WIFI Millionaire by Matt Lloyd – A Scam or a Legit Opportunity?

You have somehow stumbled upon Matt Lloyd’s WIFI Millionaire system and are wondering what it is all about? Well, I’m going to tell it to you right away – WIFI Millionaire is not a system or a product of any sort. I’ve been making money online since 2007, and I can spot a useless offer when I see one. There are plenty of way to make money online the honest way, and if you want that that’s where you efforts should go into. Buying another program like WIFI Millionaire is simply a waste of your money and time.

Let’s get into it, and I’ll explain everything.

WIFI Millionaire


WIFI Millionaire is only 49$

You might be thinking right now – How can I get scammed? I’m only paying 49$ for this incredible system. That’s nothing! Well, believe me it’s not about this initial 49$. They make you pay that sum, simply to prove you are willing and can pay. It’s their way to lure you in with false promises. It’s a well known technique in the online marketing world. If you are willing to enter your credit card details for a $49 program then you’re definitely willing to spend much more than that. By the way they’re calling the $49 an application fee. This is because they only review applications from people who are willing to spend money. An honest program would let you see what’s inside without charging you.

Now that you have given them your email address, you have proven you are receptive to such offers, and are willing to pay money for the secrets to success.You will be bombarded with 100s of emails, offers, upsells and downsells – once you pay this 49$ they will use every technique possible to squeeze every last penny out of you.


What is WIFI Millionaire?

Wifi Millionaire is simply a hook, a decoy offer to rope you into the My Online Business Empire (MOBE). I have actually already reviewed MOBE and explained everything about itTo recap my other review, what you get is some basic explanations on how you will be making money. After this they will convince you to buy a lot of different (very overpriced) products. And once you’ve done this, your only way of making money will be by selling their training to other poor unsuspecting individuals… but to have the right to sell their products you will have to pay them a monthly subscription.

Then, if you are really serious you can upgrade and become a basic license holder for 2000$ – this will give you the right to sell basic licenses to other people…It’s a never ending loop, of you giving them more money to sell more of their products. And it doesn’t end there – the highest tier ends at 15 000$ of monthly payments.

It’s very similar to the typical MLM scheme you see our there – a product without substance. All the money is made by selling the right to sell the product to other people. Real companies (such as Amazon, Ebay or Walmart) do not make you pay to have the right to sell their product. Those ridiculous 2 000$ + member fees are a dead giveaway.

How do I know WIFI Millionaire is related to MOBE? It’s very simple: they say so themselves in their income disclaimer page. It’s the same MOBE income disclaimer you see on every spin-off brands they generate. Matt Lloyd is the founder of MOBE and the owner of WIFI Millionaire. Their strategy is to simply market the exact same product to you, under different names and formats. Another thing I have found on their income disclaimer page is this:

The average Active MOBE Consultant generates less than $700 per year in commissions. The average Consultant, which includes both active and inactive, generates less than $250 per year.

Read that again. An average person who is actively promoting MOBE to others will generate less than 700 dollars in a year! That’s less than $60 per month in commissions. Also don’t forget to subtract the monthly fees that you need to pay MOBE in order to have the right to be their affiliate. If you are lucky you’ll break even. However most people will simply waste their money.


Wifi Millionaire Book

There is also a chance you’ve been pitched the Wifi Millionaire book for only $3. You might be thinking: “well $3 is not much at all”. The story applies to this product. You purchase the $3 ebook which makes you a “qualified purchaser”. After that you’ll be talked into purchasing Matt Lloyd’s Wifi Millionaire System for $49 and all the other products.

wifi millionaire scam

In short, WIFI Millionaire Book is not an actual ebook with helpful information – it’s a sales pitch to get you in the MOBE pyramid scheme. 


The one thing they got right

The only thing they are right about, is that you don’t need to work a 9 to 5 job if that’s not what you want to do. There are plenty of ways to make money online (none of them related to Matt Lloyd). It still takes work, just like any job. But you can do that work from anywhere in the world, at any time and without having a boss.


