ZoanCash Detailed Review – Scam Or Legit 300 Per Day?

ZoanCash markets itself as the number one influencer networks that lets you monetize your friends and followers. The site promises to pay you $15 per every friend that you sign up to their platform. They also promise to pay you for completing very simple tasks and using social media. Last but not least, there is a promise of instant cashout by your favorite payment method. It sure all sounds great but is ZoanCash.com legit or is it just another scam?

ZoanCash Review

Zoan Cash scam review

A few weeks ago I received an email from a blog reader. They asked me if I though the ZoanCash.com was a legit opportunity. I didn’t give an answer right away because I didn’t have the chance to look into it yet. I finally had the chance to do a full research on this company, I even created an account with them so I would be able to give you as many details as possible. Spoiler: it isn’t pretty.

In short, ZoanCash positions itself as a an influencer network that pays its members for completing tasks. In reality ZoanCash does not actually pay out and you might be at risk of losing money if you complete any of their tasks.

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ZoanCash claims that you will be making $300 per day by simply using social media and sharing your link with friends. They even promise to give you $25 for simply signing up with them. “This certainly can’t be a scam” – you might think. How can you possibly lose money when you aren’t buying anything from these guys? Well, the truth is that you can still get scammed and I’ll get into the details in just a minute.

First, let’s start with trying to understand what ZoanCash pays you and where they get the money. Although on the very top of their page they say they’ll give you $15 for every person you sign up, further down the page that number changes to $10. If you log into your account, they claim that they will give you $2 per every person that clicks your referral link and $10 per every sign up. So, let’s say it makes a total of $12 per person. Now, imagine you sign up 10 people – that’s $120 that ZoanCash owes you. Remember, your friend or you didn’t buy anything – where does ZoanCash get that $120? This is a big red flag.

Next, they promise to pay you $50 if you create a video testimonial for them and posted on Youtube. They will also pay you $20 if you post about them on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter accounts. Sounds easy, right? But once again – where do they get the money?

Last but not least, they promise to give you $30 for simply filling a form with your details (name, email, zip code). Then they’ll pay you $30 for completing very simple tasks (such as signing up for a “free” movie streaming website. That’s a lot of money with no effort. For the third time, where does that money really come from?

ZoneCash Claims And Overview

The payout proof on the ZoanCash.com website and the numbers are very tempting. Those screenshots of ZoanCash LLC Paypal payments of $3,000, $5,000 and more. You would surely appreciate one of those payments, wouldn’t you?

Zoan Cash false payments

Please pay attention to the dates of these “payouts”. January 14th 2020, January 25th 2020, January 27th, 2020. There are many more mostly dating in January and February of 2020.

Now let’s take a quick look at WHOIS information (publicly available information about website registration):

ZoanCash Scam Website

The domain name was registered on March 4th 2020 and the website was built shortly after. In other words, ZoanCash did not exist before March 4th, how could they have possibly sent out payments to their members in January and February? The answer is, they didn’t. These payment proofs are fabricated. They are as fake as they come.

Here is another screenshot from their website:

ZoanCash scam

Over 90,000 members and 211 MILLION dollars paid out in less than a month? Right. The truth is that this image was on their website from day 1. Their “About us” page says they started in 2008 – which is completely false, there is no information about this company anywhere. They also claim that: “ZoanCash was invited to over 30 advertisement summits in the year 2019 and have won awards for our high paying offers.” Another lie. You can do a simple Google Search on the company or any major marketing /advertising summit and you will not find ANY information about ZoanCash. Do you still trust them?

How Does ZoanCash Work?

We looked at red flags. Analyzed their fake screenshots and false claims. But how does ZoanCash actually work? What’s in it for them?

The answer is simple: CPA Marketing. CPA stands for Cost Per Action. This means that a Marketer (ZoanCash) gets paid for every action that YOU complete. For example, one of their tasks is signing up for a movie streaming website. When you sign up – ZoanCash gets paid anywhere between $10-$30. There are many companies on CPA networks. Some pay a $1 per email address, some pay $10+ for every filled out credit card. I’ll let you figure out what those companies do with your private information. But let’s dig a little deeper.

