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— Following the original post from June 1st 2009 —

Hi, everyone! It is June 1st in Montreal (12:18am) and I am actually very excited to be writing this post!

As of today and for 1 full week Kyle and Carson, the owners of WA have gone absolutely crazy and are offering access to WA for $1!!! Yes, you read it right, One Dollar!  This is an amazing opportunity for everyone interested in affiliate marketing to become a part of the world’s biggest and most popular Internet Marketing community without spending a single penny more than 1 dollar. Before I forget to mention – this offer is limited to 1000 new members – so take advantage of it early before all 1000 spots are filled.

Some of my readers have already contacted me and asked what exactly do they get in that Wealthy Affiliate $1 trial and if I will be giving out my $97 bonus. So here is the breakdown of things:

  1. The trial is not some limited membership but actually a FULL access to WA. This means users will get a forum account, able to use WA hosting, build websites using Site Rubix, get access to their first NicheQ, create their WA Space/Blog, access to the forum, access to all the tools, and access to full support from Carson and Kyle.
  2. New users will be given a choice between three (3) free bonuses, amazing books written by Kyle and Carson; Who Loves Money ($77 value), Inside The List ($67 value) and of course Beating Adwords ($67 value). The bonus you chose will be added to your WA account if you decide to remain a WA member after your one week trial.
  3. My bonus, Local Business Gold ($97 value) will also be given to new members who decide to remain inside WA after the one week trial. However, I will only be able to give you the bonus if you become a Wealthy Affiliate member using my “Bonus Offer Site” located here.

Unfortunately this is a time limited offer only available from June 1st to June 8th – exactly 7 days for you to try Wealthy Affiliate’s 1 Dollar trial. But what happens after that week? After your 7 days trial you will be billed the regular monthly fee, however you can cancel at ANY time within the 7 days. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost 20 months and most of my success was/is achieved because of WA, so I really do not see why someone would cancel but just in case you find a reason to not remain in WA – just cancel your subscription at any time within the seven days and you will not be charged again! Sp yep, you can get FULL access to WA and join the successful community of over 25,000 members for one buck! If you were ever skeptical about WA – this is your chance to see for yourself and most likely the last chance. These guys never ran such trial, this is the very first time and from what I have heard this is most likely the last time as well!

Once again, check out the Wealthy Affiliate $1 Trial as soon as possible, this offer ends on June 8th. If you want to get your hands on the product I am currently selling for $97 ( then you will need to get to that $1 trial using a link on my website:  Wealthy Affiliate Review. An important detail to mention; Kyle mentioned this offer will be e-mailed to over 200,000 potential members – so the 1000 spots will be filled in no time! Make sure you take advantage of this offer early, while it’s still available!

See you Inside,


1 thought on “The Wealthy Affiliate $1 Trial !”

  1. Dear Alex,

    I’ve been viewing your site and I commend your fervor and generosity in sharing way to prosperity. It looks here that you are gifted and the work you do is very complex. I actually got intimidated, it didn’t seem quick and easy for me. How I wish I could generate as much compositions with such enthusiasm and boost revenues.

    What I want is a bit simpler though, and I don’t know if it’s possible. I’d like to post my views (via blogs and forums) on the things I enjoy such as tv series I watch, movies, books and magazines I read, and advertise (via widgets and links and codes) things related to it at the same time. Can I make money that way? Can that be done?

    I’m not a technical writer. I can’t write the same way you do. But I am dedicated to post on several blogs, and interact in forums, and invest time on it.

    Example, I’d post via blog my views on the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, generate keywords. I’d post it in blogger, xanga, wordpress, hubpages. I’ll bookmark it on social sites. I’ll discuss it on movie forums.

    Please tell me what you think. Thanks!

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