help their business and the RCW usually came through in a timely manner. That’s another reason I can’t call these guys scammers – they do refund you if you don’t like the product.


Creating and Promoting Content.

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Best of success,

– Alex

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