Why You Must Write Down Your 2014 Resolutions

Like most people I come up with New Year’s resolutions every single year. Like most people I forget about these resolutions within the first few weeks of January however 2014 will be different (yes, I tell myself “this time it will be different” every January 1st.)

Did You Document Your 2014 Resolutions?

2014 Resolutions for New Year

You must write down your resolutions, preferably on paper with a pen. The actual process of writing things down makes those things easier to remember. If you keep this list of resolutions or goals next to your desk – there is a chance you’ll look at this list and get motivated again and again. If you simply come up with some resolutions in your head you will forget them almost instantly.

Another reason for writing your resolution – you will actually start getting ideas on how to reach your goals and turn your resolutions into reality. Our brains are wired in such way that we always come up with possible solutions whenever we have to do something. When we keep seeing our goals written on paper our creativity starts to kick in and we start coming up with plans and ideas on how to achieve these goals. This brings me to another point…

How To Properly Write Your Goals

Simply writing down a few items in your 2014 Resolutions List is not enough. Being specific is very important, for example: instead of writing “Buy a New Car” you should write “Buy a 2014 Audi S4 with leather interior, sunroof and 18” wheels”. Instead of writing “Lose Weight” you should “Lose 10 lbs. by May 31st”. When your goals become concrete your plan of action becomes very specific.

Write down at least 10 goals you would like to achieve in 2014. You can write about health, wealth or relationships – anything you really want to get/do this year. As I already mentioned – be specific. Now, be even more specific. If you want to buy a new car, don’t limit yourself to the model of the car. Specify the options on the car (sound system, leather, etc.), the color (red, black white, etc.) and the transmission (manual, automatic). Write down as many details as you can possible come up with. Also write down how you would feel when you drive that car. Where would you like to go with that car and don’t forget to find out the price of the car and write it down.

Resolutions New Year 2014

Once you have at least 10 goals written down – select the top 3 goals and highlight them. Take another paper and write down what you will need in order to achieve these goals, once again be very specific! If we keep going with the car example, we now know that we need $56,000 to get that Audi. However, if you want to lease this car for 3 years (without purchasing the car in the end of the term) it will only cost $760 per month. Now, what can you do to get that extra $760 per month? Get a huge raise, start a side business, expand your existing business, etc. If you already run a business it could be as simple as getting a new client who would bring in $760 per month or selling extra 10 products at $76 per sale. Write a specific plan of action with as many details as possible.

In the end you must have at least 10 resolutions, 3 main goals, and 3 detailed plans of action. You should read these plans as often as possible and it will not only motivate you it will also help you come up with new ideas on achieving these goals and moving forward.

On this, I wish you a very happy and successful 2014.

Do you have resolutions for this New Year? Share them in the comments below!



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