EPP 089: Launching Million-Dollar Businesses With Sam Poirier

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by a very inspiring Montreal entrepreneur and the founder of Retinad –  a virtual reality analytics company.

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 Samuel Poirier Entrevue

Samuel Poirier is what I call a “born entrepreneur”. He launched his very first profitable company at 14. At 18 he founded the very first Bitcoin debit card – while raising over a million dollars. At 21 he launched his latest and newest company – Retinad, a virtual reality analytics platform.

Retinad is only 2.5 years old but it already raised in the tune of $1.6 Million dollars and got some very interesting clients such as Google, Yahoo, CNN, United Nations and others. I know that some people will instantly think: “well I don’t have millions of dollars to start a company like that” or “I don’t know anything about Virtual Reality”. However, Sam is not a programmer or a VR specialist and Retinad was launched with only $10k. This kind of investment isn’t big by any means and if you missed it, you can check out the “$10k side project Case Study” I posted on this very blog.

I always say that anyone (who REALLY wants to) can become an entrepreneur. However, when I get to meet people like Sam I realize that the very successful and inspiring entrepreneurs do things differently. First of all they work harder. They get almost obsessed with their goals. They don’t give up. Most importantly they do not look for excuses.

In this episode Sam shares several bits of his approach to business, marketing and much more. For example, he explains how he’s able to reach out to decision makers at huge companies (most people think this task is impossible). Listen carefully because Sam explain how he actually does it.

Samuel also talks about how he came up with the idea of going into this very new industry of virtual reality although he isn’t a programmer or coder of any sort. Sam explains how he finds amazing people to work with him. How his worst moment in business made him more determined (honestly, I would have probably quit entrepreneurship altogether if that happened to me). Why Retinad is a Virtual Reality Analytics platform even though it was initially launched as a Virtual Reality Advertising platform.

Enough spoilers, scroll up and press the PLAY button to listen to the full episode.

Curious about Retinad?

Official website: Retinad.io

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