Trends Sell! (a.k.a $834 in One Day)

Hello, folks!

Today I would like to share my experience… from yesterday.

Yesterday I put up a brand new affiliate marketing campaign and I made $834 off of it in about 12 hours. It only took me one hour to set everything up.

commission junction sales

So how did it happen?

Well, I keep my eye on the “trends”. I try to keep up with what’s hot today, what’s on the news, what sells… Google Trends and Digg are the main sources for this kind of information, watching new on TV doesn’t hurt either (although you can look at Google News instead).

Yesterday I was going through the blogs that I subscribed to, just looking over the news and on one of the blogs there was a mention that Hostgator had a 75% sale that day only!
The Black Friday 75% OFF Sale on all of their hosting plans.

Since I am a loyal and satisfied customer of Hostgator, I thought the sale would be a great reason to promote this company… knowing that I get paid $119 per sale was another reason.

So I wrote up a quick and short post on my blog about it and gave my affiliate link to Hostgator site. Then I submitted my blog to Pingoat and Pingomatic, also, I also mentioned it on Twitter.

Then I posted a thread about it right here on WA – now I was able to get a few sales from here because I have been an active member and people have seen my posts before – which kind of helps with the trust issue, if a NEW member would have posted it – I am not sure if the outcome would have been the same. In the thread I offered 2 links; my affiliate link and the NON-affiliate link because my goal was not to make the money but to help people save money, 75% OFF is a pretty big discount. If someone didn’t want to buy through my link for whatever reason – well I didn’t force them too.

A few hours later I checked my blog stats and noticed some traffic from Google, here are the keywords from which I got the traffic:

hostgator 75% – (position #4)
hostgator 75% off – (position #5 and 7)
hostgator 75% sale (position #3)
hostgator black friday (position #2 and 3)
host gator black friday position #5
host gator 75% position #6
host gator 75% sale (position #3)

My blog ranked twice, the rest of the rankings were my DIGG post. This is why I love digg, it could get you the first page results in minutes.

So it seems like a lot of people have heard about this Hostgator Sale and GOOGLED it,,, and I was right there on the first page.

Now, I only made 7 sales, but it’s still over $800 in one single day, to be more specific in 12 hours and it only took about one hour of time to set all this up.

So what is the moral of the story?
Hot trends could be very profitable. They will not last for a long time, but they could give you a little boost and make you a few extra $. When you stumble across a HOT trend, try to find a very compelling offer for the people who are after the trend and deliver it to them. That hostgator offer was easy to sell because it truly was a great offer in the eyes of people who needed webhosting. Where else could you get a very reliable and reputable hosting plan with Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited domains and free 24/7 support for $27/year (or $71 per year)? It was a no-brainer for those who needed hosting, and I delivered it.

Keep your eyes open for hot trends,

Best of Success,


3 thoughts on “Trends Sell! (a.k.a $834 in One Day)”

  1. Paul, Not all marketers are using it because not all of them know about it and some of them don’t believe it can really help them through their marketing strategies.

    Alex is just giving away too much informations on this subject.

  2. wow, thats so cool for you alex and thanks for sharing I knew about the sale and I did nothing. But now I know in case of next time. Thanks for sharing, I bookmarked this post for future reference

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