Making Money Online

Let’s recap. Matt Lloyd and his team are offering products costing from $3 to $49 just to make sure that you are willing to give them your money. Then they will try to sell you their very expensive programs costing thousand of dollars. All these programs will “teach you” how to promote MOBE. They won’t teach you how to build your own business. They won’t teach you how to sell any other product online. They’ll have you selling their own products to new members so they could learn how to sell the same product and so on.

Since 2007 I’ve tried several products, programs and system. I’ve certainly fell for quite a few scams because I believed there was a shortcut to success. I was new to online business, I was naive and I thought if I spend enough money on a “Get Rick Quick” program I would succeed. When I was getting desperate I came across this community and joined them in October of 2007. I am still an active member and I still recommend this platform as the beast online business training out there. Best of all, it’s completely free to join so put your credit card away.

Remember that you can make an honest living online but it won’t happen overnight. You’ll also need to put in the work if you want to succeed.


16 thoughts on “WIFI Millionaire by Matt Lloyd – A Scam or a Legit Opportunity?”

  1. poutoa_iafeta@yahoo.com

    I signed up with these bastards and two days later I asked
    For my refund they send me to the billing team, and they told me it would take up to a couple of days its been almost two months now and haven’t received my Money. Never again Matt loyyed
    You better not try to burn those Fijians out there, cause they will feed you to the sharks.. You bum give me back my Money
    Bitch ass punk!!

    1. Elizabeth Smith

      Hi I have Got To Tell You To File A Civil Suit Against Them! Hurry & Do It For Yourself, they aren’t a big business that has had this happen before. I know they won’t be able to wrap their heads around the fact that you have Taken Care of Yourself. And if they think they can pay you back and you’ll drop it. But Don’t Drop It, even if you have to continue with the Suit for stress or whatever you need to. PIN THEM AGAINST THE WALL & LET THEIR “SO CALLED MILLIONS” PAY FOR YOUR ATTORNEY BILLS AS WELL! PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU CAN NOT BE MESSED WITH & THEY WILL DEFINITELY RETHINK WHAT IT IS THEY ARE DOING. I’LL PRAY FOR YOU & IF I WAS FINISHED WITH my ? Graduate School ie;Law I’d offer to help with this. Go GETTEM’

  2. Psh, less than $700 per year in commissions and one has to pay so much for upsells just to get that amount in return?

    I am seeing a trend here. Every make money online program with the word ‘Millionaire’ don’t actually live up to their name. Almost every one of them are just scams.

  3. You guys sound like you are making money online, if this is a scam please tell me which program step by step is not, please I need to know, I am tired of scams
    Thanks Laura

  4. It’s crazy how all these scams work. I have definitely heard of WIFI millionaire but paid no attention to it.

    The review you have on it is exactly what I have come across on other scams. It’s starts with a fee under $50 to sign up and leads you into a vortex of offers lol.

    All these scams have the same MLM structure and kinda gets exhausting trying them out.

    Thanks for the great review. I will be sure to steer clear of WIFI millionaire.

    1. You’re totally right here. They all follow the same exact pattern. It starts with incredible income promises based on thin air. The cost of entry is low enough so unfortunately a lot of people fall for scams.

  5. Your article is well needed in the online making money easy world! The scammers are out there because there are so many who want to get rich quick without work. There are people who will take all your money if they can string you along and make you think they will make it happen for you if you just give them a little more of your money.
    Thank you for being one of the honest ones. I hope a lot of those people find your article first before they are scammed by wifi millionaire.

    1. Cynthia, you are completely right. Unfortunately in 2017 people still do not understand that there is no easy shortcut to riches, and scammers monetize on these folks. You can make honest money online but you’ll have to work for it.

      1. Hi Malik.
        For the past 10+ years I’ve been making money online by building affiliate websites (mostly) but I haven’t really done any “online jobs”.
        If that’s something you’re looking for then you should look into “freelancing”. People will pay you money for content creation, graphic design and many other things.


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