For the sake of this review I actually created an account at ZoanCash. First of I decided to “Submit Your Details” for $30. I clicked on the link and was taken to this page:

ZoanXash scam theft

So they need my Email address, Password, First Name, Last Name, Country and Zip Code. I tried entering a few different countries and none of them worked except USA.

ZoanCash Review

Anyway, once you click on NEXT you are taken to a different page:

ZoanCash credit card fraud

They are now asking you to type in your credit card information in order to confirm your account. Ok, I am getting suspicious. If it says “Get FREE Access”, why do they need my credit card. Then I look to the right side of this page and I see a bunch of small text and a checkbox that’s automatically checked for me. Here is what the top part of the text says:

You’re joining Gamezone-Members for a 2 Day Free Trial – $0.00 If you remain a member beyond the current membership period, your membership will renew at $39.95/month, until cancelled.

Wait, what? 2 day free trial then I will be charged $39.95/month for WHAT? But wait, there is more.

There is More

That little check-mark? It will automatically sign you up for a Special Platinum Offer. And here is the text underneath explaining what this special offer is:

-Hotfelspire .com – 7 Days Free Trial, membership renews same calendar day at a fixed $39.94/monthly.
-ExtremeGamePortal.com – 10 Days Free Trial, membership renews same calendar day at a fixed $49.95/monthly, after the trial period ends unless cancelled.

Subscription to the Service may be terminated the Subscriber upon notification of the other by electronic or conventional mail, or by telephone, or fax.

Wow. If you didn’t pay attention and missed all of the text on the right side of the page – you would be automatically charged $39.95, $39.94 and $49.95 within the next 2, 7 and 10 days. That’s over $120. And if you do not pay attention to your credit card statement, you would be paying that every single month until you cancel. However, I did not find any support email address or phone number so good luck with trying to cancel this.

There is more text there: “You hereby authorize and permit notices, advertisements, E-mail and other communications to be sent to You from Company or its authorized agents, assigns, representatives, advertisers and contractors by means of e-mail, including without limitation e-mails, advertisements, notices and other communications.”

So you’re basically giving them the right to spam you and to sell your personal information to other schemes, companies and whoever they want.

ZoanCash Tasks

Here are some of the tasks offered:

ZoanCash paid tasks

Stream movies and get 30$? Win a new phone and get $30 on top of it? Sure, why not?

I picked one of the first offers and it took me to this site:

ZoanCash.com scam

Once again, just asking me for credit card details in order to “Verify My Account”. It says my credit card will not be charged so I am safe, right? But first, let me take a look at those Terms and Conditions:

5 day trial, which Renews to a 1 month Premium Download membership at $49.95 USD/month if not cancelled prior to the end date.

Okay, same as the previous website. Should I go on? I clicked on some of the other offers and they were very similar if not identical to the ones I showed cased above. Some of the offers didn’t open because my antivirus software clocked those websites. That’s reassuring.

ZoanCash Payout

As you can see, ZoanCash will try to sign you up to whole bunch of websites that will quietly charge you highly monthly fees. Very sneaky and unethical.

As you refer more people, post their links to social media and complete tasks  – your earning balance will keep growing. Within a month or so you would be able to put in a cashout request. However, that money will never reach your wallet. ZoanCash will earn commissions by selling your information but they will not pay you. This scheme seems to be rather popular these days, unfortunately. Yesterday I posted a RewardDollars review (re-branded InboxDollar.co). Victims of InboxDollar already started posting their complaints all over the internet. It’s only a matter of time until we start seeing complaints about ZoanCash.com.

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Making money online is possible. I’ve been doing that for the past 13 years. I’ve tried different tasks websites and never stuck with them because you will earn only a few dollars a day. I’ve sold t-shirts online, I’ve created my own products and sold them on Etsy and eventually at Urban Outfitters. I’ve started niche websites and sold them for profit. I’ve created blog, YouTube channels and much more.

At the very beginning of my journey I’ve been scammed several time – it happens to a lot of beginners. However most of my income comes from affiliate marketing. In short, I get to talk about my hobbies and I get paid by companies like Amazon, Walmart and others. I even have a FREE 5 days course here if you’re interested.

