EPP 167: From Affiliate Marketer To Global Performance Marketing Firm With Robert Glazer

In this week’s episode of the Extra Paycheck Podcast I am joined by an author, entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Acceleration Partners, Robert Glazer.

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Robert Glazer Podcast

About 10-11 years ago Robert Glazer started a newsletter that he was only sharing with friends and family. Because of that newsletter people started asking him for different product recommendations. Robert found out about Amazon’s affiliate program (and the possibility of earning money by promoting products) and he decided to open his newsletter to the world. This little venture grew quite a bit but eventually Robert decided to launch his own company in the affiliate marketing space.

This is how Acceleration Partners was born. Now with several employees Robert’s company is the largest independent performance marketing firm in the U.S.A. and of the biggest in the world. Acceleration Partners helps companies launch and manage their own affiliate programs.

Robert claims that affiliate marketing is only growing and you can make a lot of money as an affiliate in 2018. However, it’s important to keep up with the industry because strategies that worked 10 years ago might not be working now.

In this episode we’re also talking about how to start a company, how to scale your business and much much more.

Resources mentioned in today’s episode:

Get the Free chapter of Performance Partnerships book.

RobertGlazer.com – Robert’s website

Acceleration Partners – Robert’s company

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