The Rainmaker (by Bill Hugall) Review – Is It A Scam?

The Rainmaker, new system by Bill Hugall was launched 10 days ago and I’ve already received more than few e-mails from their affiliates.

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Rainmaker review scam

What I really dislike with new product launches is the total lack of information. Most of the products/courses/systems are very vague in their sales letters and they leave you wondering what they actually are.  Now if you Google “The Rainmaker Review” you’ll stumble upon some websites talking about the 1997 movie starring Matt Damon and Denny DeVito. Actually most of the websites on the first page of Google are review of the movie. Calling a product the same name as a movie was not a wise choice. Now if you actually find reviews of Bill Hugall’s Rainmaker – you’ will be very disappointed.

The so-called “reviews” come from affiliates who just want to make some cash. Most (if not all) of them have no idea what the “rainmaker system” is about. Their reviews just re-word the sales page, telling you how amazing that system is and how you should buy it now because tomorrow will be too late and of course they offer some low quality bonuses, claiming you’re getting $1000’s worth of info. You can read a dozen of these affiliate review and you still won’t have a clue of what it’s really about.

The Rainmaker by Bill Hugall – actual Review.

First of all The Rainmaker is also referred to as Laptop Rainmaker, at least that’s the domain name used for this product. Although Bill does hype up his system in the headline, claiming that a “Stay at home dad earns $100,000 per year simply working 4 hours a day” he does mention at some point that his system is not some magic loophole. Just from reading the sales letter I can tell The Rainmaker is targeting Internet Marketing newbies. An experienced Internet Marketer wouldn’t buy into a system like that. Not knowing what it does is one of the reasons.

The core element of the Rainmaker system is video training series. There are 6 different videos that supposedly explain how the system works and how you can become rich by simply following the system.

Bill Hugall Rainmaker Review Scam

What Exactly is The Rainmaker System?

Bill Hugall didn’t reinvent the wheel and in his Laptop Rainmaker or The Rainmaker course tells newbies how they should create digital products and sell them. That’s pretty much it. Of course I’ll go provide more details but you get the idea.

The first video, “The Simple $100k System” is the usual fluff. It tells you cool it would be to make a bunch of money and how you should get the proper mindset and create goals for yourself. The video goes on for 40 minutes without offering much value (in my opinion). If you do care about getting the proper mindset, go buy a Tony Robbins book, he’s the pro on the subject.

The second video, “The Formula Exposed” finally explains the system. And the system goes like this:

  1. Become an affiliate and start making $1,000 per month in commissions
  2. Invest the cash into your own infoproduct
  3. Create a proper sales funnel and make $100,000 this year!

Pretty simple right? As I already mentioned, this system if for newbies who don’t really know how sales work or what Internet Marketing really is. Bill does a great job explaining what a proper sales funnel is however this info is useless for advanced marketers and too vague for the beginners. Saying “Create a squeeze page, get traffic, sell a product, sell a One-Time-Offer, sell another OTO and now sell a High Ticket item” will not help most newbies. What would be useful is a case-study and a real life example. Show the students how you came up with your niche. How you become an expert. How you created the first product, how you created the second product and the others. How you tracked everything. Also show every technical aspect of the process because newbies really struggle with this one. All this information cannot be packed in a 50 minute video. So the 2nd video gives a basic overview of things without any interesting details.

the rainmaker review scam
Don’t click, it’s an image 🙂

The 3rd video, “Endless Traffic” talks about …getting traffic. The video is 40 minutes long and once again, does not go deep into the subject. Bill says to buy some solo ads and recruit affiliates to sell your products. Once again, the idea is simple and most marketers already know all of this. Recruiting affiliates is not an easy task, I have done this more than once for my products. And when you do get some affiliates they will be the ones generating traffic for you. However, as I mentioned in the beginning of this review, most affiliates fail at explaining what the product really is or what it does. They just try to push it, often spamming your inbox and your favorite forum. Not the best way to get targeted traffic. I was surprised that Bill didn’t talk about SEO which is my favorite way of getting traffic (also free).

The other videos of this course are there for… I am not sure why they are there. One video explains that to make real money you need to sell expensive info products (we’re talking $5,000-$10,000 courses). Another video tries to motivate you by saying how you should never give up and how you should keep hustling if you want to make money.

The Rainmaker – The Verdict.

The Rainmaker (laptopRainmaker) is not a scam. The creator never promises that you will become rich overnight. Bill teaches the basics of online money making and selling. Although the “system” is not a scam, the system is not enough for you to start making money. It lacks a lot of crucial information and a lot of details. If you are a beginner marketer – unfortunately this is not for you. I am sure you’ll have tons of questions while watching these videos but you won’t have a chance to ask these questions. Making a living online is very possible and many are doing it. However, you’ll need to spend a lot of time learning the ropes and once you start earning money, expect to invest more than 4 hours a day. Unfortunately the Rainmaker won’t make it rain.

So Where Do You Go From Here?

When I was starting with Online Marketing in 2007 I’ve purchased many products and systems, most of them were simple scams. Some products were very similar to Bill Hugall’s Rainmaker which did give me a basic idea of “selling online” but did not help me much. My biggest issue was the lack of knowledge and if I wanted some answers, I had to spend days browsing the internet in order to be able to complete a simple task, such as installing WordPress or creating a post.

When I was ready to give up, I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate (full review here) and to make a long story short – I am still a member there, 7 years and counting. Besides giving all the information step-by-step with videos and courses, WA offers something most programs don’t: proper help and community. I have never had asked a question on Wealthy Affiliate that went unanswered. 100,000+ members joined this program which made it one of the biggest internet marketing learning center. The best part – you don’t need to spend any money to join. Yep, it’s 0$ for a basic membership. To be honest there is a paid level as well which offers lots more benefits however you should try it for free and see if it’s actually what you need.

– Alex

The Rainmaker (by Bill Hugall) Review - Is It A Scam? | Extra Paycheck

The Rainmaker, new system by Bill Hugall was launched 10 days ago and I've already received more than few e-mails from their affiliates.

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  1. Watch out for Rainmaker. If you click on some link that is supposed to just tell you about it, it will take your email and if you have a Paypal account associated with it, it will charge that account and keep charging it year after year. I spotted it in time and flagged them as not authorized to take the payment. So be careful of clicking on anything and watch all your accounts.

  2. You’re right – I googled and got the film which I haven’t heard of. I then put Bill Hugall in the search as well and came to this site.

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