ZoanCash FAQ

Is ZoanCash Real?

ZoanCash is a not a real business. Their promises are false since you will not receive an actual payout from your dashboard. You can read the comments in this ZoanCash review or find loads of complaints all over the internet.

Is ZoanCash Legit?

ZoanCash is not a legitimate income opportunity. ZoanCash earns money by having you fill out the tasks from the task wall. They are then rewarded a referral commission through CPA (Cost Per Action) partners. You will not earn money from this. In fact, your credit card will be charged a monthly recurring fee.

Does Zoancash really pay?

ZoanCash claims that you need to reach a minimum amount of referrals or/and tasks in order to get paid. However, when you reach that amount they’ll come up with a payment date. On that date you will NOT be able to cashout and ZoanCash will set a new date. You will also not get paid on the new date. In the end, ZoanCash does not pay its members.

How many dollars until Zoancash pays out?

ZoanCash might tell you that you need to earn a specific amount in order to qualify for a payout. In reality, the payout will not happen, ever. As mentioned previously, this is a scam website that does not let you cash out any earnings because those earnings are fake.

23 thoughts on “ZoanCash Detailed Review – Scam Or Legit 300 Per Day?”

  1. It is a fraud,I met all the requirements and they refused to pay and tagged my account fraudulent..fake payments they displayed.

  2. I just registered on zoancash, the amount they said they will pay per click and refferal is mind blowing, but me I always check if any of these sites are scam, so I checked and found out your review, thank God I didn’t use up my time there, I hate false site like this. God will helps us.

  3. Thnk you, i wont waste my time with them. Please look into Ads & Beyond, a company that claimed they hire you to run the advertising campaigns for different companies. they recently scammed me $200.00. At a time i requested payment, they closed my account with them and blocked my lines without payment.

  4. Comment
    HELLO I’m Ricardo. Thank you for your well explained advice. Thanks to you I will not waste my time on this site.

    It seems to me you have experience, what do you think of the WINTUB site


    1. Hey Ricardo.

      I have it a quick look and Wintub seems to a very similar scam to ZoanCash.
      Their approach is different (get paid to watch videos) but their main goal is to have you fill out one of the offer or click on other spam links that pop out left and right.

      Also, all the other red flags apply. They do not reply to emails, there is no proper contact info, they claim to be super popular but the site was registered in March of 2020, etc.

      If you want to earn money online, check out these legitimate 2020 online jobs.

  5. Hi!I liked the way you had put it? in the earlier comments .thanks for advise !then I saw you wrote something about swagbucks,I was wondering if it can be accessed from anywhere around the world???

    1. Hi Kay!
      To be honest I am not sure if Swagbucks is open to all of the countries. It’s free to join tho so you can try signing up. They won’t let you create an account if your country is not accepted.
      You can also check out Ysense, they’re similar to Swagbucks.

  6. Zoan Cash is big Scam they will first give you the date once you complete the task and that day will be after 1 month. Then on the payment date it will get automatically cancelled. They are big fake and huge scam. Email id on the site actually do not exist. Send email and it will get bounced.

    1. If you are looking for similar websites that are actually legit and actually pay out, you can check out Swagbucks. One of the oldest and most trusted. However, the payouts, of course are realistic, hence rather small.

  7. In the wake of this covid-19, online work has never been more important in determining the livelihood of many families around the world. Please share some genuine opportunities to work online. Thank you

  8. If my dollar is good for email, if it is faked then I will not work again and if you pay the payment properly, then I will start working again tomorrow, do a lot more work, please pay the payment,

      1. Please if you know of any legit way to make money online,please I’m interested..This lockdown is causing so much harm for me..My WhatsApp number +[edited]
        Thank you.

  9. I think u are right i reached minimum of $203 so when i went to cash out , it says 73% u need to make 100% meaning i must finish the tasks , when i download games only one was given the rest no and theres one task were i have to complete my bank details, as much as i know i dont put bank details on anything to avoid scam, i think they are not real

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience.
      And that’s exactly it – once you put in your credit card information – there is a high risk of other companies charging you money.

      However, even if you get to 100% – ZoanCash still will NOT pay you.

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